Friday, 9 November 2012

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welcome back

oh I know where to start. Ran across assassinato's blog. Recent entries piqued my interest, in as much as, I liked the "random" part but some of the entries were down right abstract. So abstract that they are way over my head, lol. I attribute this to the cultural and generational differences.
I was interested enough to see what his blog started out as though. Glad I did as the first few years have made interesting reading. Less abstract, more random. Quite a lot of poker too.

Glad to see theDonkey cracked ! and has returned to the blogosphere and to poker. I so missed his rants, lol. It seems that nothing much has changed in his absence.
He has, however, blagged himself a staking deal. Talking about a 100 buy-in rule and playing $7 tourns .. thats a serious amount of wonga someone is throwing at him !
I have my reservations about staking. Heard some awful stories regarding them. I guess if you "know" and TRUST your benefactor, then it should be a good deal for you. I can understand the argument that it removes a layer of pressure off you (smoke and mirrors, imho) .. I think that monetary pressure is still there, albeit slightly below the surface .. and it will surface with a vengeance if you go on a losing streak.
I guess it depends on your backers expectations and also of your own expectations of yourself.
I hope it goes well in the long run but I am looking forward to some old school ranting !

I see zagga is still taking a break. As far as I'm aware he is still playing on the weekends. I look forward to his return as I usually enjoy his "right, thats enough pish for now" style.

I see the other donkey is making plans for the future. Fair play and good luck if push comes to shove mate.
Me ? I doubt I could do this. In fact, at this point in time, I know I could not do this. I just do not possess that sort of discipline far less the motivation that would be required.

I mean, after last months nice run, I promptly returned to my habitual bad form, ffs. Now there's discipline for you, not.

In other news, mrsEvil is exerting pressure that I should get my ass home every night. Its not like that ffs ! Its all down to working for the man. If you're backed at poker, is that not still working for the man ? Random thought, ho hum.
Reckon I can hold her off for the remainder of this year but next year I suspect a career move/change is going to be dealt to this donk sitting in seat 7. (no probs with that, given more years than I care to remember to this damned industry)
If I step back and look from her side of the fence I can wholly understand her point of view and that happens very rarely.

So its back to trying to break my bad habits and make some sweetie money for the remainder of this year. Right, that's enough pish for one day ....

pleasant dreams

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