Friday, 29 June 2007

de Ave Phoenice - Lactantius ( phoenix part iii )

welcome back, gentle reader.

a summary as promised. now dont get too excited and dont expect these every day.

had a few cold ones last nite, so needed somewhere to donk about, at micro stakes as well :)
fired up a crypto site and found they do stt's for 10c 20c and 50c :)

played 6x 10c and 6x 20c and 6x50c and 6x $1 ( $10.80 + buy-in). finito - one first place for $15

but how can that be ?
seems one of the "stt's" i sat at was actually a 30-man mtt ... which I took down :)

lmao ! no, really really lmao :))

a step in the right direction.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Final Fantasy XV

de Ave Phoenice - Lactantius ( phoenix part ii )

welcome back, gentle reader.

just a quick report, a summary report, if you will, of the general state of play over the preceeding few days. I will do this type of report, hopefully, once a week. Probably more for me than for you but if you are interested, then the posts with this title will give you the birds eye view !! without any boring in depth analysis, bad beats, superb plays et all.

I will post hands beats donkey plays shark plays et all, but in other posts.

tuesday - 1 stt at betfair for $5, solid play, no walk of shame, no itm, ran my AJ into AQ, finito 6th

wednesday - 3 off stt at bodog for $3, solid play, no walk of shame, but itm. finito - two 2nd's and one 1st (2x$9 + 1x$15)

a step in the right direction.

de Ave Phoenice - Lactantius ( phoenix part 1 )

welcome back.

as I said, I wrote the preceeding post a number of days ago.
Now there is no need to worry about me. I have not joined the AA nor indeed have I converted to a born again christian :) I will still enjoy the odd tipple or three, just not where poker is concerned, thats all.
I was prompted to write the post after a quick 'roll check. Imagine my horror at being in the red ! and having to admit to you lot I was a losing player ... ouch !! How can you gain the respect of your peers, if, in varying degrees, you are, literally, pissing your winnings up against the garden wall.
When all is said and done, I find it rather embarrassing. Especially since I "know" I am better than the average donkey and I could, should, be making money rather than flushing it doon ra pan.

Interesting to see how high I can fly.

Robinson Crusoe .... or .... First Blood

welcome back, gentle reader, welcome back.

(( note : I wrote this post before all the shit hit the fan ))

what the fuck am I going to do, I mean, really, what the fuck am I going to do ?

well, there's oor kenny, spilling the personal beans, and organising a charity bash ...
da gambler, hopefully back on track, more or less starting from scratch ...
the nut man, losing a little here and there, but winning more and heading in the right direction ...
sourpuss, playing first time live and hitting the final table for a nice nice payout ...
the injun, rocking and rolling (and revelling) in his stt (and mtt?) challenges ...
and the badass female dog going great, so long as she avoids her tilt monster ...
and Mr & Mrs, both doing well, thank you very much ...

tangent : raisetheriver mob - live play, online play, tournies and a web site !
do any of you fcukers have a real job ??!!!!

and daddy ! oh daddy, what have I done to you daddy ?
he wants to come play the darkside ... my darkside ... he he he

"Take your Jedi weapon ! Use it.
Strike me down with all of your hatred,
and your journey towards the dark side will be complete"

plO8 and H.O.R.S.E. and then your training will, indeed, be complete
(sorry, but I just love that line ! get used to it, you'll see it more often than not)

to cap it all, jesus H christ on a fcuking bike ...
the mighty fuel55 reads my blog ... sometimes ... maybe ...
ffs he left an official comment, nay, advice actually, which is good enough for me !

