Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Return of the Exile

"pray tell, messenger. you have news ?"

"ney, sire"

"none ? the exile has not returned ?"

"ney, sire ... but ... "

"but what messenger ! do not refrain from your King ! "

"... it is the Exile, sire ... "

"tell me now ! afore i have ye drawn and quartered ! do not shy from me, good or ill tidings otherwise ! "

"she has been spotted, sire ... at the games of recent ... in yonder southern kingdom ... "

"and whose company doth she attend ? was she well ? "

"aye sire, she appeared well and attended by noble sir Cell, sire "

"that is good. she fayres well ... and in noble company. we hope she will bless us with her company ... soon ... one wonders if she will be in attendance at the Court of Nottingham ..."

" ... the other matter, sire ... there is news also ... "

"i had almost forgotten him, what news messenger ? "

"he is here, sire "

"he is here ? now ? and you keep him waiting ? do not dally, present him immediately ! "

... the heralds trumpet vigourously ...

"i have returned sire. for a short time only ... with a bawdy tale or two ... "

"i welcome thee with open arms ! you are always welcome in my court ... you know i await news of thee with the same anxiety as a father awaits news of a lost son ...

welcome back sir daGambler ! "

"it is good to know i am most welcome in your court sire, although some may not be so ... "

"good sir, whom have you crossed swords with ? or do i detect the hands of a fayre maiden ... "

"i see you are as intuit as ever, sire ! it seems i have upset the fayre maiden of the northern eastern kingdom, though unwitting on my part, she has taken the jest to her bosom sire ... "

"sometimes you are misunderstood sir daGambler although your footfall around the table can be somewhat ... heavy."

"it was a merry time for all sire ... with much ale and hilarity ... "

"and the fayre maiden speaks ill of you and your brethern ? "

"twould appear we were ... exuberant, sire ... "

"problems with maidens ... a simple apology, sir, is all that advice i can think or construe ... "

"i pray you are correct sire ! all this talk makes a man thirsty ...... "

"my manners desert me ! let us consume ales and you may recant some of your more bawdy tales to me ....... and let us agree to make your visits more prompt !

we do not wish to appear at the Court of Nottingham as strangers ! "

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Final Fantasy XXXii

welcome back, gentle reader.

well, it does not get any better than this ...

that gawd-damned-fawking-fish, daGambler, he raised and i re-raised all in, he called ...

my AA v KK .......

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Colt Peacemaker .45 - pt2a

welcome back, gentle reader.

been persevering with another 45 game mini challenge. this time on fullTilt, very apt name, in the 2 table versions this time. they are not called turbo's but with blinds rising at the same rate (5mins) as stars turbo games, makes 'em turbo to me !

i should have known right from the first game how this was gonna run ... not pretty.

so a long story short. i am down $45 ouch ! surprised its not more as i only cashed 5 times and bubbled only twice.
i wont bore you with too much detail, after all, someone wrote that small time players blogs are boring :( and to some degree its true ... be honest, who gives a flying fuck if i lose a whopping great figure like the above ?
and is anyone gonna take note of how i played such and such a hand considering the $ value is minuscule ?
which is fair enough, i have stated elsewhere that hand analysis, though interesting, is of limited value. and woe betide you if you make a brunson/hansen play ... us low level nanostakers will neither recognise nor appreciate said play ... you will only look like a donk should it fail :)
i know, i make these plays all the time ... snigger snigger

here are a few of the "monsters" i ran into :)

this is a hand from the very first game, jesus, a sign indeed

Seat 1: dD (1,530)
Seat 5: ba$tard (1,500)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to dD [Ah 3h]

ba$tard calls 30
skeezerweez calls 30
broker1026 calls 30
dD calls 30
DoubleDewars calls 15
Yvok checks

*** FLOP *** [3d 3c 5d]

DoubleDewars checks
Yvok checks
ba$tard bets 180
skeezerweez calls 180
broker1026 folds
dD raises to 1,500, and is all in
DoubleDewars folds
Yvok folds
ba$tard calls 1,290, and is all in
skeezerweez has 15 seconds left to actskeezerweez folds

dD shows [Ah 3h]
ba$tard shows [9d Td]

Uncalled bet of 30 returned to dD

*** TURN *** [3d 3c 5d] [7s]
*** RIVER *** [3d 3c 5d 7s] [6d]

dD shows three of a kind, Threes
ba$tard shows a flush, Ten high
ba$tard wins the pot (3,300) with a flush, Ten high

so moving swiftly on ...

