Wednesday, 19 December 2012

smallest of things

welcome back

ran across this in a blog post today and it just made me lol.

" Scottish people have the coolest accents. (I sound like a stoned valley girl.) They sound like they are slugging whiskey while toting a shotgun and a full beard. "

pleasant dreams

ps thanks assassinato

Monday, 19 November 2012

welcome back

still ploughing thru assassinato's blog. good stuff, wonder when it will change to the "god" shit. no worries, his blog.

real life shit weekend, pfffft.  (hope yours was better, seriously !)

still fucking about wi turbs/hypers .. and mostly -EV .. my play may not be stunning, but theres' is worse, no really, it is, lol.

on Saturday night I played one Omaha tourn .. won it

Sunday .. a first and a second ..

dont u just love destructo ....

fuck all this negativity, on a positive note ....  just came 1/168 .. Omaha fucking obviously, for 36-buy-ins.

magic (lol)

pleasant dreams

(read this blog, .. again .. , I can play this fucking game .. I just need a little bit of fucking support, ffs)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

On Golden Pond

welcome back

Haven't played ahand of Omaha since last week. I kind of know now when I'm in destructo mode so I (wisely) decided to knock it on the head. (thats bankroll destructo mode, btw)

I'd also decided that forum games were -ev and I was going to play less of them .. (dammit, they are fun wheeee). So I decide to play their Saturday night game which I thought was 08 .. err, no .. that'll be H.O.R.S.E. then, sigh. No probs, I like H.O.R.S.E.

With 30 runners and only 4 down, the hand happened. Playing stud with big bets at 800 and a 6k stack, Thierry and I get involved.
I pulled my flush on fifth. I bet out and he tanks .. during which time I study my cards and his up cards .. I had AJ9xx spades .. he has (xx)Qxx with two clubs ..

My one thought : "He is chasing the flush, he is going to outkick me"

Sixth gave me another spade and gave him the J of clubs. I bet he raises, I call. Check seventh, he bets, I call .. leaving me one big bet.

I knew the chips were going his way. I had AJ9.. but he had AJQ..

I know that as hand strengths go, that is technically incorrect but that's how I "read" it .. we both have AJ flushes but he has the better kicker. Fucking soul read and I still don't fold. Way to go Res, way-to-go.

Destructo mode in full effect.

So what can I play then ? What is the cheapest of the cheap that 'stars has to offer ?
After rooting about in the lobby, I find 2c hyper turbos, lol. These will keep me amused for weeks !
Some of the play is truly lol. Mines included :)
I saw something I don't think I've seen before. Very first hand. A 7-way all-in pre-flop. Yup. I was in too, with TT and though I hit my set there were three spades come the river and the flush man sends six of us to the rail, awesome and truly lol.

I decided to play last nights forum game (sic). Supposed to be a turbo but they set it up wrong, 10 minute blinds.
After an eternity (3 1/2 hours) I am heads up .. (literally) falling asleep at the desk .. not sure who had the idea but we chopped and flipped. I was so nearly sleeping I would have accepted any deal, seriously.
I won the flip, good for $37 .. less the six I owe to second place .. less the $3 entry .. less the $2.50 bubble to forum .. basically boils down to net $25, ho hum.

See ? forum games are so -EV. So I'll be playing two cent hyper turbos this week.

pleasant dreams

Friday, 9 November 2012

under "Blaise Pascal" (Pa)

welcome back

oh I know where to start. Ran across assassinato's blog. Recent entries piqued my interest, in as much as, I liked the "random" part but some of the entries were down right abstract. So abstract that they are way over my head, lol. I attribute this to the cultural and generational differences.
I was interested enough to see what his blog started out as though. Glad I did as the first few years have made interesting reading. Less abstract, more random. Quite a lot of poker too.

Glad to see theDonkey cracked ! and has returned to the blogosphere and to poker. I so missed his rants, lol. It seems that nothing much has changed in his absence.
He has, however, blagged himself a staking deal. Talking about a 100 buy-in rule and playing $7 tourns .. thats a serious amount of wonga someone is throwing at him !
I have my reservations about staking. Heard some awful stories regarding them. I guess if you "know" and TRUST your benefactor, then it should be a good deal for you. I can understand the argument that it removes a layer of pressure off you (smoke and mirrors, imho) .. I think that monetary pressure is still there, albeit slightly below the surface .. and it will surface with a vengeance if you go on a losing streak.
I guess it depends on your backers expectations and also of your own expectations of yourself.
I hope it goes well in the long run but I am looking forward to some old school ranting !

