Monday, 26 March 2012

the shinobi and the hot-key - part 2

welcome back

just a short continuation ....

so that 5-card draw tourney. really enjoyed it, even although I went out 431 of 589. I still cant believe how popular this form ok poker is. I did make a few noob mistakes.
very first hand I get dealt a full house, a big full house wi kings .. only flat calling a raise pre-draw and then flat calling original raisers post-draw bet, planning to raise on the next draw .... the more astute of you will no doubt have noticed the tourney was called "5-card draw" .... not triple draw but draw, singular, oops :(
my other big mistake, I think, was limping pre-draw with a set and facing two all-ins, like a pussy, I folded my 222xx .... the other two donks draw 2 cards and 3 cards .... wtf ?? yup, my set would have been good post draw as well, grrrr :(

all good clean fun, lol.

the other one I was going to mention was a $1.10 pl08b tourney, fuck me they're popular too ! I went deep, final 3-tables deep when .... (hotkeys are pretty useful, huh ?)
chatting at the table, trying to type the word "orbit" .... action pops to me as I type "b" .. except I dont type that letter .. I bet 3/4 of my stack to a big stack limp .. who promptly re-pops me all -in .. oops .. thouroughly committed, I can but call .. my very very mediocre 77T6 gets (quite rightly, imho) thouroughly rodgered by the big stacks A35Q (sooted, natch)

and I bomb .... 20th of 757 runners ffs, u-donk !!  ((after 3 mins short of 5 hrs, meh))

and the 'stars UBER top heavy payout system really really rubbed it in .... I got a 1/2 % for 4-buy-ins .. thats right, one half of a percent, whatacunt :(

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