so what's the problem ? what the hell am I babbling about ? what is the point ??
I got into online poker a couple or three years back. Lost a coupla k first year lost a coupla k second year and this year I am keeping my head above water, just.
and then I stumbled across a poker blog.
you know, I have zero recollection of what I was actually looking for when I found his blog ... luckily for me it was a rather good blog. Lurkerdom here I come ... and he put up with my silly questions ... some of his readership were kind enough to point me in the right direction :) and some of these guys were playing for serious money ! the fact that they acknowledged me was ... cool ... and he was a brit ... and so I started reading all sorts of poker blogs, mostly american,
then I stumbled across the nut man ... who did not seem too freaked that he had a regular lurker ... he he he. and then came the britbloggerment :) gave me a little focus, something to look forward to on a weekend.
you see, I was (am) the kid on the rubber raft, blown out to sea and no oars ! drifting idly along, playing whatever took my fancy of an evening. win a little lose a little win a lot lose a lot ... now you lot have seen me play. won the bloggerment twice, in the money a coupla times, so I dont think I am the worst player in the world, even tho' nlhe is not my game ... he he he doesn't mean I cant play the game tho' ... but why oh why am I drifting along ??
well, over the past few months, all my poker play has been accompanied by alcohol. now, I am not talking large quantities or falling down drunk style - but alcohol none the less and its been showing in my results.
I knew something was amiss and a quick count of my complete bankroll told the story - since 20th April this year, I have dropped $160 ... not a huge amount, acceptable for a confirmed recreational player ?
As I said, not huge amounts of alcohol, but enough to affect my judgement ... my play suffered and I also noticed I was staying up too late ... other things were starting to suffer as well ...

Not any more baby, not any more.

So now I have my own challenge. Sober poker only and get the 'roll back in the black.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Pugh! Pugh! Barney McGrew! Cuthbert! Dibble! Grubb! (part 2 )

welcome back, gentle reader, welcome back

the "conversation" with the policeman took place at the bottom of the stairs. Scott then shot off to mrs dD, complaining bitterly that I had not let him talk on the phone. I siezed the opportunity and shot off to the bathroom ... locking the door behind me ... and had a long, cool shower. Giving me time to reflect upon the ingenuity of children. Scott is not quite 5 years old and Callum has just turned 3 :)
Dear sweet Hannah, your formative years will certainly be ... interesting !!
After showering, I slip quietly upstairs and get dressed, heading back downstairs with a rueful smile on my face. I know fine well that there is now going to be a "conversation" with mrs dD and I don't think my 27o is gonna crack her bullets.
I pick up the pace and breeze into the living room, heading for the kitchen, she looks up and gives me the look ... I feel my smile fading, stopping in my tracks without conscious thought ... bugger

mrs dD - well ?
dD - what ?
mrs dD - you know ... the phone call ... well ?
dD - hmmm ... phone call ? ( I look innocently at the landline phone in the corner )
smiling mrs dD - hmmm ... yes .... the one on your mobile ... earlier ... this morning

and now the mood insta changes ... suddenly I am 5 years old ...

mrs dD - well, was it the police ?
dD - ah well yes ... see ...
mrs dD - calling about phantom 999 calls ?
dD - ah well yes ... see ...
mrs dD - Callum was down here an hour ago, telling me that Scott was calling the police
dD - oh ... oh ... did he ... oh ...
Callum - see daddy ! I told mummy ... Scott had phone ... calling policeman !!
Scott sits quietly, grinning from ear to ear, looking well pleased with himself, the cat thats got the cream :)
mrs dD - are they sending someone here ?
dD - no, no ... not this time ....
mrs dD - just as well, you would have been the one answering the door ...

she flashes me that look, dismissed daddy, conversation terminated.

I shake my head dejectedly and slope off to the kitchen, seeking a cup of tea that will lift my spirits. After all, the whole of this mornings shenanigans, laid firmly and squarely on my doorstep, ho hum.

Pugh! Pugh! Barney McGrew! Cuthbert! Dibble! Grubb!

this morning ....

