Friday, 29 June 2012

the end of an era ....

welcome back

I actually thought I'd be posting this last week but no, thanks to Daly, I found an outlet which was doing final day cheap beer .. since Euro 2012 was on, obv. And don't give me that shit about folding pre, just not happening, lol.
So that was last week. Obv I'm getting old :( as I had enough of the stuff left over from last week to do me this week. Hey, technically, I did not buy beer this week, lol.
So the beer is all done, boo. The next time you run into me at the felt (hopefully that'll read "get run over by") I'll be playing without a beer in hand. No idea if I'll even have the motivation to play, tbh, I'll just have to wait and see.

So, whatever your choice, gl.

pleasant dreams

Friday, 15 June 2012

The Men Who Sold The Jersey's

welcome back

still kicking about, lol. and still playing, lol.

Unfortunately I have to report that i am skint ! (note no poker terminology in that statement). Sadly I've let myself get overdrawn slightly more each month .. after month .. after month, meh.
The solution is of course to tighten the old belt. The biggest belt tightener for me is to stop buying beer :(

Sadly, there might be two downsides to this simple solution.

Working away from home and staying in small rooms, its all to easy to have a few beers and get on the intertubes to keep boredom at bay and try and retain what sanity I have left, lol. I could, of course, venture out into the real world at night, then again maybe not, that would cost way way more than a six-pack, ugh.
The second downside relates to online poker. Will I retain the urge to play ? without a beer in hand ?

Who knows, only time will tell.

On the poker front I've had a lot of fun (and beer) over the past 6 months. Somewhere along the line I started playing mtt's. All good fun but ultimately putting a rather large dent in the online roll. That's why I drifted back to cash .. mostly. Still indulging in the odd mtt or two and still playing too many forum games to make the cash games count.

Basically, I've arrived at one of life's little crossroads.

Left turn - play "proper" poker, keep the current day job
Right turn - quit my job, work closer to home, try playing poker
Straight ahead - quit poker and quit working away
U-turn - keep playing, beer in hand, keep the day job

I'm not ready for a couple of those options and one of them is so grossly selfish that its not even fucking funny.

Well, the bank is burst, there is no beer in the fridge .. Left Turn Ahead.

pleasant dreams