Monday, 26 January 2009

please mind the step

correct, i am away on another works overnighter. back in good old alnwick, just the one night though, and its a silent "L" and silent "W" just in case you were wondering ....

nice hotel with a great power shower. as i stepped out the bathroom i stumbled and thought "where the fuck did that step come from ?" i turned and looked at the bathroom door .... thats when i noticed the sign .... sigh :)
been working in Newark these past couple weeks so been with the family most nights and weekends .... zagga, nip round and see if my ek house is still standing, please :)

of course family and poker do not mix well at all.
telling her to go see to the screaming kid because i am involved in a 73c life or death draw just dont seem to cut it .... no idea why !

as you can tell i am still micro stake grinding the pl08b on stars .... which is going not to bad .... but a win rate of 20bb per hour hell, even 50bb per hour takes a fucking long time to increase the old roll by anything vaguely interesting.

i did have one interesting hand last night and thank your lucky stars the hh is on the home machine !! so from memory ....

quite literally just sat down with my usual $3 ....

dealt A2xx suited and i min raise from early .... gets reraised and then reraised again .... i'm thinking wtf ? as they aint normally so aggro pre at this level on stars .... lol i gotta call

4 see the flop flop leaves me the nut low draw and the nut flush draw ....

i potted it for a buck and fuck me the other three called ....

turn gives me nut low and nut flush .... fuck it, all-in for me ....

and fuck me i get three callers (one guy was a shortie)

river .... and the board paired, shit

really thought i'd lost the high and was getting quartered on the low ....

then one by one .... they mucked their hands .... honestly wtf ?

so i scoop high and low for a truly mammoth $9.73 .... 480 odd bb .... seriously. wtf ?

now, if i could get that kinda "luck" at $1/$2 .... hell, even 10c/25c

oh-quad-goddesses-of-poker, Amen

Saturday, 3 January 2009

the three amigos

and a Happy New Year to you all :)

its not often that you get 3 crakkers at the one table. these guys were going at it when i stumbled onto the table, so not entirely sure what the hell was going on.
we have all seen there type but the only time i have run into them is at a tourney table .... cash pl08b madness anyone ?
anyway, i sat down at this 1c/2c pl08b table with my usual $3, unaware of the asylum i had entered ....

Seat 1: getterdone36 ($1.90 in chips)
Seat 2: ResdentEvil ($3 in chips)
Seat 3: maxie08 ($2.97 in chips)
Seat 4: lewisrowl ($10.19 in chips)
Seat 5: -AAO- ($32.23 in chips)
Seat 6: HU4Rollz IMO ($9.51 in chips)
Seat 8: Da_FoRcE16 ($1 in chips)
Seat 9: DAYTOP ($10.23 in chips)

the very first hand preflop action

-AAO-: raises $0.07 to $0.09
HU4Rollz IMO: raises $0.23 to $0.32
getterdone36: raises $0.77 to $1.09
-AAO-: raises $2.54 to $3.63
HU4Rollz IMO: raises $5.88 to $9.51 and is all-in
getterdone36: calls $0.81 and is all-in
-AAO-: calls $5.88

i waited with baited breath to see the sterling hands which rated so much preflop action ....

-AAO-: shows [Kd 5d Jh Jc]
HU4Rollz IMO: shows [Qc 5s 9c 3d]
getterdone36 mucked [4d 9h 6d Ts]

thats when i realised something was slightly amiss.

and thats how it went for the next 20 minutes. all-in preflop. every. single. fucking. hand.


i resisted for a whole 6 minutes before i too, got caught up ....

Dealt to ResdentEvil [5s Ad 4d 2d] .... gotta be worth a shot ???? right ????

ResdentEvil: shows [5s Ad 4d 2d] (HI: a straight, Three to Seven; LO: 6,4,3,2,A)
ResdentEvil collected $2.83 from side pot-1
ResdentEvil collected $2.83 from side pot-1
ResdentEvil collected $1.92 from main pot
ResdentEvil collected $1.91 from main pot

Seat 2: ResdentEvil ($9.49 in chips) .... whew :)

didn't last long, this type of insanity is catching .... sigh, all in preflop, again

Dealt to ResdentEvil [5h Qd Ad 3h]

-AAO-: shows [5c Jh 2s 2d] (HI: two pair, Queens and Deuces)
getterdone36: shows [Ks 6d 4d 4c] (HI: a flush, Ten high)
getterdone36 collected $31.84 from side pot-2
ResdentEvil: shows [5h Qd Ad 3h] (HI: a flush, Ace high)
ResdentEvil collected $10.21 from side pot-1
HU4Rollz IMO: mucks hand
ResdentEvil collected $19.03 from main pot
No low hand qualified

still cant believe i actually did that ....

Seat 2: ResdentEvil ($29.24 in chips)

getterdone36 was the biggest winner, buggering off with close to $49, lol jammy git ! and me ? i managed to escape the asylum with $29 .... an incredible 1300 bb thank you very much.

it seems that these guys are all from the same asylum :)

HU4Rollz IMO said, "me aao getter and one or two other 2+2rs were shoving pf at plo8 the other day at 1c/2c... i ended up losing 300 bucks"
HU4Rollz IMO said, "aao had about 220 at one point"

ResdentEvil said, "lol thats gambling"