Friday, 29 June 2007

de Ave Phoenice - Lactantius ( phoenix part iii )

welcome back, gentle reader.

a summary as promised. now dont get too excited and dont expect these every day.

had a few cold ones last nite, so needed somewhere to donk about, at micro stakes as well :)
fired up a crypto site and found they do stt's for 10c 20c and 50c :)

played 6x 10c and 6x 20c and 6x50c and 6x $1 ( $10.80 + buy-in). finito - one first place for $15

but how can that be ?
seems one of the "stt's" i sat at was actually a 30-man mtt ... which I took down :)

lmao ! no, really really lmao :))

a step in the right direction.


Cell 1919 said...

Which site?

The buy ins look a bit heavy for my bankroll, but what the hell, I might just live a bit!

Anonymous said...

hi cell

might have been telling porkies ... not sure if its really a crypto site ... ??

but i played on cdPoker, double checked, and 10 man stt's are available 10c 20c and 50c ... great fun for a seriously low buy-in !!

and yep, there it is ... 30 man mtt for a buck ! table "prague"

if u fancy a bit, i should be on tomorrow nite (wed)

are we hooked up on msn ? i can never remember who is on and who isn't ... doh !



Anonymous said...

btw btw

fired up titan at same time as cdPoker ... oooops !

"you can only run one iPoker client at a time"

so there ya go, not crypto but iPoker :)