07.07 mobile rings ... caller unknown ... I ignore it ...... who was ringing, daddy ?
07.09 mobile rings ... caller unknown ... I ignore it ...... your phone is ringing, daddy
07.11 mobile rings ... caller unknown ... I ignore it ...... your phone is ringing, daddy
07.14 mobile rings ... caller unknown ... I ignore it ...... your phone is ringing, daddy
07.15 mobile rings ... caller unknown ... I ignore it ...... answer it answer it, daddy !
07.17 mobile rings ... caller unknown ... I ignore it ...... answer it answer it, daddy !!

07.18 mobile rings ... caller unknown ... I answer it ...... daddy, who is it ? let me speak, let me speak

a rather miffed voice declares

"this is Motherwell Police Emergency Call Centre" ...... daddy, who is it ? let me speak, let me speak

"emergency ... oh ... oh ... "
"we have had a half dozen silent 999 calls from this number ... " ... daddy is it policeman, let me speak
... thinks ... what did u just say ...... please tell me u did not say police ...
laughing "do you have children in the house, sir ?" ... daddy is it policeman, let me speak, let me speak
not laughing " might I suggest you have a word with your boys, sir" ...... daddy, let me speak, let me speak
"can I confirm everything is all right, sir ? you do not require the emergency services ?"
" ... er yes ... yes ... no ... i mean ... its ok ..." ...... daddy, let me speak, let me speak
"can I confirm everything is all right, sir ? you do not require the emergency services ?"
" ... yes ... we are alright ... do not need emergency service ... " ...... daddy, let me speak, let me speak
"and your name sir ?" ... my name is scott, my name is scott
... "and your address sir ? " ... " where is that, sir ? " ... my name is scott, my name is scott
"finally, everything is all right, sir ? you do not require the emergency services ?"
" i do not require the emergency services" ...... daddy, let me speak, let me speak
"ok, I wont send anyone out this time ... , sir" ...... oh daddy, let me speak, please

I may need the emergency services in a minute ... I have murder in mind ......

Saturday, 23 June 2007

da gambler, Mr Burns and Doctor Evil

welcome back, gentle reader.

health warning : this is a poker related entry ......

it seems there was a bet on last nite ... play 4 off 180 man mtt's on 'stars ... now thats what i call multi-tabling :) the player who finished highest in all four gets $5 from the others or along those lines anyway.
Now I only managed to play three so I think I am exempt from said bet ... the others will let me know :)
I wont bore the arse off you with hands et al, but just a quick rundown, for the record so to speak, of my lofty finishing positions ... i wish !

note : just checked 'stars and i had de-selected the "receive congratulatory email" .... they were sending so many I was gettin complaints .... ho fucking ho

here is the hand that crippled me in tourney no2
there is a donkey involved and I am not sure if its me - you decide
oh btw da gambler was sat at my table when all this happened ffs !

Tournament #53534595, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30)

Seat 6: ResdentEvil (1455 in chips)
Seat 8: Grungyman (1360 in chips)
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ResdentEvil [Jh Kc]
ResdentEvil: raises 30 to 60
Grungyman: calls

*** FLOP ***
[8h 3s Js]
ResdentEvil: bets 150
Grungyman is disconnected Grungyman is connected Grungyman: raises 200 to 350
ResdentEvil: calls 200

*** TURN *** [8h 3s Js] [4c]
ResdentEvil: checks
Grungyman is disconnected Grungyman is connected Grungyman: bets 450
ResdentEvil: raises 480 to 930Grungyman: calls 480
*** RIVER *** [8h 3s Js 4c] [As]

ResdentEvil: bets 30
Grungyman: calls 20 and is all-in

*** SHOW DOWN ***
ResdentEvil: shows [Jh Kc] (a pair of Jacks)
Grungyman: shows [Ks Qs] (a flush, Ace high)
Grungyman collected 2795 from pot - thanks, u chasing cunt

only on riverstars baby :(

and the hand I went out on - u gotta play the hammer, baby

Seat 6: ResdentEvil (255 in chips)
Seat 7: 212tony9900 (2815 in chips)
*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to ResdentEvil [7d 2h]
ResdentEvil: raises 225 to 255 and is all-in
212tony9900: calls
*** FLOP *** [3s Jh 8d]
*** TURN *** [3s Jh 8d] [Js]
*** RIVER *** [3s Jh 8d Js] [8h]