I see zagga is still taking a break. As far as I'm aware he is still playing on the weekends. I look forward to his return as I usually enjoy his "right, thats enough pish for now" style.

I see the other donkey is making plans for the future. Fair play and good luck if push comes to shove mate.
Me ? I doubt I could do this. In fact, at this point in time, I know I could not do this. I just do not possess that sort of discipline far less the motivation that would be required.

I mean, after last months nice run, I promptly returned to my habitual bad form, ffs. Now there's discipline for you, not.

In other news, mrsEvil is exerting pressure that I should get my ass home every night. Its not like that ffs ! Its all down to working for the man. If you're backed at poker, is that not still working for the man ? Random thought, ho hum.
Reckon I can hold her off for the remainder of this year but next year I suspect a career move/change is going to be dealt to this donk sitting in seat 7. (no probs with that, given more years than I care to remember to this damned industry)
If I step back and look from her side of the fence I can wholly understand her point of view and that happens very rarely.

So its back to trying to break my bad habits and make some sweetie money for the remainder of this year. Right, that's enough pish for one day ....

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 8 November 2012

they said .... (3) & (4)

welcome back

"don't get cocky, son"

"if a reg plays back at me, he has a hand, respect .. wait for a better spot .. there will ALWAYS be a better spot"

"Everybody will eventually run worse than they thought was possible. The difference between a winner and a loser is that the latter thinks they do not deserve it." .... (From 2+2 "Irieguy")

"if you have your health, you have everything"

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 1 November 2012

.. it is now !

welcome back

October is over. I won the bet. The bet has been paid. Nice one sir and thanks for such prompt payment. I actually want to thank him more for providing me with the much needed motivation.
Two pictures for you. First is all the ca$h hands I played, second is filtered to show only 2c tables.

Both look alright but the 2c filter kinda smooths things out. Yes I know its not a lot of money but it is if you count it in bb's. Its 3750 bb's if you can't be bothered doing the math.
So I have $380 and I will continue to donk the micro's until I get five hundred, then its a big jump to 25c tables. The 5c and 10c tables are always dead (thanks 'stars for making them all "fast" , thru your greed, you have all but fucking killed them) so not much option if I want to play higher. The other eek factor about the next level is most tables are no-limit. Interesting.
I had to laugh tho when I checked my 'stars balance tonight. I'd been told the money had been sent but the cashier showed only $380 .... expected it to say $430 .... hmmmm .... surely 'stars would just add the money to my balance in USD ? err no. I clicked the GBP tab and there it was, fifty quid, lol.
Once (if !!) I can get my balance up to 1k in Brit pounds, I'll just manage the thing in said Brit pounds. Makes it 'ell of a lot easier when it comes to withdrawals. Sorry blood sucking leeches bankers, no more "fees" for converting US$ deposits to Brit pounds when they hit my account.

pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

raising 7 of 9

welcome back

final push tonight, last session and all. pretty much got a lock on the bet .. as long as I stay away from the $50 tarbs, lol.
Just a quick graph showing the equity of playing with lunatics. The loon was open raising at least seven hands per orbit and then barrelling every street. It was a sight to behold.
One word of warning. Don't get sucked in to playing like them. One player did exactly this and went from a 5-buy-in stack to zero, reloading twice !

I played one hand ....

Thats right, out of 44 hands, I played one.

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

almost done

welcome back

so week 4 done, only a few days to go. This has been a long month.

Well, only two sessions to go. Lets hope I can hold it together !

