Monday, 25 October 2010

Deal ? or no Deal ?

welcome back.

after playing this tourney for what seemed an eternity, yes it was a turbo !, I get this "dude" heads up. but I'm outchipped by 3:1 .... ugh .... then it appears in the chat box .. "deal ?" surely this guy thinks I'm Doyle-in-disguise .... or does he just have a fucking nosebleed ....

i thought he was taking the piss but then i noticed the "deal" box in the corner of the table has "1 player interested" ticked ....

so of course i say "sure" and tick the box .... a "make deal" window opens .. I did not seem to be able to input any figures in this window but another window pops open telling me how much he gets and how much I get .... its not an even split, so I decline .... and type in the chat "split ?"
he gets all antsy, "no way", "i'm 3:1 up" .... yada yada yada
he offers 60:40 and I tell him 8:6 .... not exactly sure what happened but, another window pops open saying he gets 8 and I get 6.4 .... not really wanting to waste any more time fannying about, I just click the "accept" button ....

all the "deal" windows close .... the tourney shows finished, the positions and cash payouts appear in the normal chat box.

wheeee ! just cut my first deal ! nay, accepted my first deal ! awesome, just fucking awesome !

oh, btw, did I mention this was a $2 buy-in .... btw, did I mention this was a 9-man stt .... btw, did I mention the standard payout is $9 and $5.40 .... btw, did I mention I walked away with $6.40 ....

awesome, just fucking awesome !

pleasant dreams.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

welcome back.

I played stone cold sober last night. we'll come back to that.

well done
noCash .... who went busto ! playing $2/$4 PLO, all I can say is "eek" .... but he also sat'd into some live event for a total outlay of £90 ish .... and the lucky mofo blagged third for .. get this .. £5,500 .... fucking awesome mate, just awesome !

well played sir, well played.

and me ? my sobriety test began in earnest last night. donking about on iPoker in some micro nlhe stt, I finished with exactly what I started with ! the up side is I played reasonably well :)

I then hopped over to 'stars and played in a
forum mtt. only 4 tables, finally finished 8th running AQs into the big stacks KK .... immaculate timing as ever. Only dishing out one bad beat along the way, again, I'm more than happy with the way I played :)

lets see how it goes from here.

pleasant dreams.