*** SHOW DOWN ***
ResdentEvil: shows [7d 2h] (two pair, Jacks and Eights)
212tony9900: shows [Kd Jd] (a full house, Jacks full of Eights)

ResdentEvil said, "oops"

212tony9900 collected 585 from pot

so i bust out early in about 90th or smething - not a good start

here is the hand that bust me in tourney no3
there is a donkey involved and I am not sure if its me - you decide - fuel55 where r u ??

Tournament #53535265, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (100/200)
Seat 4: starseth (17600 in chips)
Seat 8: ResdentEvil (2076 in chips)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ResdentEvil [5d 5h]

ResdentEvil: raises 1851 to 2051 and is all
starseth: calls 1851

*** FLOP *** [3h Ad Js]
*** TURN *** [3h Ad Js] [6h]
*** RIVER *** [3h Ad Js 6h] [9d]

***starseth: shows [Th Td] (a pair of Tens)
ResdentEvil: shows [5d 5h] (a pair of Fives)
starseth collected 4377 from pot

ffs ! presto indeed :( ( bust in 30 something )

here is the hand that bust me in tourney no1
there is a donkey involved and I am not sure if its me - you decide
been playing 3 and a half hours ffs !! ( it started at 18.04 )

Tournament #53532791, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level XIII (1000/2000) - 2007/06/22 - 21:33:19

Seat 2: ResdentEvil (25367 in chips)
Seat 7: nsbball14 (145400 in chips)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ResdentEvil [Td Tc]
nsbball14: raises 6000 to 8000
ResdentEvil: raises 17267 to 25267 and is all-in
nsbball14: calls 17267

*** FLOP *** [8d 4h 3h]
*** TURN *** [8d 4h 3h] [7h]
*** RIVER *** [8d 4h 3h 7h] [6h]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

nsbball14: shows [Qh 9s] (a flush, Queen high)
ResdentEvil: shows [Td Tc] (a pair of Tens)

nsbball14 collected 54134 from pot
Liquid321 said, "wow"

another rivered flush !! wtf ?? the fucking idiot needed 4 cards to beat me ! chip leader or not, cunt ! I mean, really, what a cunt !!

ouy i go in 7th for $36 ..... kerching ... ho fucking ho :)

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, please

oh yes, gentle reader.

its all your fault ... Milky !! and miasdas !!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

The Far Side

welcome back, gentle reader
two things, well probably three but who's counting ?
first off, there will be some surprised people about ! this meander is actually poker related ?!
a quick roundup of 6 tournies I played the other night, for the easily bored, I monied in four of the little buggers :) and the proof is in the pudding ...

ok so I am not the best player in the world, nor am I the worst but I was wondering if I am wasting my time, donking around in the bargain basement levels ??
I have just done a quick count of money I have scattered far and wide, over loads of sites, comes to roughly $1000 give or take. Should I pool this money together and move up a level or two ? or just continue to donk around and not worry if I lose a load of tournies or a buy-in here or there ?
damn ! its after 10 on a friday nite and I have not played a single hand, later dear readers.

