Sunday, 27 May 2007

Final Fantasy X

enough said.


Juice said...

Two walks of shame mate?

Thats a record! well done :-)

BM said...

This is your second???? mwhahahahahahahaha

OH NO!!!

This is officially the most visited blog by the monkey then!!

Looks like it could become a regular haunt for him!



Juice said...

No Dudley came last in the 2nd chance as well! the golden duck.

BM said...

ooops. LOL ok then you are safe as that 2nd chance is not the "official" game.... no wonder I couldnt remember you finishing last before!!

I retract my above statement!

Littleacornman said...

Yeah nice one Dudley! Bet your glad you started a blog now :-))

dD said...

thanks for the comments lads !

steady on Mik !!

Acorn ... I am sooooo glad ... but hey, the monkey needs a home ... only for the week !

was not a happy fcuking camper last nite, but AK v AK v TJs ... only one winner there :)

roll on next week, lucky dale needs taken down !!