Monday, 26 March 2012

the shinobi and the hot-key - part 2

welcome back

just a short continuation ....

so that 5-card draw tourney. really enjoyed it, even although I went out 431 of 589. I still cant believe how popular this form ok poker is. I did make a few noob mistakes.
very first hand I get dealt a full house, a big full house wi kings .. only flat calling a raise pre-draw and then flat calling original raisers post-draw bet, planning to raise on the next draw .... the more astute of you will no doubt have noticed the tourney was called "5-card draw" .... not triple draw but draw, singular, oops :(
my other big mistake, I think, was limping pre-draw with a set and facing two all-ins, like a pussy, I folded my 222xx .... the other two donks draw 2 cards and 3 cards .... wtf ?? yup, my set would have been good post draw as well, grrrr :(

all good clean fun, lol.

the other one I was going to mention was a $1.10 pl08b tourney, fuck me they're popular too ! I went deep, final 3-tables deep when .... (hotkeys are pretty useful, huh ?)
chatting at the table, trying to type the word "orbit" .... action pops to me as I type "b" .. except I dont type that letter .. I bet 3/4 of my stack to a big stack limp .. who promptly re-pops me all -in .. oops .. thouroughly committed, I can but call .. my very very mediocre 77T6 gets (quite rightly, imho) thouroughly rodgered by the big stacks A35Q (sooted, natch)

and I bomb .... 20th of 757 runners ffs, u-donk !!  ((after 3 mins short of 5 hrs, meh))

and the 'stars UBER top heavy payout system really really rubbed it in .... I got a 1/2 % for 4-buy-ins .. thats right, one half of a percent, whatacunt :(

Sunday, 25 March 2012

the shinobi and the hot-key

welcome back.

anyone been up to much ? I see our latest mtt grinder has been doing quite well .. jammy git ! lol. I've actually been doing much the same, not wi the same success, lol. but Friday night was a beer-free session .. we'll get back to that. and last night was a beer-free session also .. I know, wtf ? seriously, wtf ??
I was actually feeling tired last night and actually did the sensible thing and only played 6 games .. beer in hand and I've have been giving it away till yawn time in the am. Last night involved omaha, HORSE, 8-game, 2-7 triple draw, badugi and .... 5-card draw, I've never played draw in my life ! and this is without beer !

(clocks forward, his mrs now oot the bathroom, so its his turn. I'm sure he'll be back to finish this "epic" tale - Ed)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

but how much was your bar bill ?

welcome back.

as ever, its been a while.

basically been on "holiday" for the last week or four up in Newcastle, lol. Still as barking mad as I remember it. Been working 10 & 12hr shifts, then hit the hotel bar, then hit the toon .. fuck me, am I getting to old for this shit or what ? The guys working for me obv took pity on me and basically would not let me put my hand in my pocket .. just as well or my "entertainment" bill would have paid off the national debt.

So online poker volume has been virtually nil .. but I did play LIVE .. not once, but twice.

are we paying attention Mickey Boy ..

anyways, about 3 weeks ago, or was it 4 ?? it was deffo a Thursday night, lol .... played a small MTT in the G-Casino. It was a £30+£2 double chance freezeout and I walked away with £320 , gg moi :)

then a couple of Sundays ago the tourney was cancelled so they opened up a 50p/50p cash game .. I sat in with twenty quid and several hours later I cashed out £120 , gg moi :)

now. a few years back I was in the G with blokes from the forum, some of whom played a cash game after our tourney .. and a wee local Chinese guy was playing .. a rather volatile player but it was as funny as fuck to watch when he blew up and stormed off from the table .. guess what ? the same bloke sat at my cash table for a few hours, lmfao.

all those hours and I only remember a few hands :) now lets see ....

on an x7x7x board I flat called the guy on my lefts flop and turn bets .. and check raised all-in on the river .. he showed his KK and asked if I had the seven .. when I tabled 77 he just stared .. finally blurting out "how the fuck did you check that river ?"

I also remember my kings holding up against AK .. and speaking of local Chinese, there were three of them sat at the table at one point and I eventually got involved in a hand with Mr Volatile's buddy .. he flat called behind all three of my bets and with three spades on the board I thought I was beat. When I tossed my 34 spades on their backs the guy on my left shouts "he's got the flush !" good enough to beat his TPTK , nh, gg moi.

For the record, I gave the whole £320 to the Mrs and I also gave her fifty quid from the cash game :)

and time marches on .. the first of March already .. since yesterday was the 29th it seemed like an appropriate time to play my usual beer fuelled online donkaments, lol. So for the month of March I'm going to try alcohol-free online donkaments .. interesting times indeed.

pleasant dreams.