Tuesday, 28 June 2011

you'll be glad you asked ....

welcome back.

well, you might not be, but I'm glad you did :)

after last months wee foray into mtt land ($60 profit) which is such a small sample size as to be totally totally insignificant .... thought i'd play some more. I was slightly disappointed that the sixty was not closer to a hundred, until i realised i'd played a $33 mtt somewhere along the line. I do remember thinking "$3.30 entry, thats a bit unusual" .... ho hum

anyways, took the plunge the other Saturday night and reg'd for the weekly $215 (money I won btw). Didn't do much but with 3 tables left, I thought I could at least make the money .. top 9 paid .. with 16 left I thought, "i can do it.."
15 left .. I can do it
14 left .. I can do it
13 left .. I can do it
12 left .. doh !!
tbh I didn't feel overawed by any of the players I ran into, so if you can afford it at all, give it a go ! dont be me and piss about at the micro's !!

a few days later I thought I'd give it a go again, this time at totally affordable buy-in level, lol

so i entered a $5.50 re-buy and was promptly ejected in dead last place ! ( i refuse to re-buy and if you make the big money you are in for one hell of a return on your "investment" ) (i was not first out chronologically but the tourney lobby showed me as dead last ??)

next please !

later was the $4.40 .... and I shipped it, wheeee :)

with 446 runners, first was good for $342 .... at the time i was ecstatic, then I cashed it out and I was not so ecstatic .... I got £210 (dog damned fucking exchange rate!) gave it to the mrs for the kids :( lol
basically worked out at £40 an hour, so maybe I should not complain, tax free and all :)

final table was fun. i arrived as the big stack and ran over it lol. best part was the table chat .... one guy boasted about his 81% roi and flat out called me a fish :) one other bloke reckoned I was Lederer, playing from Guantanamo :)

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"isn't it ironic"

welcome back

typical, fucking typical

i ship one and every caaaant is in bed

doh !

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 2 June 2011


welcome back

it seems that the god fearing Christain spammer cannot spell .... :)

another month slides by .... and good riddance, poker wise. it really was an ughh month which can be summed up in one hand ....

myself and another big stack and a short stack get it all in on my turned full house .... the big stack has the same full house .. oh and the short stack has the only nut low .. sigh

on a more worrying front, i seem to have picked up a really bad habit on the bigger buy-in tables of getting involved in multi way pots with only a one way nut hand .... ouch. now for some reason i don't appear to be doing this at the micro's .... some weird psychology at work here, i mean, I've no idea where this redonkulus leak sprang from, just turned round one night and there it was .. basically killed May for me. so no bad beats per se just my bad, so to speak. pfffft.

btw the icing on the cake for winning the 11 week iron-man league was a $215 ticket .... was gonna play the scoop event .. rather glad i didn't .... lasted nearly 12 hrs with $16k for first and 500 runners .... I'd rather play the weekly $215 .... roughly 100 runners with $5k for first lasting 5hrs ....

finish up work tomorrow for a week. off back North to the homeland :) but sadly its not the best of circumstances :( my mum, bless her, is not too well .. its actually quite difficult remembering she is getting on a bit since i don't see her that often .. always a wee shock to see deterioration in a loved one. perked her up quite a bit when i managed to speak to her in the hospital so hopefully when she sees the kids it'll give her another wee boost !

pleasant dreams