Friday, 15 June 2007

" Start Your Engines "

okely dokely boys and girls - lets get this show on the road !

compared to my usual meandering narratives, this is going to be oh so short !
(massive meander next, you have been warned)

in response to Mik's suggestion of trying to run a WSOPB (World Series of Online Poker Bloggers) event, I thought I'd better start harping on about it, sooner rather than later. Mik suggests about ten events so I 'll up the ante a little ... not that we are going to run all these ... but here is a list of the events being played at the little shindig across the pond as we speak. (can we get a better title ??)

mixed hold'em
PotLimit HE
hilo omaha hilo stud
7 card stud
NLHE short handed
limit hold'em
7 card stud hilo
limit 2-7 triple draw lowball

feel free to leave a comment, stating which events you would be interested in playing. Personally, I will give them all a go if the interest was there :) A little ambitious ? well, yes it is, but I'd be happy if we could garner enough interest to run only 7 events.
Again, which site to play on ? More than happy to play on several ... why give it all to one when we could spread the load. I suspect one of the thornier issues will be the starting times for events. My own playing time is certainly more limited and restricted, than most !
I can usually only play in the evening and after nine at that, if all goes well when I get home from work.
We could play one event each evening or even two events if there is only going to be limited numbers. Mik suggested that we need perhaps 20 people ... I think we could get away with a single full table for most events and still call it a success !! twenty people for multiple events is a lot of people and a lot of peoples time, methinks.
Cmon people, we are all poker players of some description, show a little faith.

Marcus Licinius Crassus

Monday, 11 June 2007

The Emperor's New Clothes

hello gentle reader

can I just say, off the bat so to speak, that if anyone wants to flame me, or indeed my play, on their blog ... please feel free to do so ! If you're talking about me, you are leaving someone else alone :)

well last night was britbloggerment 12 ... you know the one, that "friendly" little game hosted by Acorn & Mik, evryone made welcome and all that jazz. There were a couple of notable people who were ... AWOL ?
I'd love to give you a full run down but mrs dD decided she had to do a bit of surfing last nite ... until about 21.30, give or take a few minutes.
So my tournament is off to a flyer and to add insult to injury ... the bloody milkman is on my right and been stealing ... THIEF ! ... my chips for what, approx 35 minutes or so ? bastard !!

so congrats to simon "ugly burd" triple j for lucking out on poor old "bridesmaid" Spid ... again :)
and well done to me for lucking it into the last money spot. well, I probably deserved it ... missing the first half of the tourney ... sitting down with what ... about 7 chips the milkman left me :)

So, well played all and as usual the highest standard was reserved for the banter ! What did u expect with this many donkeys at the one table ?? I mean come on, there was one particular clownshoe ... playing AT and proclaiming it to be "the new hammer" ... I mean, what sort of Resdent donkey does that ?? ( snigger snigger)

I for one, had a great time, the patter was real funny as usual, even if the result was ... wrong ... :)

note to the, disillusioned, new hammer maestro :

Take your Jedi weapon !
Use it.
Strike me down with all of your hatred,
and your journey towards the dark side will be complete

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Max Payne

last night was a strange night.
got home from work and fell asleep on the sofa ... had a few bites of dinner ... fell asleep on the sofa
... bathed the boys and got them into bed ... fell asleep ... on one of their beds ... kicked out of said bed by three year old complaining
daddy was taking his covers !!
went downstairs, popped more painkillers, mrs dD was watching rubbish on tv, so i did a few more household duties and then
fired up messenger about 22.30 ..... no-one home !! damn !
so on the blogger's behalf, since Wednesday is NLHE MTT night, I thought I'd give them a go !
since there was only me and no-one was watching, I thought I'd try the bargain basement ones
you know, the $1 ones ... on 'stars and fullTilt ... with the added twist that I would be doing the following -

all-in on the following hands - any pair or AT or better
limp with A rag, connectors and semi connectors in fact any crap if I had position !!
and if I hit the flop, in any shape or form, then it was all-in

so at a dollar a pop and the limited playing "strategy" even I could play two tables at once. and just as well i did !
the first thing I noticed was how tight these guys played ! and on both sites as well !
on 'stars it was 1500 starting chips, but at least the players there did not use up the full time allowance
before making a decision
on fullTilt it was 3000 starting chips but the players used the full time allowance for any decision !!

note to Rosie - I see now why someone suggested TURBO mtt's - assuming you are actually going to play "properly"

