Friday, 30 October 2009

he holds him with his glittering eye - pt 8

welcome back, gentle reader.

after what seems like a lifetime ! and after moving up to the 10c/25c and meeting the variance bitch head on .... i think i moved up completely when the 'roll hit $740 getting as high as $770 and then b00m headshot, dropped a small fortune to hit a low of $698 .... to be fair, i did run into 3 monster hands, flopped two boats only to run into two flopped battleships ! met the third battleship on the river, fml !!
that kinda shit is hard to take when you've just moved up, doubly hard for me, since 90% of my previous play had been at 1c/2c with a $3 buy-in lol, so dropping $15 in a single hand, ugh !
last nights session felt fairly comfortable, hopefully i've now settled in :)

'stars roll .... $817.... :)

playing across 6 tables in total last night, going down at only two for a measly $6 but more than making up for it across the other 4, whew !
wow ! i only won 4 ! hands where my net gain was $5 or more .... can you believe that ? and over 400 odd hands. yeesh, have i turned into a grinder or have i always been ? blimey, thats a bit of an eye opener that one ! as ever, its only major (one way or another) hands that stick in your memory.
then again, my biggest loss in a single hand was $3 .... with only 6 hands losing more than $1 ....

now i could bore you with the gory details .... but they bore me too, so i wont bother lol.

good luck, fellow fish. and remember, my quad goddessess of poker like sacrificial virgins.

Monday, 26 October 2009

weird fixations

welcome back, gentle reader.

am i a better player .... err no
will they fear me more .... err no

but hey, i do get the following, lmfao

Congratulations! You have achieved SilverStar VIP status.

Your VIP level lasts for the rest of this month and all of next month.This entitles you to the following rewards:-

50% FPP Multiplier - you now earn 1.5 FPP credits instead of 1 FPP credit

- SilverStar VIP Store access - choose from new and exclusive merchandise in the SilverStar store

- USD 500 Daily VIP tourneys - 3 x a day - 10 FPP entry

- USD 30,000 Weekly VIP tourneys - Saturdays at 14:30 ET - 100 FPP buy-in

- USD 100,000 Monthly VIP tourney - last Saturday of each month - 130 FPP satellites available

These exclusive VIP tournaments can be found in your PokerStars game lobby under the 'Tourney > VIP > All' tab.

oh just cant contain myself !!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

her name is Rio and she dances in the sand - pt 2

welcome back, gentle reader.

thanks for the comments guys, fuktheriva (what a fcuking ace username !) all linked up.
zagga too funny, you play way to much poker .... bet you have a "durr" suntan as well *)

no rant about the mrs today .... and btw, would have been back here yesterday but for my router going a bit tits-up, me selecting "filter cookies" when re-setting the fcuking thing .... said cookies thingy don't let me access blogger, wtf ? wordpress, wtf ? and orange, wtf ?
ah the things you learn when pissing in the dark !
no rant btw, due to split crotch knickers and hold-ups .... and no, i aint fcuking tellin ya what SHE was wearing .... *)

i will rant about Sunday drivers .... a 10 mile trip and not one, but fcuking two changes of underwear required, fml.
nipping along the a17 and some donk decides to pull out the Heckington slip road .... before i pass him .... dumb motherfcuker .... two things going for me - its dry and my honda has anti-skid this anti-lock that .... otherwise my brand-new-rollerskates would be looking decidedly second-hand .... this was a serious foot on the brake pedal as hard as i could push the fcuker ! still managed to lock the nearside front for a second though, and that should tell you how hard i was braking .... otherwise i'd be sitting right behind the fcuking donk whispering in his ear "let me guess, you didn't see me ?" .... reckon i was maybe 2' from disaster
second one was the usual ignorant fcuking twat, indicates once, pulls into outside lane of dual carriageway to overtake a truck .... rinse & repeat of incident one .... reckon i was maybe 6' from disaster ( thats the usual with these fcukers )

nh gg fu (both)

on the poker front ....

2 nights ago was obv my turn :) pulled in a whopping $50 or so at my new level, and a fair few fpp's, un-fcuking-hinged i tell ya !
hand of the night has to be .... (not my play btw but his, lol )

utg raises to 4bb, i flat call as does guy behind me and the bb. its nl08b btw
flop comes down ... T T T ....
the bb checks and the initial raisee insta-fcuking jams his remaining 45bb ....
honestly, i sat thinking wtf ? and how did he manage to jam so quick ? lightning quick !!
i think for a few seconds and flat call .... hoping the two behind will come along for the ride, no such luck ....
of course i had the fcuking ten .... :)
and mr-insta-lightning-jammer .... he has, no really, he does .... KK .... wtf ?
it took him a full 20 secs to type in the chat box "wow" and another ten to re-load.

last night was break-even :) earning a shed load of fpp's .... told you, i am fcuking unhinged, i want a silver-fcuking-star !!
need a paltry 125 fpp's by the end of the month .... to achieve my life-long-ambition .... fml indeed.

Friday, 23 October 2009

her name is RIO and she dances in the sand - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

i am on motherfucking life tilt. not fucking good for poker, let me tell you. this fucking kind of life-fucking-tilt .... for example, took me 3hrs to drive home this afternoon, did she say "hi" ask about my day, the journey home "glad you're back" .... did she fuck ! walked thru the door and she has a face like a skelped arse .... situation normal then, my my i am sooo looking forward to the weekend, not.

and just to top it off, i fire up the laptop, 10mins ago, and my nearly fucking new wireless router has decided not to be wireless .... aaaarrgghhhhhhhhh .... you fucking piece of shit technology .... at this time of night, i just want to play, i do not want to start fucking about with ssid's and wep2 keys as long as your fucking arm .... F.M.L.

sigh, while i am here .... i think 10c/25c is my new pl08b level .... a very fucking harsh intro to, i might add .... 5 fucking buy-ins down to start, dropped me below 700 sigh, but pulled it out the fucking fire last night, just, about twelve fucking dollars worth ffs .... and the fpp's pile up .... need 320 or so for silver lmfao .... honestly, i feel a bit unhinged, i am fixated on getting that fucking silver star ... wtf ? seriously, wtf ?

i mean, whats the fucking point, if i can only pull in a few bucks .... hopefully i have now settled down and stopped jizzing off dollars !
i really am the new fucking fish on the block .... apart from last night .... lets see how it goes tonight .... I will be back, tomorrow, honest