Monday, 24 February 2014

Haunted by the designated driver

welcome back

First, real life, then to the virtual felt.

One of the outlaws cousins has taken not well and been shipped off to hospital. He has had heart problems for a while (apparently) and was told to retire. Did he ? Did he fuck ! Now he is paying the price. To remedy his latest problem he needs work done on one of his heart valves. This operation will be carried out at a large hospital in the neighbouring county of Nottinghamshire. He is due to transfer there tomorrow. His wife will face a 2 hour each way drive to visit him.

So where does yours truly fit into this equation ?

Well thanks to my generosity and kindness I offered my services as the designated driver :) (ie the mrs and mother-in-law "volunteered" my services without asking me)(I may work flexi-time, but fuck me, I'm going to be down a shit ton of hours by the time this is all done and dusted. Thanks darling) .... I briefly thought of telling her where to get off, then I thought, what if it was me ? I'd sure as hell want to see some friendly faces every day so I very quickly changed tack and told them "sure, no problem".
So starting, probably, tomorrow, I'll be doing a lot of driving. It's not a particularly long drive, mileage wise, but it's all "A" roads, not a dual carriageway or motorway in sight, hence it's 2 hours each way. Lets hope the scenery is good, lol.
Due to the nature of the poor blokes problem, his wife is obviously very worried and I expect she'll want to visit every day for the next week or two. I guess this will obv depend on the blokes rate of recovery.
Anyway, I hope the op goes to plan and I wish Mr A a speedy recovery.

and back on the virtual felt ....

Not good. My 8-game experiment came crashing down about my ears across several multi-table sessions. Pissed me off no end. No one to blame but me, I'm afraid.
Time to put Plan B into operation.
No beer on a Saturday afternoon so I put in a short, timed session. The most obvious thing to me, was to cut back on the number of 8-game tables. Less is more :) so one table of 8-game and four to five pl08b tables. I felt it went quite well and after loading all the HH's into my dB's this feeling was borne out by the results. Here they are -

pleasant dreams

Sunday, 16 February 2014

A haunting week

welcome back

managed to fit in a couple of sessions. Nothing of note to report, so just a quick update of my 8-game progress. After dropping back to zero profit (about the 2k hands played) I've stayed away from the bigger table and stuck to 20c/40c. Correct decision for the time being, imho. :)

pleasant dreams

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Returning to old haunts

welcome back

I've been expanding my pokerr horizons and dabbling with that there 8-game. I put in a bit of practise at the fun tables :) And if ever the saying "no fold button, huh ?" were true, it's never truer than at the fun tables, lol.
Being the nit I am though, I try to play as if the fun money mattered. I'm pretty much the only player who can fold pre-flop at these tables. Smashed it for a while, then got bad beat the fuck out the door and gave it all back, obv. It is fun though.
Then I gave it a go at the cash tables. I think I'll do just fine but I do need to learn to walk before trying to run. That just equates to sticking to 20c/40c while I build up a decent sample size whilst staying the fuck away from 50c/$1 tables. (I was up a buy-in and a half at $1 table, got cocky, gave it all back, oops).
At the moment I only have a nano sized sample to go with the nano stakes buy-in.

pleasant dreams