I think I was unlucky, in so far as I was plonked down on "tight" tables. I did notice the chip leaders, all from other tables, had doubled tripled (and more) up within the first ten minutes.
I managed only 6 mtt's in 3hrs !! thats how card dead I was ... lucky I was not playing cash tables !
Did I get in the money : no
Did I do the walk of shame : no

don't remember all the hands but a couple of hands I do remember ...

fullTilt - limp pre-flop with KTo in mid position, villain to my left calls and the bb checks
flop is lovely AQJ ... ooops .... all clubs ... i have no clubs ... fcuking hate that, the nut straight ... wrong suit !!
the bb checks and I check and the villain ... checks
turn is a blank ... the bb checks ... I push all-in about 6k chips ... villain thinks ... calls ... bb thinks ... folds
I new I was beat as soon as he called, but I also think he pushed the bb off the best hand !
and what did he call with ? how gooood do you think his flush was ?

2c3c .... I kid you not .... the river was a club as well, btw

donkey ? big balls ? great read ? oh well, next please

thats the only hand I remember from the fullTilt escapade and no wonder ! the play was very tight
and slow as slow could be !

so on to riverstars and my god the river was in full flow !

hands that I remember.
3rd hand and I find QQ in early position, by my own rules its all-in ... called by AA in late position, bugger !
but still no walk of shame !! the other busto hand at 'stars was my AQs v AKo .... he popped a K on the flop, fair enough.
and then this. this was the last tourney and I lasted until after the break ! an hour and twenty odd minutes ffs !

i find 66 in late position - i know, should have been all-in - i was the table chip leader with 8k chips but previous all-ins had been met with no resistance so i limped and the flop came down
458 semi-rainbow - there are only 3 of us in this hand and i have position - two checks and I am all-in

and i get a caller, she is all-in for 3.5k from early position as well, mr MP folds

so on that board, what does she call with ... a big pair ? hell, any pair ? oh oh maybe 67 ? has she flopped trips ?

she called with AJ off ... no, really !

how did she manage to win ? oh look, there's two clubs on the flop, she has the Jc ... oh look, there's a club on the turn
oh look, there's a club on the river and the uber irony ... the river was a 6c ... oh you could not make this up !
I thought it was a muppet call and I told her so ... "u muppet" is exactly what I typed ... no reply

the only satisfaction - she busto before the final table, I didn't :)
so the final table, down to 7, got 7k chips and I find JQ ... should limp but we've been playing for nearly an hour and a half !
sorry, way past my bedtime, called by AK and out I go

thanks for the fun, goodnite !

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Yersinia pestis

hello gentle reader

I feel 100% fcuking awful !

as a practical example, to get you into my mindset, so to speak ( please check with littleacorn about the weather in our neck of the woods today )
clear blue cloudless sky, sun shining brightly, little or no breeze and a very very pleasant 70f ...
I went home at lunchtime, made a cup of tea, popped 2 solpadeine plus into a glass of cold water, retired to the back garden and sat there, in the bright sunshine, alternately sipping tea then solpadeine .... so what big deal, I hear you cry ...

I was wearing a shirt, cashmere jumper and a fleece, zipped up, at the time, and I was fcuking freezing !

Thats how good I feel.

Just thought I'd drop by for a quick post. So if I am not online tonite for the NLHE MTT invasion, I apologise, but now you know why. If I still feel this bad tonite, I will, family willing, be in bed before 21.00 .... if I keep taking the solpadeine and cough mixture and whatever else I find in the house, I might, just might, make it online tonight.
To be honest, if it wasn't for the britBloggerment on Sunday I would not have been online then either. Monday night wasn't much better, bankroll management in place I might add, I managed a whole hours worth of play !! Net result - sat down at 'stars $5 buyin and left with .... correct, exactly $5 .... fullTilt was slightly worse, lost 68c on a $10 buy-in for my hours play. Last nite was ... need to think about this, my head is sooooo woolly at the moment ..... I think I was down a $1 at fullTilt and up a few cents at 'stars ... know what ? I really can't remember.
I do know that I played for a full 30mins last nite. As midnite appraoched, I thought "I really cant be arsed with this ! " ..... 2 mins later and I was all tucked up, goodnite indeed.

