Tuesday, 28 June 2011

you'll be glad you asked ....

welcome back.

well, you might not be, but I'm glad you did :)

after last months wee foray into mtt land ($60 profit) which is such a small sample size as to be totally totally insignificant .... thought i'd play some more. I was slightly disappointed that the sixty was not closer to a hundred, until i realised i'd played a $33 mtt somewhere along the line. I do remember thinking "$3.30 entry, thats a bit unusual" .... ho hum

anyways, took the plunge the other Saturday night and reg'd for the weekly $215 (money I won btw). Didn't do much but with 3 tables left, I thought I could at least make the money .. top 9 paid .. with 16 left I thought, "i can do it.."
15 left .. I can do it
14 left .. I can do it
13 left .. I can do it
12 left .. doh !!
tbh I didn't feel overawed by any of the players I ran into, so if you can afford it at all, give it a go ! dont be me and piss about at the micro's !!

a few days later I thought I'd give it a go again, this time at totally affordable buy-in level, lol

so i entered a $5.50 re-buy and was promptly ejected in dead last place ! ( i refuse to re-buy and if you make the big money you are in for one hell of a return on your "investment" ) (i was not first out chronologically but the tourney lobby showed me as dead last ??)

next please !

later was the $4.40 .... and I shipped it, wheeee :)

with 446 runners, first was good for $342 .... at the time i was ecstatic, then I cashed it out and I was not so ecstatic .... I got £210 (dog damned fucking exchange rate!) gave it to the mrs for the kids :( lol
basically worked out at £40 an hour, so maybe I should not complain, tax free and all :)

final table was fun. i arrived as the big stack and ran over it lol. best part was the table chat .... one guy boasted about his 81% roi and flat out called me a fish :) one other bloke reckoned I was Lederer, playing from Guantanamo :)

pleasant dreams


Amatay said...

There's hope for all poker players out there now, grats fishface x

Littleacornman said...

Hi,I just joined this community from East Kilbride.Your blog very nice and make me happy.

ps Where are you ya cunt?!