Starting with $310, a big fat zero vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

Currently $380, a not big fat 370 vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

pleasant dreams

Saturday, 27 October 2012

they said .... (2)

welcome back

"if you have your health, you have everything"

"Everybody will eventually run worse than they thought was possible. The difference between a winner and a loser is that the latter thinks they do not deserve it." .... (From 2+2 "Irieguy")

pleasant dreams

they said .... (1)

welcome back

"if you have your health, you have everything"

pleasant dreams

Monday, 22 October 2012

final furlong, leading by a length

welcome back

EDIT post title should perhaps be
"stop taking shots (multiple table shots) at levels you are not rolled for, you fucking twat, especially when you have a bet on" ....
sigh, whats a degen to do.

All I can say is good riddance week three. Running my top full house into quads was a real "oh fuck" moment and then running nut low and a straight into a nut low and a higher straight was an "oh ffs" moment. Wouldn't it be nice if someone invented a piece of software which popped up the simple message "unable to hit a cow on the arse with a cricket bat, quit NOW" , sigh.
I got out the hole by hitting nut low and two pair v crappy low and the obligatory aces and then I was nearly, oh so nearly in the major black when, in a 5-handed showdown I had the nut flush and second nut low (nut low got counterfeited, natch), whee .. err not quite, one villain had the nut low, doh ! It was an $80 pot, doh !
Quite an interesting hand actually. Nut flush v second nut flush v nut straight v second nut straight v two pair (?) and nut low v second nut low .... try figuring all that out on the river when you're the small blind !

sigh, here is the pretty picture

Started with $310, a big fat zero vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

Currently $363, a not big fat 290 vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

pleasant dreams

(you can be fucking sure I'm not.(

Thursday, 18 October 2012

some would say "pesky pictures"

welcome back

Reckon there will be one or two peeps not overly impressed with this picture :) It has to be said tho, that I'm posting this midway thru week 3 .. spoiler : its so not pretty this week, meh. As someone else said, it's the long game that counts. Which is obvioulsy true but still, its uber frustrating in the short term, bah humbug.

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

week in pictures

welcome back

First week in the books. Overall I'm quite happy with the way I've been playing. As you can see, the 'roll is heading in, generally, the right direction.
Not too impressed by my wee foray into fifty50 land but hey ho. Also not overly impressed with my volume. It could be so much better. Something to ponder over the coming weekend since that's the times when my volume is shockingly bad.

I've also noticed that the accrual of VPP's at microstakes is virtually non-existant. At my current rate I'd need to play ten times the amount of hands played to get to the next level. Chances of that happening ? Thought not.

Starting with $310, a big fat zero vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

Currently $303, a not big fat 83 vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

cough cough , splutter

welcome back

day 3 trip report. as you can see day 1 and 2 were ugh. finally started to play some sort of reasonable poker today. volume is still pretty pathetic, so still work to be done.

(don't worry bitch , I'm still in mu after a stoopid foray into the fifty50's, meh)

pleasant dreams

Monday, 1 October 2012

game on, I guess

welcome back

First of the month so, I guess, game on.

Not entirely convinced I'm going down the correct road. I hope thats just due to the change. Will be degening about in micro cash, see how things go. Dont want to blow up on day 1 lol.

I wonder if "bob" can do this ....

Starting with $310, a big fat zero vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

Anything exciting happens and I'll be sure to let you know, lol. btw you should read the previous posts' comments, second one's a classic.

pleasant dreams

Friday, 28 September 2012

eek !

welcome back

so I've shoved 'em all-in and so far I have one caller. Action on you ....

I'm actually quite glad, tbh, as it gives me something to aim at, some much needed motivation of which I've sorely been lacking this year. (just this year ??!! - Ed) So far, it's thanks to this degen, from this degen right here. This really is uber ironic, you don't know the half of it, lol.

It's quite simple. I'll play the whole month of October in an unusually sober state. If my bankroll goes up, I win.
If it goes down, you win.

I'll put up £50.  (hee haw in the grand scheme but I do not have fifty notes .. to burn, so to speak)

All my play will be on 'stars as its the only place I have more than twenty bucks, lol. I will post here and on the the forum when I'll be playing. Search feature is usually on anyway. Any tournies I play, you'll have to track via sharkscope. I would expect that I'll mostly play cash and will post results from pokerTracker once or twice a week. I say "expect" because thats what I usually degen around in but who knows ? Challenges often throw up the unexpected.

and how will you know that I am not "cheating" and necking ale ? That's the easy part .. if you look me up, late of an evening and I'm giving it away, playing too many hands with crap cards and going to showdown, you'll know I'm "cheating" and the money will be yours, that's right, I would forfeit the challenge and the caller or callers, win the bet.

