Monday, 19 November 2012

welcome back

still ploughing thru assassinato's blog. good stuff, wonder when it will change to the "god" shit. no worries, his blog.

real life shit weekend, pfffft.  (hope yours was better, seriously !)

still fucking about wi turbs/hypers .. and mostly -EV .. my play may not be stunning, but theres' is worse, no really, it is, lol.

on Saturday night I played one Omaha tourn .. won it

Sunday .. a first and a second ..

dont u just love destructo ....

fuck all this negativity, on a positive note ....  just came 1/168 .. Omaha fucking obviously, for 36-buy-ins.

magic (lol)

pleasant dreams

(read this blog, .. again .. , I can play this fucking game .. I just need a little bit of fucking support, ffs)

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