I had to laugh, though, me, in bed before the witching hour ....

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Littleacorn has come up with an excellent suggestion !
( even tho' he wont be here this coming week ! )
nlhe mtt Turbo on Wednesday
HORSE / PLO8b on Thursday
and Bloggerment on a Sunday
I like his style ! this donkament festival seems an excellent idea.
I also think thats the best idea for the midweek games, invade an mtt, might win some cash and not just from bloggers !
At least with the invasion plan, we are not relying on bloggers to make up the numbers :)
I, for one, have signed on the dotted line for this idea.
So will see you all tomorrow nite for the bloggerment and if anyone is available, Wednesday night for a NLHE turbo MTT and Thursday night for some HORSE or PLO8b MTT shenanigans.
The devil may be in the detail of course !
what time on Wed & Thurs ? I'll be on from 21.30 onwards.
and which site ?
I have no real preferance as to the site, so any suggestions, post a comment.
oh, and spread the word !

Friday, 1 June 2007

"Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted."

Right you lot, pay attention. At the back there, quiet.

I remember Mik asked a question about a 2nd string blogger tourney, to be played midweek, with the added twist, that said game would not be NLHE.

I , for one, am definitely interested.

Suggestion 1.

The reason I bring this up ? I have noticed a few other bloggers have intimated their intention to try a few hands of this or that type of poker and broaden their horizons, poker horizons that is. So why don’t we all get broad together ?

The format would be something like this – play on the Wednesday / Thursday night with a HORSE event, following week PLO8, following week stud7, following week RAZZ … etc, etc
All these games have several variants, except HORSE – only seen that played as limit – all the others, especially Omaha, have hi-lo, hi, limit, pot limit, hell even no limit Omaha on ‘Stars

Before you dismiss this idea, my personal hate is draw poker – cannot get to like it at all ! but I would play it when its turn came along …

I’d be more than happy to set it up on whichever site the majority vote for … could end up as a majority of one ! I know for a fact that ‘Stars require you to have 2000 fpp’s before they will allow you to host a private tourney. Do the other sites have the same sort of restrictions ?

Suggestion 2.

If this idea sinks without trace, here's another one. Congregate on a site of a Wed / Thursday evening and all join the one MTT … depending on numbers we could invade an 18 player or 45 player … any more than that and it gets a bit time consuming !!

Which site /s, do you think, have the softest MTT’s ?

I ask because I have tried, over the past few months, FullTilt’s HORSE and PLO8b STT’s up to $20 and they are super super tight, so if you are card dead you are literally dead in said tournament … bluff, I hear you say ? that word is not in a rocks vocabulary ……

So there you go, thanks to the one and only milkman for the idea, I am just helping to promote it. I realise I do not have a big readership, so I will be dropping by your blog, to leave a comment or 4 about this very idea.

OK so while you lot are fcuking about… cough cough, ahem … I mean, mulling the idea over, I will start off next week by invading one of these tourneys ! Spread the word, come play or even rail and have a good laugh at my eternal donkitude !

Which nite ? Wednesday or Thursday ?

As a sign off, here is a list, off the top of my head, no access to poker sites from this pc, I’m afraid. Feel free to add to the list via a comment.

Horse – only seen it as limit
Hold’em – limit, pot limit, no limit
O8b – limit, potLimit, no limit – I kid you not about the no limit, its barking !
Omaha – limit, pot limit, no limit
RAZZ – limit
Stud (7 and 5) – limit
Stud hi-lo – limit
5 card draw – limit, no limit