Does that cover it bro ? Any suggestions or rules you feel should be in play, drop 'em in the comments, email or pm on the forum.

Roll on Monday, until then, action is still on you ....

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 27 September 2012

the bet

welcome back

I was on internet radio tonight.

I asked if anyone would like to call me out. Would anyone like to "bet" I could make a profit from playing online poker. (the exact deal is - do not drink alcohol whilst playing)

No immediate takers. Would you like a go ?

pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

the moral victory (almost)

welcome back

I had a plan last night. I pretty much stuck to it. Pretty awesome considering I have the type of personality that can be easily distracted, lol.
The beers were in, which I drank at a moderate pace, fml. Play only one variant and one type of game. Get some kip at a decent hour, like most normal human beings do, fml.
The beer was consumed at a steady pace, I only played one single cash variant and I was in the hay not long after midnight, result. Sadly the results on the virtual felt were not quite as consistent, bugger.
Part of the plan was to see if I could "grind" out a decent amount of hands. I did. Monster sesh for this part time fish amounted to 2200 hands, fml. Some parts were a bit weird. The only way I can describe it is that although I was playing it felt like I was actually railing someone (even though I could see their hole cards). Weird.

Just having a trawl thru "final hands" from PT .... eek !

Poker Tracker is awesomely enlightening and depressing in equal measures, lol and meh.

My one straight flush and two sets of quads .. all folded pre, lol.
Of a possible 98 full houses I saw the flop 19 times and I lost twenty bucks ? wtf ??
(if I'd won a key hand, I'd have made two bucks on the boat front .... my AA24 v A24J ...  yup, three jacks on the board and its goodbye twent two bucks, cunt)
I made twenty five on flushes, straights and sets .. but lost twenty five on two pairs and pairs .. thats a double wtf ??
(food for thought .. I won a 120bb pot with two pairs but lost a 30bb pot with two pairs)(the 30bb pot was lol all-in pre flipaments .. my AAJ2 gubbed by 2248 who hits the flush with his 2 and 4 of clubs, ah well, gamblers will gambol)
(the worst of the pairs was a 24bb pot that I had to let go on the turn at which point I was in for 13bb .. obv made sense to me at the time, fml)

The plan will be back in action tonight, with less beers available :)

The moral victory will be complete when there are noBeers available, lol.

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

you called with ? .... really ??

welcome back

exit hands always fascinate me. I'm sure most players would claim their exit hand was a bad beat of some description. Ask the guy who eliminated you the same question and I'm sure you'd get a very different take on the play, lol.
Here are mines from last nights mtts.

triple stud, stud round - went for it with [3s 4c 2s 5h] on fourth, bricked, oppo housed me by seventh

pl08b - [8h Jd 8c 7h] - hit the set on the flop, filled up on river, oppo had a bigger house, ouch

8-game, 08b round - [Jd Ts 5d Ah] - hit my flush, oppo shouts "house" , meh

5-card draw - pre-draw [Ah Ts Jc 8d As] - no improvement and oppo has a set

2-card bingo - ran 88 into AT, crippled me, ugh, very next hand 88 into JQ

more 2-card bingo - jammed AQ, big stack called with KQ, oh please :(

The only hand which really annoyed was the pl08b hand but thats now history. No doubt there will be some more tonight.

btw, there was noBeer involved in last nights shennanigans, lol

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 12 July 2012

ramblings of a .. , meandering drivel, epic fails, the beats keep coming, 'roll busting mtt shennanigans

welcome back

EDIT just read over this post and Ant's comment, directed at Cowell, springs to mind .... "what a load of tosh" (you've been warned, lol)

btw, before you read this, all the pertinent information is contained in the title. So if you don't have much time, suffer from ADS, think that blog posts should be 140 characters or less, think that posts with more than one paragraph are tl;dr , feel free to go elsewhere to spend your most precious commodity on something worthwhile.

whenever I check in here, it always amuses me how long ago the last post was made. Time flies when your having fun, lol. I don't post particularly often because there is not really that much happening, "auld age disnae come alone, son" is an adage that springs to mind, thanks Mum.

