Tuesday, 29 June 2010

" oi ! thats my bb .... "

welcome back.

contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a good starting hand .... and of course, its my bb, bastard.

and this is the second (and only !!) time in a week, I've been dealt quads, spooky huh.

pleasant dreams

Friday, 25 June 2010

evening Nacho ! .... oh and the Big Chap too

welcome back.

caught up with zagga again the other night. live poker had been arranged previously but his special visitor (no, not Nacho ffs) didn't have the moola after an expensive holiday .... somewhere nice, I hope, Big Chap !

nice too see you again mate, looking good .... a few extra pounds in tow, but hey, none of us getting any younger ! (that includes you zagga !) yes the same Big Chap who hosted the Glasgow live game, while living in the middle of nowhere .... and he's moved house too .... to another middle of nowhere !! some people might think you a little antisocial Big Chap lol :)

so no poker but the footie was on .... but so was THAT tennis match, lol. sublime to the redic but having watched so much of it, we just couldn't stop lol

and the bastards didn't have the decency to finish while we watched !! nh-gg-wp.

so the live poker has been postponed for a week and the Big Chap may or may not join us. come on mate, the more the merrier !
so my absolute last chance for live poker in Glasgow next week (zagga take note !) lets hope its a goer .... and I'm not gigli !

pleasant dreams

Friday, 18 June 2010

finally, evening Nacho !

welcome back.

finally caught up with
zagga last night. a few beers, the footie and a good chinwag, nacho too ! all in all a good night. he even treated me to 3 turbo's on party. he busted in one then crashed out the second when KK cracked his AA :(
he did get HU in his third but the fishy villain couldn't fold some trash which caught the flop, obv :(

thing is, zagga makes it look all to easy. always good to learn from someone who knows what they're doing ! good stuff.

after that i cycled (is it illegal to be over the limit on a push bike ??) off home and inspired by the great man, i fired up some micro cash 08 ....

actually played reasonably well, and over 200 hands I managed to come out ahead. roughly +180bb at the 2c level and +130bb at the 5c level.

hand of the evening ....

on a [Ks 7c 9c Ts Td] board my [Kc 3h Kh Qh] is good v [6s 7s 8c 8s]

.... and its not my fault the villain did not defend his turned straight :)

pleasant dreams.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Falling Down

welcome back

this is my poker set-up for the remainder of the month .... (eat ya heart out
Rossi )

moving house is a fucking ball ache .... especially during the world cup .... ah well, with no tv, I wont have to watch that fucking movie "Out of Africa" ....

pleasant dreams.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Northern Lights

welcome baaaack.

(live game next week Zag, get you're arse in gear ffs :)

i'm in Aberdeen for a few nights. in a cheap hotel chain, advertised by a certain ex comedian. he may still claim to be such, but after hearing him voiceover a childrens tv series ....

the ******* *** chain are thieving fuckers.

£10 facking quid for 24hrs of internet access ! wtf ? seriously, wtf ?

their only saving grace, the Boddingtons is only £2.65 a pint. cheapest pint i've had in a hotel for many a year !

so, 4 pints or net access ....

right, where's that tv remote you thieving cunts.