Friday, 1 June 2007

"Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted."

Right you lot, pay attention. At the back there, quiet.

I remember Mik asked a question about a 2nd string blogger tourney, to be played midweek, with the added twist, that said game would not be NLHE.

I , for one, am definitely interested.

Suggestion 1.

The reason I bring this up ? I have noticed a few other bloggers have intimated their intention to try a few hands of this or that type of poker and broaden their horizons, poker horizons that is. So why don’t we all get broad together ?

The format would be something like this – play on the Wednesday / Thursday night with a HORSE event, following week PLO8, following week stud7, following week RAZZ … etc, etc
All these games have several variants, except HORSE – only seen that played as limit – all the others, especially Omaha, have hi-lo, hi, limit, pot limit, hell even no limit Omaha on ‘Stars

Before you dismiss this idea, my personal hate is draw poker – cannot get to like it at all ! but I would play it when its turn came along …

I’d be more than happy to set it up on whichever site the majority vote for … could end up as a majority of one ! I know for a fact that ‘Stars require you to have 2000 fpp’s before they will allow you to host a private tourney. Do the other sites have the same sort of restrictions ?

Suggestion 2.

If this idea sinks without trace, here's another one. Congregate on a site of a Wed / Thursday evening and all join the one MTT … depending on numbers we could invade an 18 player or 45 player … any more than that and it gets a bit time consuming !!

Which site /s, do you think, have the softest MTT’s ?

I ask because I have tried, over the past few months, FullTilt’s HORSE and PLO8b STT’s up to $20 and they are super super tight, so if you are card dead you are literally dead in said tournament … bluff, I hear you say ? that word is not in a rocks vocabulary ……

So there you go, thanks to the one and only milkman for the idea, I am just helping to promote it. I realise I do not have a big readership, so I will be dropping by your blog, to leave a comment or 4 about this very idea.

OK so while you lot are fcuking about… cough cough, ahem … I mean, mulling the idea over, I will start off next week by invading one of these tourneys ! Spread the word, come play or even rail and have a good laugh at my eternal donkitude !

Which nite ? Wednesday or Thursday ?

As a sign off, here is a list, off the top of my head, no access to poker sites from this pc, I’m afraid. Feel free to add to the list via a comment.

Horse – only seen it as limit
Hold’em – limit, pot limit, no limit
O8b – limit, potLimit, no limit – I kid you not about the no limit, its barking !
Omaha – limit, pot limit, no limit
RAZZ – limit
Stud (7 and 5) – limit
Stud hi-lo – limit
5 card draw – limit, no limit


Cadmunkey said...

I'd be interested in a midweek tourney its a great idea. I'd be up for Omaha or even a horse event.

The Cloud said...

I'm not sure I want to broaden my horizons - I have trouble enough concentrating on no limit hold'em.

I'm up for the MTT idea though (I quite like the banter and comments on some of the other donks, apart from ourselves).

Littleacornman said...

I'm a holdem only Acorn I'm afraid but I'm up for the midweek mtt invasion plan.I'd also briefly knocked about the idea of a turbo mtt ( poss at Full tilt)for midweek with BM.I'll prob wait until I'm back from my hols before looking at it again.

Turbo on Wed,Horse on Thus and Bloggerment on a Sunday eh! Good times and much donkament ahead!