my TT v KK ... fcuk ! and he rivered a K to rub it in :( oops
my Q7 v T5o ... wtf ? he thinks, correctly, i am stealing and calls with that shit ? two 5's & b00m head$hot indeed :(
my 88 v 9T ... an 8 on the flop, in goes the money, he flopped a straight ... ouch ! oops ! fk fk fk !
my AK v ATs ... he rivers the flush of course
my 33 v 9Jo ... lmfao turn is a 9 and river is a J ho-hum
my AJs v A8o .... river is an 8 ... cursed a little at that, bah !
my AKs v 55 ... the might that is presto was good enough, damn
my 9Ts v AJs .... 9 & T on the flop, in goes the money, he rivers the flush ... fk fk fk
my 55 v AA ... oops :( come on presto ! ... the A appeared on the turn, bugger
my 9T v Q9 ... a 9 on the flop but his kicker booted my a$$
my AQ v TT ... flop the nut flush, cmon call call call me ! he rivers the full house ... aaarrghhhh
my A4 v 93 ... the river flushes my hand down the fcuking swanee ... he has a 9 high flush mines is of course 4 fcuking high ... sigh :(
my A2 v AK ... xAA on the flop ... could you fold ?? neither could I .......
my K9 v 67 ... with a x9T flop, in went the money, he rivers his gutshot straight
my 77 v J6 ... eh ? no way ! his J appeared on the turn

human nature is a strange beast and seems to prefer tales from the dark side, hope you "enjoyed" them as much as i did.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

mommy's home

welcome back, gentle reader

and where have you been ?

well nowhere, actually. been a super lazy sod while the family were down south. my excuse for not being away the whole time was the arrival of the new kitchen. :)

so last week was lost in a haze of booze and low limit poker. i wont bore you with the results in this post ( why bore you twice in the same post, when i can spread it about ). rather surprisingly i stuck to some sort of br management and did not blow my whole fcuking role ... easy to do for us low limiters considering the level of play and the sheer amount of beats you suffer at this level.

drop by cell1919 blog and read his post " a game of chance " and you'll get the idea.

not only lazy, btw, selfish as well. hardly read a blog last week, far less make the effort to post on my own. lack of posts are understandable when the weans are at home, but when you're home alone ??

jesus, could hardly believe i missed the rTr season 1 finale ... would have been nice to play, but as usual, did not get away early enough and when you lot were sitting down to play i was on the road, somewhere north of doncaster ... bugger.

jesus, could hardly believe my "luck" second week running ... missed the gawd damn britBlogger and the gawd damn dTd game ... oh yes, that weekend was so lucky, NOT

anyone have a decent report on the dTd game ? and how did the britBlogger go ?

hopeful that this Sunday will be a little more relaxed and i can join you again, in both games ...

so, on holiday for a week. to much beer, to much poker, to many late nights, way to many sleeping lates ... its a real bugger to go back to work ! lmfao what a pain ! got to go to bed at a decent hour and got to get up "early" ... what a shock to the system !

here is another shock ...

aint played a single game of poker,

had a single beer

or a late night ...

since Friday !!

prolly a good thing, a nice break from the insanity of nanostakes poker ...

whats left of my liver thinks its good as well.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

i fcukking hate nlhe - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

been on the ar$e end of some brutal plays, so i went back to the things i love, even if it takes time .......

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Final Fantasy XXX - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

the prelude to the main event starts in 20mins, are we all ready ?

beer - check ... smokes - check ... pizza - check
(yeah right, like i am gonna find time to cook :)

here is the plan

19.30 crack open the first beer :)
20.00 second string event starts ... only 1242 entrants ... so far
21.00 the MAIN event ...

i see we have a few guest stars ... Gcox and TipJax ... welcome aboard guys !

if i go deep in either event, shame on you ! i am, after all, planning on having a "few" beers :)

good luck guys and girls !!

and if i am still playing anywhere near midnight, it will be debatable if i can see any cards, let alone mine .......


busted oot the wbcoop in 732, called the table bully big staks push with TJ ... he had AA ... fcuk !!

oot the britblogger in 8th ... eejit called my all-in with KT, i had QQ ffs ... K on the flop ... grrrrrrr :(

***edit gawd damn over***

S.A.L.I.G.I.A. - pt 2

welcome back, gentle reader.