I will say one thing. No matter how "big" I think my problems are, there are others (I refer to bloggers) who seem to have real troubles in their pipeline, ugh.

I had a moment of drunken clarity at the weekend. Pretty sure I've had fucking loads of these but thats the trouble innit ? being pissed, you tend to forget .... So Monday night arrives, working away as usual, head for the supermarket after work and leave with only groceries. No beer, wowser.

I fired up the laptop but didn't actually feel like playing. Thought that might be the case but I certainly wasn't going to force the issue. If that's the deal, so be it. Instead, I cruised a few forums and blogs, then I set about downloading all the poker clients I used to play on. I never bothered doing this after my hard disk crash of last year. I know, I'm fucking retarded, sometimes.

I know I should have done this previously. The precedent had been set when I actually paid attention to an email that an online book had sent, warning of fund confiscation due to account inactivity.
I discovered my Party account is empty, cunts. I discovered that Purple Lounge has gone into liquidation, along with my funds, cunts. I discovered that Bodog will not let me withdraw until I jump through their ID hoops, cunts. I discovered that Virgin have frozen my account due to account inactivity but a phone call to support should resolve this, thanks Richard.
I discovered that my Betfair account is dead and buried but they did process my withdrawal and the account is empty, result. I discovered that the few iPoker skins I use, allowed me to login with no restrictions, even although there must be significant account inactivity, hmmmm.

While I was logged into the last skin, out of left field came the urge to play, wtf ??

and play I did, one small stake 50-50 stt, lmfao. Played well and cashed fwiw and lol.

I was reading over some very old posts, not mine I hasten to add. I tried that once and it made my eyes bleed ! The poster was basically asking the question about poker goals and the levels you aspire to play .... eureka !

and that's my problem. I don't really have any. I honestly don't fucking care, as long as I don't go busto and continue to make small change at the cash to feed my current mtt "habit".

Which is very very sad :(

Reckon I am a 6/10 player, maybe even 7/10 at an extreme push, lol. Which is why I keep trying to knock drinking and playing on the head. Fuck me its a hard habit to break.

The end is near (well thank fuck for that, I hear you shout) .. I continue to (slowly, oh so slowly) decimate my 'stars 'roll, by insisting on playing mtt's ! That's another very bad habit I need to knock on the fucking head.

pleasant dreams

Friday, 29 June 2012

the end of an era ....

welcome back

I actually thought I'd be posting this last week but no, thanks to Daly, I found an outlet which was doing final day cheap beer .. since Euro 2012 was on, obv. And don't give me that shit about folding pre, just not happening, lol.
So that was last week. Obv I'm getting old :( as I had enough of the stuff left over from last week to do me this week. Hey, technically, I did not buy beer this week, lol.
So the beer is all done, boo. The next time you run into me at the felt (hopefully that'll read "get run over by") I'll be playing without a beer in hand. No idea if I'll even have the motivation to play, tbh, I'll just have to wait and see.

So, whatever your choice, gl.

pleasant dreams

Friday, 15 June 2012

The Men Who Sold The Jersey's

welcome back

still kicking about, lol. and still playing, lol.

Unfortunately I have to report that i am skint ! (note no poker terminology in that statement). Sadly I've let myself get overdrawn slightly more each month .. after month .. after month, meh.
The solution is of course to tighten the old belt. The biggest belt tightener for me is to stop buying beer :(

Sadly, there might be two downsides to this simple solution.

Working away from home and staying in small rooms, its all to easy to have a few beers and get on the intertubes to keep boredom at bay and try and retain what sanity I have left, lol. I could, of course, venture out into the real world at night, then again maybe not, that would cost way way more than a six-pack, ugh.
The second downside relates to online poker. Will I retain the urge to play ? without a beer in hand ?

Who knows, only time will tell.

On the poker front I've had a lot of fun (and beer) over the past 6 months. Somewhere along the line I started playing mtt's. All good fun but ultimately putting a rather large dent in the online roll. That's why I drifted back to cash .. mostly. Still indulging in the odd mtt or two and still playing too many forum games to make the cash games count.

