Thursday, 31 May 2007

Araucaria araucana

hello all

just thought I'd drop by and rectify dD's mistake .... I mean, come on, he knows the rules !
I am supposed to be on display in every post ... he aint stupid, he knows what "every" means !

so milky boy, joanna, julie et all ... here i am all well and well looked after.

Although he forgot to show me off in his last post I can forgive him. Its great fun staying at his place. His boys are telling everyone they see that I am here, although I think most people assume I am their imaginary friend !!

and dear sweet little hannah, she is brilliant, although she does indeed keep trying to pull my ears off !! but boy do I make her laugh :)) i reckon dD is a little jealous ...

the only fly in the ointment is mrs dD ... she keeps trying to put me in a nappy !

so all things considered, its been a good home :) in fact I'm thinking of staying on for another week ... wonder how he'll take that one ??

before i go i'll let you in on a little secret ... he has been playing STT nlhe this week ... he NEVER plays NLHE for goodness sake ... well, understandable, I suppose, thats how he picked me up, after all .... he he he


MiasDaddy said...

But he looks sooooo sad?


Anonymous said...

of course he looks sad ... he knows he's leaving on Sunday !!