Sunday afternoon ... oh the britblogger is tonight .... stars, 21.00, pass-donkament :)

oh the wbcoop is tonight ... 20.00 on stars too .... will any of us last an hour ? and have to play the blogger at the same time ...... :)

as usual, loads to talk about and no time !

so this will have to do for now. some interesting plays i would have shared with you, but cannot get the damn HH sorted on Virgin. asked for help on rTr so will check that later. €3 re-buy, total outlay €15 for €170 and change return, not bad :)

no idea why, but i really like this tourney .......

S.A.L.I.G.I.A. - pt 1

welcome back gentle, reader

sub-title ....... "You're So Vain - Carley Simon"

you are sooooo lucky, this donk did NOT play .......

Monday, 8 October 2007

The Deerhunter - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

as you know, we had a live game on Saturday evening. now, i took extensive notes ! and gave 'em to acorn for "safe keeping" ... so that i could give you lot an in depth trip report ... he said nacho ate them ... ho-hum :))

may i just say straight away, what a great night ! outstanding, guys, outstanding !

i thouroughly enjoyed myself and i did not get freeway spanking drunk. did not mortally offend anyone. and was not asked to leave :) in my (much) younger hellraising days, all the above would have been a distinct probability !!

and to quote acorn " much nonsense was spraffed,much donkery abounded at the tables " the donkery being mostly me :))

so from memory, but please don't quote me ...

first. big "thank you" shout to The Cousin ... dedicated driver :)
second. big "thank you" shout to the S-Man ... host for the home game :)

i hopped into the car saturday night about half seven. checked my inventory for the umpteenth time.

cigarettes - check
money - check
beer - check

all present and correct. stuck the car in gear, hit the accelerator and ... slammed the anchors on !
where the fcuk does acorn live ? no idea ! fcuk !
a quick text, thankfully acorn's mobile was on, a quick reply, lets go !

damn it, inventory check ... all present and correct ....

i shoot over to acorns, a little nervous, i might add. all these guys know each other well, and me ? met acorn once !!

i get there, expecting to be the first guest, since i have been forewarned about The Cousins timekeeping ... The Cousin and The Big Chap are firmly ensconced in the shiny new living room :) (nice pad, btw mate)

i wander in and acorn makes the intro's ... and puts phase1 of his dastardly plan into action ... lmfao ! he introduces me as "dudley" ha ha ha ! a quick correction on his part and proper names all round !!

so the only missing guest is the Taxi Man ... poor bloke did not make it, thru no fault of his own, and missed a cracking night !! the Taxi Man was coming over from the far east but a Comedy of Errors over there put paid to his visit ! go visit Mair's blog for the full gut wrenching story :)

so while we are waiting, acorn puts Phase2 of his dastardly plan into action ... you want a beer dudley ? he enquires, innocently ... i did not decline ... and two minutes later i am supping on a bottle of Stella ! fcuk me ! i really love that beer ... but it tends to blow my fcuking head off ... lol nice "play" acorn :)

so we await the arrival of our star guest, giving him plenty of leeway on account of the distance he was travelling. anyway a second Stella was consumed, time was marching on so off we go about 9pm.

we head off for the little village of Stewarton in deepest darkest East Ayrshire ... we find the village no probs ... could we find the S-Man's hoose ?? acorn gets on the mobile so we can be directed ... after lots of "stop. u turn. naw left, naw right. u turn ... " we finally get there !!

the guys all greet each other warmly and then i get introduced to the legends ... S-Man is "sookraboaby" and the one and only Miami Trout :)

just like to say, thanks for making we welcome guys, a real pleasure.

so we break the beers open and those that was having them, broke the schmokes out as well :)

to the poker .... table set up, draw for seats, £5 buy-ins paid, chips counted out ... the seating arrangements were ....

no1 seat - me
no2 seat - ra Trout
no3 seat - S-Man
no4 seat - The Big Chap
no5 seat - Acorn
no6 seat - The Cousin

so off we go ! not far in, i find Ax sooted in spades :) and the flop appears ... all spades ! woot !