Basically, I've arrived at one of life's little crossroads.

Left turn - play "proper" poker, keep the current day job
Right turn - quit my job, work closer to home, try playing poker
Straight ahead - quit poker and quit working away
U-turn - keep playing, beer in hand, keep the day job

I'm not ready for a couple of those options and one of them is so grossly selfish that its not even fucking funny.

Well, the bank is burst, there is no beer in the fridge .. Left Turn Ahead.

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 26 April 2012

day 3 .. not lol at all

welcome back
sticking to my new rigorous strategy, last nite it was the turn of the 5-card draw brigade to quake in their fishy bowls take my monies, lol .. but, hey, at least i stuck with the strategy.
Lessons .. decide how much to sit down with before you sit down ! being limit, one misclick and you'll be sat there wi your entire roll, oops.
so I dropped about $8.50 or two buy-ins, all in the name of education. Table Ninja would not play at all, fml, so it was a lot of frantic mouse action .. being 6-handed and not a lot of people paying the blinds and going to the draw makes it a fast game .. it was a bit z00mish .. most players folding to a raise .. next hand please !
Being new, I found it difficult to even beat the blinds never mind the fucking fish ! The other thing I found difficult whist multitabling was clicking the bet/call button and then having to click on the cards I wanted to discard .. it was a bit frantic but I hope to get used to it the more I play .. or give it up as a bad joke, time will tell.
First session in the bag and a whole lot ?? of experience too. I'll be back in a week or so you 5-card-fish    <*)))))-{

A few days off and I'll be back on strategy :) different game of course, but I'll let you know.

pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

day 2 .. not quite as loud lol

welcome back

sorry, no pretty pictures today as I've no tracking software for last nights shenanigans .. so last night I joined up with the stud 8 cash players lol oh and one stud 8 mtt (small field, forum game)
lets get the mtt oot the way .. I was more than a little pissed that I was the bubble boy, busting out in fifth spot, meh. It is the ironman series so the points are welcome. Especially since the league leader scored way less points than I did :)
On the cash front I made a couple of dollars which equates to 24 big bets or there abouts.

For your info the 8c cash games run this way .... obligatory 1c ante, bring in was 2c and small bets 4c, big bets 8c .... and as my co-commentator and I are always saying, its amazing how big the pots get even tho it is "only" limit :)

The game plays way quicker than 08 even tho it was 8-handed play. That was the first surprise. Then I could not for the life of me get that stoopid table-ninja to work at all on the cash games .. fine on the mtt front .... pfffft. So i had to resort to using 'stars own hotkeys .... sometimes they worked, sometimes not. The one really annoying thing they would not do was post the bring-in .... wtf ?? The other thing I noticed, apart from no-one at any table ever believed that this new fish had half a clue as to what he was doing, was the fact that the players were exceedingly flighty. The player turnaround was quite amazing .... and probably quite a shock to them when they left one table to go to another and I'd be sat there too, lol.
Imagine the new fish multitabling ! what is the world coming to ?!

I played across 5-tables, all 8c ones of course but I was exceptionally pleased that I did not get skinned considering this was my very first foray into the murky world of the stud player.

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

day 1 report .... lol

welcome back

and so the alcohol-fuelled bankroll-busting-binge has come to an abrupt end, thank you very much. No, I'm not completely busto but I might as well be, lol. Although to be fair, I did have quite a bit of fun along the way :)
It could be a few weeks, a few months more like ! been playing all the variations 'stars has to offer .. the main problem is playing them all at the same time ! I find it quite difficult to multitable 08 and omaha .. same with 2-7 draw and 5-card draw .... lmfao, fucking nightmare.
I even threw in some nlhe .. no, really. Played a few of those 10c 360 runner things .. they, surprisingly, could actually be very profitable .. taking 90mins to wrap up a 4th place for 26 buy-in profit, they would be so "easy" to multitable .. hmmmm
Sorry, I digress. Last night I returned to my "home" .. good old cash 08.
Played across 16 tables (not all at once) consisting of 2c, z00m and 25c .. something close to 650 hands at 2c, 100 hands at z00m and 50 hands at 25c .... I, surprisingly, was not overly rusty and managed to turn a profit.
A picture, as they say, paints lots of words and I've waffled enuf as it is ....

