Saturday, 25 July 2009

" Hey, have you ever tried dogs playing poker ? "

welcome back, gentle reader.

not been around because the grind continues. nothing startling happening. been languishing around the mid 600 mark for a week .... two weeks ?
then along comes the "wsop", not the real thing, but a wee series of tourneys arranged by forum
ppp which is all good fun but denting to the 'roll.
well, it is if you run like a 3-legged racehorse. as usual with these things there has been some splendid donkery to behold ! no names :)
so 7 events gone, 3 to go and not a fucking cash in sight, in fact not even a final table come to think of it. lmfao, some of the members must think i am a serious donkey :)

after last nights buy-in's i was down to 640, ugh, so off i went to the cash tables.
(( lmfao, stars balance is .... six six six .... (and 39 cents))

my slump in form made me head for the micro's .... might even have been a little tilty after watching every-fucking-hand get outgunned at the stud8 tourney.
the earlier tourney was a nlhe hu thingy. my first (and last !) opponent was BoneIdle :) and he was so fucking hot ! every flop i hit, he had hit it harder ! my exit hand pretty well sums it up .... my Q3 on a Qxx flop .... he had QT :)

oh my, i have a new buddy at the cash tables. for whatever reason, he has latched on to me, well my avatar anyways .... and he can talk .... and talk .... and talk .... and talk. how the fuck he finds time to play beats me.
i have to admit, his incessant chatter is amusing, and he does use it to good effect. lavishing praise and "abuse" in equal measure .... and the compliments he sychophantically lavishes on me .... drives some of the other players to distraction. all good. but then he tells one table "i dont bet against Res" .... fuck me .... scary .... comments like that, its only a matter of time before someone reports "us" .... lol he is from the US-of-fucking-A after all.

so there i am, donking along about even but still tilty :) with my "dawg" chit chattering to all and sundry when i announce "right, fuck this, break time, then its off to play with the big boys" so i close all the tables, take my break, then come back and fire up ....
two micro tables, two 2c/5c and oh-oh three 10c/25c . well fuck me, while still waiting for the bb to get to me, who joins me at two of the big tables ? my stalking dawg of course .... wtf ?

and he proudly announces to all "i normally play with the girls at 1c/2c, i am only here to support Res .... " .... omfg, a stalking dawg .... ding ! "scary monsters, and supercreeps" Bowie, starts up in my head ....

real scary is the fact that my "stalking dawg" has never sat at a 10c/25c, well none that i have played at .... so he did ok, his chat-trick working overtime on the "locals", leaving one table with the $25 he sat down with but dropping $2 at the other.

and me ? actually a very good night overall, made $26 net, thanks in no small part to this ....

Omaha Hi/Lo No Limit ($0.10/$0.25) - 2009/07/25
9 handed, table is full, i have $12.65 ....
*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to ResdentEvil [9d Ac Kh Ad]
i checked my bb and 7 (yes 7) of us see a flop
*** FLOP *** [2d 5h 8c] .... lmfao, how ugly is that
guy in mid position makes it $0.75 to go and 7 (yes all 7) to see the turn
*** TURN *** [2d 5h 8c] [Td]
this time a guy in mid makes it $1 with 3 of us flatting to see the river
*** RIVER *** [2d 5h 8c Td] [Jd]

in my surprise, i checked, other guy makes it $1 and gets one caller, and i blast my remaining $10.65 .... getting one caller, ouch, who has the second nuts ....

ResdentEvil: shows [9d Ac Kh Ad] (HI: a flush, Ace high)
Nooz77 mucked [Kd 7h Ks 7d]
ResdentEvil collected $31.70 from pot .... Total pot $33.30 Rake $1.60

i was outta there 20mins later with a healthy stack of $30.95, not bad for a big fish.

oh and my stalking dawg missed it all ....

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


welcome back, gentle reader

thought i'd stop by for the old half monthly update.

go, jesus go
continues apace, if thats the correct description .... not sure .... but the grind continues, mostly micro, dipping my toes in the 10c/25c with one or two tables open. suspect i'm riding the variance wave, up on one down on another. generally going in the right direction.
so close to the next hundred dollar barrier, i can smell it .... probably just the bullshit though ....

this continues to be a fucking ballache. the house still not sold, family in englandshire, i'm working in york and mostly commuting. its 100 miles each way ffs which is 2-3hrs each fucking way .... only consolation is company car. when they find out almost all the milage is "commuting" i think they'll knock it on the head. so come next month maybe September, i may be be forced to "stay " in york .... its not fucking cheap and i really cannot afford it. probably whack the plastic 'till the house sells. at least i dont do weekend working ....
so, question is, is my 40k a year job worth it .... fucking recession, looks like i will have to continue to take it in the rear ....
house sells, recession over, work from home please or another job please ....

so fucking close I can smell it .... probably just the bullshit though ....

Sunday, 5 July 2009

"I've got a friend in jesus...."

thouroughly pi$$ed off playing mtt's with a billion runners, thought it was high time i headed back to my spiritual poker home, the mighty , my original feeding ground. well, ok, it was here that i tried to learn to swim.

anyways, as far as i'm concerned its, probably, the best site in the world to play online poker .

now i "know" its not the largest site but thats the point. on the big sites you prolly have, what, at least a 100 fish for one solid player ? it seems to me that with such a high ratio you have to get real "lucky" for your big hands to hold, i mean, when mr J6-off thinks its a good idea to get all his chips in against your bullets, hitting the obligatory two pair on the river to send you crashing out of yet another tourney, straight to tilt land !!

as you know, i'm an omaholic, but we'll get back to that :) so on firing up pacific i was pleasantly surprised to see i still had some moola in my account and decided to see if my
texas holdem poker game had improved since my last swim :)
after only an hour, i think its safe to say, it has. dont get me wrong, i only dipped my toe in the shallow end, the 2c/4c to be precise, but walking away with 30bb profit suited me just fine. the other thing i noticed was the actual play.
not too many suicidal all-in's pre-flop and when the betting hotted up on later streets, at least the villains had caught something on the flop, makes it so much easier to play, imho.

i know most of you lot are hoddem donkeys, so for you guys, there is quite a lot of choice :)
for the wee fishes theres 2c/4c right through to nosebleed $10/$20 gulp.

for me ? there were pl08b games running, right up to $15/$30 .... eek !!

enjoy your swim ....