Tuesday, 29 June 2021

It should be a game changer, right ?

 welcome back

my poker friend, Zagga, always thought I was an old git right from the off. To prove him right, it seems, I am taking early retirement. Yup, umpteen decades in the rail industry and enough is enough. Might as well "retire" while I have enough life left in me to spend my money before I shuffle off.

As for you advertisers .. take out our insurance, protect your loved ones .. you can fuck right off. Think I worked all those decades to leave a load of cash to others ? Fuck. Right. Off.

In theory, I should have more time on my hands, time to slum it at the virtual felt. Being older & wiser, I can now pick and choose what I want to play .... NLHE is not an option, lmfao.

Who knows, another post in 1.2 years and I might actually have played a virtual hand or two.

pleasant dreams

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