The Big Chap bets out and i push all-in ... he calls ...
and shows K9 for top pair shit kicker ... the side card is of course a spade ...

i flip over my cards showing the nut flush ... NOT

every one stares at my cards, trying to fathom my push all-in .......

turns out i have the fawking Ace of Clubs ... doh ! doh !

and to really rub my stupidity in, The Big Chap's spade is bigger than mines ... boom ! out in last place :(

Acorn followed me in fine style two hands later. his Aces getting cracked by the straight chasing Trout.
live poker is sooooo rigged :))

not sure where anyone else finished except The Big Chap took it down when his 33 was good enough to beat the S-Man ... a sign of things to come !
acorn then got his wish, time for a wee cash game. he he he.

not much happened for me in the cash game. and i may or may not have re-bought :) the beer, the patter, the food all more or less took precedence over the poker play !
some "hilights" i do remember ...

S-Man plonks a large dish of cheese covered nachos, straight out the oven, onto the table and without a seconds hesitation, acorn dives in, grabs a couple of nachos loaded with hot hot melted cheese ... to the uninitiated, hot melted cheese has the same properties as napalm, except its hotter ! and acorn promptly drops said hot cheese right on his leg ... dangerously close to his crown jewels, judging by his reaction ...

he said " i took it like a man ... "
we say he took it like a man ... and SQUEALED like a pig !!

lmfao ! not sure what was funniest, acorn leaping about in his seat shouting "ow my fucking leg" or the S-Mans valiant attempt to turn down acorns volume ... he he he ...

acorn, again ! his all-in call when ra Trout re-raised his bet ... ra Trout had AK for two pairs and acorn had the nut straight :)

S-Man busting oot the cash game with the " gonna lie here and watch tv ... " lmfao ! the boy can snore !

ra Trout sinking 2 bottles of red wine, numerous schmokes and the icing on the cake ... he drank a half bottle of 18 year old Single Malt Whiskey all by himself !! out fcuking standing !

he did offer the whiskey around, but hey, i know my limits ... damn it, i so so wanted to taste that fine beverage, but i was on my umpteenth can of lager and the whiskey woulda wasted me ...

my all-in with AJ sooted being called by a very wasted Trout ... i think he could just about see his cards at this point !
then again maybe not, he called me with 74 off !! ... a 4 on the flop sealed my fate ... bah !
and that was all she wrote :)

The Big Chap basically cleaned us out ! who says lager shandy aint good for ya ?

so time was called ... fcuk me, what did you say the time was ?? omfg 5am ... oops ! ( after 6 when i got home )

anyway, we all "help" the now wakened S-Man tidy up and pile ? stagger more like ! oot to the car. we gotta drop ra Trout off, so a small detour is required. i cant complain about the Cousin's driving, except to say we did make him stop, pronto style, because the windscreen was fogged over and you quite literally could see hee haw out of it ... and i thought it was just me !!

we get to ra Trouts place, wake him up from his little siesta and send him on his very merry way !
the last we saw he was standin at the front door tryin to get his key in the lock :)
lol we have all been there before ... and i would be there soon !!

so we set off for home and i attempt to get dropped off at the bottom of my street. its dark ... cough cough ... and i get dropped off slightly past where i'd intended ... a short "walk" later and i am home ... and the time is ?? well, at least it was still dark :)

i get in, double check the door is locked behind me, head for bed ...

didn't even get in the fcuking room when i hear the immortal words .......

" you're on the couch " ... about turn and off to the couch, he he he. i did at least manage to take my shoes off ...

wonder if i'll get in the bed tonight ? ....... ho-hum

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Colt Peacemaker .45 - pt 1c

welcome back, gentle reader.

part 1 is complete :)

so 45 of the buggers and this is the result :

entry fees - $56.25

winnings - $ 73.35

net profit - $17.10

by my math, thats a 30% mark-up. woot!

lmfao ! i know the figures are very small, but the fact i stuck it out, completed what i started, made a decent [ % wise ] profit, is a big YES in my book :)

btw, my FT balance should be $124 ... started with $107 plus the $17 profit, right ?
nah ! the tilt monster appeared and i played a few ... cough cough ... games outwith the bankroll ... so only $90 in the FT coffers ... ho hum :(

watch this space for the next .45 challenge

Pistols at Dawn - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

some people like to make my life ....... interesting.

i have been asked/dared/challenged ??? to get my favourite hot tottie to play in a britbloggerment ...

this could be a long long long post, part wise, that is.

why ?

well, i will give it a go. although i think this challenge may be over before it begins. the simple reason being - she would have played it before now !! of her own accord if she were interested :)

looks like i have accepted the blogger equivalent of an invite to the oprah show .......