pleasant dreams

Monday, 26 March 2012

the shinobi and the hot-key - part 2

welcome back

just a short continuation ....

so that 5-card draw tourney. really enjoyed it, even although I went out 431 of 589. I still cant believe how popular this form ok poker is. I did make a few noob mistakes.
very first hand I get dealt a full house, a big full house wi kings .. only flat calling a raise pre-draw and then flat calling original raisers post-draw bet, planning to raise on the next draw .... the more astute of you will no doubt have noticed the tourney was called "5-card draw" .... not triple draw but draw, singular, oops :(
my other big mistake, I think, was limping pre-draw with a set and facing two all-ins, like a pussy, I folded my 222xx .... the other two donks draw 2 cards and 3 cards .... wtf ?? yup, my set would have been good post draw as well, grrrr :(

all good clean fun, lol.

the other one I was going to mention was a $1.10 pl08b tourney, fuck me they're popular too ! I went deep, final 3-tables deep when .... (hotkeys are pretty useful, huh ?)
chatting at the table, trying to type the word "orbit" .... action pops to me as I type "b" .. except I dont type that letter .. I bet 3/4 of my stack to a big stack limp .. who promptly re-pops me all -in .. oops .. thouroughly committed, I can but call .. my very very mediocre 77T6 gets (quite rightly, imho) thouroughly rodgered by the big stacks A35Q (sooted, natch)

and I bomb .... 20th of 757 runners ffs, u-donk !!  ((after 3 mins short of 5 hrs, meh))

and the 'stars UBER top heavy payout system really really rubbed it in .... I got a 1/2 % for 4-buy-ins .. thats right, one half of a percent, whatacunt :(

Sunday, 25 March 2012

the shinobi and the hot-key

welcome back.

anyone been up to much ? I see our latest mtt grinder has been doing quite well .. jammy git ! lol. I've actually been doing much the same, not wi the same success, lol. but Friday night was a beer-free session .. we'll get back to that. and last night was a beer-free session also .. I know, wtf ? seriously, wtf ??
I was actually feeling tired last night and actually did the sensible thing and only played 6 games .. beer in hand and I've have been giving it away till yawn time in the am. Last night involved omaha, HORSE, 8-game, 2-7 triple draw, badugi and .... 5-card draw, I've never played draw in my life ! and this is without beer !

(clocks forward, his mrs now oot the bathroom, so its his turn. I'm sure he'll be back to finish this "epic" tale - Ed)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

but how much was your bar bill ?

welcome back.

as ever, its been a while.

basically been on "holiday" for the last week or four up in Newcastle, lol. Still as barking mad as I remember it. Been working 10 & 12hr shifts, then hit the hotel bar, then hit the toon .. fuck me, am I getting to old for this shit or what ? The guys working for me obv took pity on me and basically would not let me put my hand in my pocket .. just as well or my "entertainment" bill would have paid off the national debt.

So online poker volume has been virtually nil .. but I did play LIVE .. not once, but twice.

are we paying attention Mickey Boy ..

anyways, about 3 weeks ago, or was it 4 ?? it was deffo a Thursday night, lol .... played a small MTT in the G-Casino. It was a £30+£2 double chance freezeout and I walked away with £320 , gg moi :)

then a couple of Sundays ago the tourney was cancelled so they opened up a 50p/50p cash game .. I sat in with twenty quid and several hours later I cashed out £120 , gg moi :)

now. a few years back I was in the G with blokes from the forum, some of whom played a cash game after our tourney .. and a wee local Chinese guy was playing .. a rather volatile player but it was as funny as fuck to watch when he blew up and stormed off from the table .. guess what ? the same bloke sat at my cash table for a few hours, lmfao.

all those hours and I only remember a few hands :) now lets see ....

on an x7x7x board I flat called the guy on my lefts flop and turn bets .. and check raised all-in on the river .. he showed his KK and asked if I had the seven .. when I tabled 77 he just stared .. finally blurting out "how the fuck did you check that river ?"

