Monday, 21 May 2007

Tuesday Night Music Club

“I like a good beer buzz early in the morning”

and maybe you do Miss Crow, may I call you Sheryl ? but I no longer like it, I’d even go so far as to say I am getting to fcuking old for this shit.
Welcome back, gentle reader, welcome to my nightmare and raging hangover. Personally I blame it on the SanJoseSalmon and his pints, yes pints, of rum ?? …. Jeez, I cant even remember which drink he was on ! I do remember at one point his wife hid the rum ?? but the trout swiftly countered this move by grabbing the tequila ! So, no offence, but I hope yer hangover is killin ya !!
I was gonna come out the closet … not that closet ffs ! … and “publish” this humble blog with a witty opening post based on being “tagged” (by miasdad) and a write up of bb8 but time marches on and I ran out of it, big style, so you’ll just have to make do with this hung over ramble … shambles ??

BB9 was last nite and great fun it was too … well the chat was good, just as well, because my play was … suspect … to put it in a good light !
Milkyboy, please explain – as usual you chip up early and then you appear to give it away !! but only after you sent me packing of course :)
And AlEleven busted out early and decided that if he wasn’t going to be this weeks winner then he was going to be this weeks chatbox champion !! and very good he was too – can someone explain the thread about trouts wife being ginger ?? I completely missed that ……
So all the usual suspects were there and a few new faces to boot … and if you’d read kenn’s blog you should have known he was pretty good … I did … and still I tried to mix it with him … oops ! next time he is “in town” I will be more wary :)

Back soon, my hangover needs to be fed … real food of the junk variety … and that’s the only good thing about a hangover, these days, junk food tastes superb …
(40mins later) ok, I’m back, now where were we ….

Oh yeah, BB9 ….

Start at the top ? fcuk it, lets do it in good old reverse order … and this might be shorter than you’d imagine since last night is a bit hazy …
First to go … the Walk of Shame … Pokermunk3y … does that monkey have a home ?
Then LepRecon777 closely follow by … Al Eleven … wow !
Next was simonjjj – sticking to my guns mate, that pic is ugly !!
Then Spid went followed by the one and only Rosie !!
And the next donkey to go … oh its me …. Ran my 77 into BM’s KK … why oh why did I think he was stealing … donkey indeed, well played Sir.
Then new boy? 23rd Paradox – cool name. care to explain it ? apparently he joined in as Kattitude’s guest, so welcome on board Sir and well played
Then falling just before the final table was stephenrhall … surprised me as he is normally rock solid
So the final table …. Bugger me BurnleyMik is there !!
Obviously got a nose bleed and blew up and was blown out the water in 9th to do the mini walk of shame :) gg mate and nice to see you reach the final table
Now it gets real hazy, so I’m afraid its just a list of who finished where …
Next was Kat then thecloud and zagga (nice to see EK’s no1 blogger up there) … newcomer countryk went in 5th

= cadmunkey

And the boys on the money train this week ….

Third : Quixote8
Second : kennl (new kid on the block as well)
First : none other than TanOrpheus

Another good tourney, so well played all

Gonna draw this long winded ramble to a close as I have reached the tired, really fcuking tired, stage of my hangover.

Wow ! look at the length of this …. The post you smutty child ! even with a raging hangover I still like the sound of my own keyboard ….


Kenn said...

ello mate - really enjoyed the banter last night in the blogger tourney and as soon as im back from vegas i will be joining again


Stephen said...

WOOOOO! A blog!!

Welcome to the club. Its a bit like the Hotel California, to continue your musical reference.

Solid plays seems to have escaped me the last couple of weeks - maybe next time. I had Ken to my left, and BM to his left, and they didn't seem to want to hand over their blinds!

Littleacornman said...

Good luck with the blog mate.Looks like your off to a fine start....

Juice said...

welcome to the ghey blogging world dudley!

The Cloud said...

Welcome to the parallel universe that is blogging.

dD said...

thanks for the warm welcome guys.

ghey ... parallel ... hotel california ... what have I got myself into ??

sorry it took so long to publish comments, did not realise I had to "moderate" them !! lmao :)

BurnleyMik said...

Hey dD, great to see your blog sir and nice write-up!

I dont know what happens, I seem to self-combust in these blogger games! I am always trying to pull of a superb move or make a gr8 bluff, but it just ain't workin!!

keep these posts coming and welcome to the writers community mate!!



Pok3rMunkey said...

I do have a home, just not the kind of home you would probably expect though! I'ts at The Dunce Munkey has moved in for a while, but I'm gonna kick him out on Sunday night ;-)

Juice said...

Is pokermonkey a gal?