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Serf Control

welcome back, gentle reader.

jill is so much more eloquent than I am, but I do agree with her.

Blood sport television - or why I can no longer watch the X Factor

Picture the scene: it is your job to select participants for a light entertainment talent show.

You have a roomful of people to choose from.

There are people who can sing delightfully; there are beautiful people; and there are lots of average people with average voices.

And among the crowd is a young girl whom nature has not smiled kindly upon.

She is obese, she cannot sing and she is totally deluded. She is surrounded by her hugely overweight family who all share her belief that she has a wonderful voice.

They are not very clever, but they are desperate for her to appear on television. What do you do?
Do you let them down gently, and explain that it would be kinder for all concerned if the young girl was not encouraged to humiliate herself in front of millions?

Or do you clap your hands in delight, certain in the knowledge that your boss, the multimillionaire despot, is waiting with his courtiers in a room nearby - and this young girl is the kind of contestant that pleases him most?

This one will wow him.

How the crowds will snigger and jeer!

Send in the fat kid and let the blood sport begin.

Did you laugh at 17-year-old Emma Chawner and her family on ITV's X Factor auditions the other night?

Or was there an uneasy feeling that somehow things had gone too far?

And what about when 14-year-old Luke Bayer from Yorkshire cried - and was still crying at boot camp on Saturday.

You enjoy the close-up as he screwed his fingers into his sobbing eyes, or did you feel a little bit mean?

I know what I thought: that with this latest series of The X Factor, Simon Cowell and his team have taken the provision of low grade entertainment to new depths of manipulation and callousness.

One reason has been the change in format.

Even a successful formula needs a fillip now and again so, for this new series, Cowell has decided to lower the show's age limit from 16 to 14, thus bringing lots of teenage sensitivities and hormones into the brew.

When I watched Emma and Luke, I felt as if I'd been dropped into the Colosseum in ancient Rome.

It was like watching a hapless Christian or two being eaten by lions or a defeated gladiator waiting for the thumbs up or thumbs down from a depraved Nero or a mad Caligula.

In fact, for a sense of guilt by association, only a bullfight I glimpsed in a Spanish village this summer comes near the experience of watching Cowell and Co lance their victims to a gory TV death.

The truth of the matter is that The X Factor is no longer a talent show; it's a humiliation show. That is how it's fixed. The contestants, like the bulls, are there to be taunted.

I had hoped that after the initial audition rounds, in which the most unsuitable contenders, like Emma, were obliterated for our amusement, things might get better at "boot camp".

I was wrong.

All that had happened was that the physical humiliations had been replaced with emotional torment. For those who were left, it was time to ratchet up the pressure.

Sob stories that researchers had screwed out of candidates were aired for everyone to enjoy - dead grandfathers, fathers and husbands whose last wish was for the young hopeful to appear on The X Factor; songs sung at family funerals; a survivor from a violent relationship; even gun gang victims.

This was emotional exploitation at its most cynical. And it worked. It didn't take long before the victims began to crack in front of the cameras.

Young Luke was reliably at it again, crying when he was criticised, crying when he got through to the next round.

Indeed the whole of boot camp was awash with tears as dreams, carefully inflated in the early rounds, were popped just when the candidates were nicely poised on the emotional knife-edge.

Of course, the pretence of a search for talent has been kept up with a few good performers, but the emphasis has all been on the vulnerable, the unfortunate and the socially challenged.

And in this regard, The X Factor is far from being the only guilty party.

There's now hour after hour of humiliation TV on every week.

Jeremy Kyle, Trisha, Oprah - they all boil down to educated and sophisticated people encouraging those who are neither of those things to come on TV and make a fool of themselves.

In short they are treated like the freaks that the idle and well-off of the 18th and 19th centuries liked to watch during their tours of Bedlam mental hospital.

These are naive people, manipulated and damaged by others.

Reality TV may not have an exact script, but it is a set-up.

Big Brother and all its spawn depend on a careful blend of people cynically set at each other's throats.

I watched one show recently where clearly the production team meeting had gone something like this: "Let's put this homophobic young girl on an island with this lesbian plumber, and put this chippy northern lass who has two or three jobs in with this spoilt, rich, home counties guy."

