Monday, 29 March 2010

rinse & repeat

welcome back.

just re-read the post from a couple back .... guess what ? yeah, that's exactly what I've been doing, sigh. yeesh, what a load of tosh, huh ?

at least the poker is going well .... as in a fucking deep well. my dance with the variance bitch continues. i suppose if you step back and take a look, it must be quite amusing, in a sad kind of way. win win win for several nights at sites other than stars, where i have tiny bankrolls, lol.

hit up on stars (main bankroll) and start giving it away for practically free !

that's why I'm posting, actually. after dropping a couple of buy-ins on Saturday night (again) .... well, over the past few months, every time i hit stars, I've been slowly but surely destroying my 'roll. now i could have been on here posting once or twice a week, real whiny-bitch posts, bemoaning my "luck", the apparent non-RNG and generally getting rivered left right and fucking center.

I'm also big enough to know I've been playing pretty poorly.

I've also been prone to the tilt-monster. my personal tilt-monster is the gambling one, aka getting it all-in pre-flop. I don't care what anyone says, all-in pre in omaha8 is gambling of the worst variety.
the one shining beacon was my result in the big buy-in at the end of February.

i played in the $100+$9 pl08b game .... blagging 5th for $850 ....

should have been a minimum of 4th but I misclicked and called a river bet (on the final table, ughh) with J-fucking-high .... that's what the astonished villain asked .... "did you just call me with jack high ?" .... don't think he could believe his luck on that one. I mean, i had the chip lead on the final table at one point ffs.
so I know i can play, if i don't give it away for free !!

which brings me to last night and why I'm actually posting something, which hopefully isn't too whiny bitchy.
decided last night, enough is enough. get a grip son and stop giving it away.
so i did. and actually got a decent return on stars. a very welcome +$107 and a redic amount of fpp's, something like 400 leaving 25 to get my silver star back, lol. (that $ amount equals 428 bb's btw :) (now that sounds a lot lmfao :)

now i know its not a huge amount but it is a HUGE morale booster. and I dare say, like so many things in life, if you don't approach it with confidence, then you're half way beat before the game kicks off. so, small pat on the back to me and "don't give it away for free".

oh and last night, as well, i blagged 3rd in the britBlogger for a 50c return lol.

pleasant dreams.