I also remember my kings holding up against AK .. and speaking of local Chinese, there were three of them sat at the table at one point and I eventually got involved in a hand with Mr Volatile's buddy .. he flat called behind all three of my bets and with three spades on the board I thought I was beat. When I tossed my 34 spades on their backs the guy on my left shouts "he's got the flush !" good enough to beat his TPTK , nh, gg moi.

For the record, I gave the whole £320 to the Mrs and I also gave her fifty quid from the cash game :)

and time marches on .. the first of March already .. since yesterday was the 29th it seemed like an appropriate time to play my usual beer fuelled online donkaments, lol. So for the month of March I'm going to try alcohol-free online donkaments .. interesting times indeed.

pleasant dreams.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

lost in the translation

welcome back

now depending where you get it translated, will perhaps give you the wrong impression of me and the wee welsh cnuts relationship :)  .... see comment on previous post :)
so I'll deffo take the manlier translation, tyvm, Rubbish .... deffo up fer it mate, lets not make it during the school summer hols, theres a good chap :)

speaking of cnuts, mr A Salmond, supposed Scottish MP, go fuck yourself and yer referendum ! we get independance and most likely I'll never return .... theres no fucking way Scotland can survive in the current (or any other for that matter) climate without support from the Union .... thankfully, hopefully, most of us Scots will see past the wee scroats attempt at everlasting fame, honestly, what a fucking donk !

speaking of donks .... been trying to play sets of 8 stt's (well, they are ever so slow to fill, sigh). just this week though, while I try and get into a "serious" poker mindset .... getting off the beer is a completely different story ! meh :(
I suppose I'm actually quite worried about that. I started the ales whilst playing because almost overnight playing and boozing inexplicably took over as a night out .... ?!?!  wtf ? seriously, wtf ? and before I knew it, boom, it had become my no.1 social activity .... living where I live and working away from home are the number 1 causes of my fall from grace, sigh. When they eventually chained me to a desk in York, I did try and set up a social evening or 4 with the other office low-lifes but ultimately to no avail .... shower of cnuts, lol, my company isn't really that bad .... o.m.f.g. maybe they follow zagga and actually belive that google is right, I'm the numero uno search result senile old bassa .... aargh !!!!

aye, so where was I .. oh aye, poker .... Monday was a set of 8 + 8 + 5 .. cashed 7 times :) lol (3 back to back second places but just could not hit shit in those heads up so just could not seal the deal , bah humbug ! )
last night was a registration of attrition .. managed sets of 4 + 4 + 7 lmfao .. cashed 7 times, again, wtf ?? lets hope that 7 is not some sort of precedent here ....
really pleased with the way I played aka nothing special from me just seriously bad play from the fish imho
blagged 4 first places (not complaining really) but one of those took 68 minutes :( wtf ? seriously, wtf ?
(double check what you reg for, you asshat - Ed)

so one beer down, time marches on, I have a game to reg for ....

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 5 January 2012

nightmares and hero worship

welcome back

May I just wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year !

now surely the preceding 3 month poker hell cant continue, can it ? well, it will if I let it. at the mo its a poker sandstorm .. cant see a fucking thing and no idea which direction to take, lol. as the amAfish would say, sort yourself out fish !
been playing all over the place .. cash, stt's, mtt's, forum games .. and it shows, what a fucking fish, honestly !
I really really will have to decide what to play and when to play it, and stick to it, lol .. so easy to say, ho hum .... which leads me on to ....

you know, there are quite a few players/bloggers that I admire, hell I've even met a few. Mostly all winners (aren't we all, lol) and I'm sure the odd one or two who ain't. I probably admire them most for their dedication .. then again, if your an online pro ....
but they go about their grind and if you can do that for a year, kudos ! now they are not all pro's, not by a long shot. I mean, there are part timers and recreational donks .. zagga and jonesUcunt spring to mind , lol. there are of course others, the likes of theRant and closer to home there's the yellow belly JA's (thats a ref to his location, not his status lmfao)
but they all go about there business in a certain fashion which is one or four steps up from my degen beer drinking poker playing attempt !! (my only defence is the fact I have not reloaded in 3 years, honest)

and in summation m'lud .. knock it on the head and start rinsing the fish and stop fucking feeding them

pleasant dreams