It's as predictable as putting a few ferrets in a sack. And about as edifying.

Such programmes show scant regard for the mental well-being of their participants.

Ten Years Younger, the Channel 4 extreme makeover show, recently featured a woman who'd had a gastric bypass which had left her with a size ten body in a size 24 skin. The camera loved her.
Her loose flesh was wobbled, bunched up and swirled round for the cameras. Of course, the programme paid for her whole body lift - a serious piece of plastic surgery which cuts around the whole trunk.
Roll up, roll up and gawp at the baggy lady. Look - they're stitching her nipples in a new place! It was the most serious piece of surgery the programme had ever featured.

And as such, it neatly illustrates how reality TV evolves.

Appetites grow jaded and what once shocked or titillated is soon considered tame. It is the same with the latest series of The X Factor.

The producers will have asked themselves: "What can we do to keep the pot boiling?

"I know, this series let's put children up for ridicule. There are loads of really fat kids out there - and the cry babies, and the ones with braces!

"And we'll throw in the odd kid like Stephanie, that 14-year-old from Lancashire who can really sing, just to stuff the critics."

In short, it's TV that panders to the worst in us.

But perhaps, just perhaps, the tide is starting to turn.

Last week a judge branded The Jeremy Kyle Show a "human form of bear baiting" while deciding not to jail a man who headbutted his love rival during filming of the ITV programme.

Spot on.

But he could have extended that verdict far wider. The X Factor and the rest demean the viewers as well as the participants because we, too, are the pawns of Cowell and his fellow manipulators.

We should refuse to watch sad children made sadder by scheming programme makers.

We should say we are decent people and this is exploitation, not entertainment.

We should do it before some young contestant cannot handle the humiliation or rejection and takes their own life. (The suicide of 15-year-old Rosemary Edwards after a minor family row reminds us how emotionally vulnerable teenagers can be).

It's time to put the ex into The X Factor and its like.

If we don't, it will pull us down until there is nothing to choose between us and the crowd leaving the bullfight or the blood-sated plebs leaving the Colosseum.

Monday, 1 October 2007

if you can't beat 'em

welcome back, gentle reader.

cruising about the blogs today and for some reason thought i'd have a look at some of the links that others have, just to see what you guys are reading :)
i know, i am a nosy git.
first stop was acorns first link. this blogger was on about making posts in general and how, after being denied access to blogger, he now usually posted via email, guess where this post comes from.......

played the rTr league on friday night, all i can say is i outlasted the league leader and as "luck" would have it, the chap who won was one of the few people who could overtake ricky and I atop the table ... bah !
well done acorn ! ( i do wish you'd stop letting nacho play ... )
speaking of nacho, i publicly apologise to you, kind dog. the story goes like this ....
wanting to nip out to grab a "real" coffee on saturday morning, i tried in vain to slip out the house but was spotted by the boys. normally i do take them with me, but lunch was fast approaching and if i take them along for the ride, then a quick trip to the coffee shop turns into a 40min round trip.
so i came up with the immortal line "off to see a man about a dog" .......
and was then bombarded by dog questions ... to stem the tide and make good my escape, i "invented" nacho-the-big-bad-dog-who-eats-little-boys-for-lunch...worked a treat, since neither of them are overly kean on big dogs, ho hum:)
sooooo its all you fault zagga !
for posting a picture of the fine looking nacho ......

post coffee note : when i returned clutching two coffee's for myself and H, iwas given a superb hugs-n-kisses welcome from the boys ... for not being eaten :)

... oh yeah, poker. so i played rubbish on friday and after such a good build up in the rTr newsletter ... fcuking jinxed now.
my challenge to complete 45 sit-n-go on FT continues, slowly, update soon.

and my tourney jinx, when playing u lot, came into full effect in the bloggerment. to say i played like a donkey is a slight understatement. no fcuking idea at all about some of my plays. and to be caught in the manner i was, with a hidden set ... ffs hee haw right enough.
made me look a complete fcuking donk and made his play look excellent.
come to think of it, last week rosie put me all in with her set, can u dodge 13-outs once dear girl ? damn right she could, well she did have 666 ....... :(
and poor stephen, he could not dodge my 15-outs twice, with his on the flop winning 77 :)
one good ?? call and ste is crippled, one really really bad play (by me, that is) and out i go.

in the end, justice was served on stephen's behalf.