Saturday, 27 October 2007

Colt Peacemaker .45 - pt2a

welcome back, gentle reader.

been persevering with another 45 game mini challenge. this time on fullTilt, very apt name, in the 2 table versions this time. they are not called turbo's but with blinds rising at the same rate (5mins) as stars turbo games, makes 'em turbo to me !

i should have known right from the first game how this was gonna run ... not pretty.

so a long story short. i am down $45 ouch ! surprised its not more as i only cashed 5 times and bubbled only twice.
i wont bore you with too much detail, after all, someone wrote that small time players blogs are boring :( and to some degree its true ... be honest, who gives a flying fuck if i lose a whopping great figure like the above ?
and is anyone gonna take note of how i played such and such a hand considering the $ value is minuscule ?
which is fair enough, i have stated elsewhere that hand analysis, though interesting, is of limited value. and woe betide you if you make a brunson/hansen play ... us low level nanostakers will neither recognise nor appreciate said play ... you will only look like a donk should it fail :)
i know, i make these plays all the time ... snigger snigger

here are a few of the "monsters" i ran into :)

this is a hand from the very first game, jesus, a sign indeed

Seat 1: dD (1,530)
Seat 5: ba$tard (1,500)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to dD [Ah 3h]

ba$tard calls 30
skeezerweez calls 30
broker1026 calls 30
dD calls 30
DoubleDewars calls 15
Yvok checks

*** FLOP *** [3d 3c 5d]

DoubleDewars checks
Yvok checks
ba$tard bets 180
skeezerweez calls 180
broker1026 folds
dD raises to 1,500, and is all in
DoubleDewars folds
Yvok folds
ba$tard calls 1,290, and is all in
skeezerweez has 15 seconds left to actskeezerweez folds

dD shows [Ah 3h]
ba$tard shows [9d Td]

Uncalled bet of 30 returned to dD

*** TURN *** [3d 3c 5d] [7s]
*** RIVER *** [3d 3c 5d 7s] [6d]

dD shows three of a kind, Threes
ba$tard shows a flush, Ten high
ba$tard wins the pot (3,300) with a flush, Ten high

so moving swiftly on ...

my TT v KK ... fcuk ! and he rivered a K to rub it in :( oops
my Q7 v T5o ... wtf ? he thinks, correctly, i am stealing and calls with that shit ? two 5's & b00m head$hot indeed :(
my 88 v 9T ... an 8 on the flop, in goes the money, he flopped a straight ... ouch ! oops ! fk fk fk !
my AK v ATs ... he rivers the flush of course
my 33 v 9Jo ... lmfao turn is a 9 and river is a J ho-hum
my AJs v A8o .... river is an 8 ... cursed a little at that, bah !
my AKs v 55 ... the might that is presto was good enough, damn
my 9Ts v AJs .... 9 & T on the flop, in goes the money, he rivers the flush ... fk fk fk
my 55 v AA ... oops :( come on presto ! ... the A appeared on the turn, bugger
my 9T v Q9 ... a 9 on the flop but his kicker booted my a$$
my AQ v TT ... flop the nut flush, cmon call call call me ! he rivers the full house ... aaarrghhhh
my A4 v 93 ... the river flushes my hand down the fcuking swanee ... he has a 9 high flush mines is of course 4 fcuking high ... sigh :(
my A2 v AK ... xAA on the flop ... could you fold ?? neither could I .......
my K9 v 67 ... with a x9T flop, in went the money, he rivers his gutshot straight
my 77 v J6 ... eh ? no way ! his J appeared on the turn

human nature is a strange beast and seems to prefer tales from the dark side, hope you "enjoyed" them as much as i did.


Littleacornman said...

Can you not save runs like that for our next live match up?! :-)

All hands duly noted on my small-time players spreadsheet btw...

Cell 1919 said...

Bollocks to the small time critics.

I suppose they all started at NL400.

'Tis your blog...feel free to rant :))