Monday, 3 July 2017


welcome back

How good is your memory ? About as good as mine's then. and yes, I had to check. and no, I couldn't believe it's been almost three years .... that's how long ago Jemma's sister, Jet, made her final road trip with me ....

This morning, Mrs Evil took Jemma on that same, final, road trip.

Jemma and Jet
I got Jet and Jemma in 1999 and they were probably two years old. So Jemma made it to 20 years old. Not bad at all for domestic cats.

With Jet no longer with us, Jemma took over the affectionate roll and did as her sister did. Following you around and sitting and pedalling on you at every opportunity.

I knew her time was fast approaching as I'd planned a day off this week .... but she was just too worn out and it couldn't wait.

They say cats are funny. In her last few months, Jemma had taken to frequently flopping down in the middle of the kitchen. Just like her sister.

I had frequently taken to screaming at the kids to "Mind the cat !!"

I got to take my last road trip with my beautiful cat, Jet. Mrs Evil got to take her last road trip with my beautiful cat, Jemma.

Jemma sleeping cats lie.
The kids are a bit older, teenagers, meh ! This time I was pall bearer, grave digger, minister and mourner. I didn't mind. Late tonight I dug out Jemma's final resting place. Next to her sister.

Sisters reunited.

Pleasure to have the company of those two wonderful cats for all those years.

Eternal Sleep photo, soon. You know what ? I miss those cats so damn much.

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

tilt aware

welcome back

so my latest fad is z00m. conventional wisdom indicates that a reasonable starting sample size is 100,000 hands, so this might take a while. On the other hand I might never get there before something else grabs my attention. or before I drop enough buy-ins to convince me it was a bad idea. hopefully, I can get there. one reason I want to get there, is to see if I can get a handle on how swingy it is.
I would like to be able to say that I'm on a "standard" swing at the moment. I'm not. I went on tilt. Full blown motherfucking monkey rage tilt. Cost me 4 buy-ins. Kind of realised I was on that path but as the realization was dawning, the red mist was descending. Lesson learned. Again.
put a bit of a dent in my bb/100 stats. doesn't actually look that bad, but knowing why it looks like that, fucking horrifies me. Putting it in black & white as a constant reminder whilst I z00m.

10,259 hands played @ -4.64 bb/100

pleasant dreams

Monday, 1 February 2016


welcome back

finally. Actually "enjoyed" my last session. Ran at +8 bb/100. No great shakes, it is microstakes. Still, it was the manner in which I played. I actually played "properly" and did not stack off with some redic draw or painfully wrong assumption about the villains hand. I'm actually looking forward to my next session. Do I have my "mojo" back ? Prettty sure I'll only find that out when I run into some -ve variance, but as long as I continue to play well, I think I can hack it. Time will tell.

Oh, welcome back James.

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Never thought I'd say this - Pokerstars, what a fucking joke

welcome back

So, Pokerstars (Amaya Inc) have announced far reaching changes to their VIP (rakeback) programme.

What a complete and utter fuck up. The new owners (Amaya Inc) are quite simply greedy motherfuckers and have royally stitched up their big money players. Wankers.

So what are the real money ramifications -

supernova elite currently 68% rakeback = $123,000 (really)

next year, elite drop to 45% rakeback = a loss of $42,000 (really)

Let's hope the supernova/elite guys see sense and fuck off elsewhere to play.

I'm more a cash player and it made my eyes water to see how royally fucked the higher stakes cash players get, well, royally fucked ....

• No VPPs for pot-limit and no-limit games with blinds of $5-$10+, 8-game $10-$20+, and other limit games with blinds of $10-$15+ (limit hold’em of stakes $15-$30 and higher).

Unfucking believable -  So high-stakes cash game players go from earning 30-68% rakeback to…zero ?

Zero percent ?

A slight reduction could be expected, or perhaps a slight rake increase.  This is neither.  What this is — is a fucking joke.

Cannot wait to see the fallout from this .. and the resultant fall in Amaya Inc's stock market value.

What a complete fuck up.

pleasant dreams

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Dreaded Pocket Kings (no, really)

welcome back

I was doing so well on partypoker.

Dropped 3 buy-ins today. Talk about pride before a fall.

Dealt pocket kings, I decided not to muck about and shoved .. straight into aces. de facto standard, sigh.
Reloaded. Dealt pocket kings again, I decided to run through the streets with them. Villain hit his straight somewhere along the line, sigh.
Reloaded and ground it up to three and half buy-ins. then pocket kings appeared, again. Being a nit, I elected to run through the streets, again. Despite decent raises pre-flop, two villains decided to come along. I had both of them covered. One of them hit two pairs, the other spiked a flush. Leaving me with three quarters of a buy-in, sigh.
No reload.
A couple of orbits later, I shoved with AQ .. into AK, sigh.

3 buy-ins.


pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Orient Express

welcome back

been z00m along on 'stars, that's Omaha z00m, for the record. Last session was 2600 hands, give or take, and I cannot win a flip if your life depended on it ! Never had decent enough volume previously to really notice the variance. I do question myself, you know, how long can this shit last ??!!
I've had a look and pretty much getting the money in ahead, the villains really are 50-50 at best. Still does not stop me cursing the hell out of them though !

So, 4-card-bingo, deffo down for the last few sessions. I find this extremely frustrating, make that quadrupled frustrating, as I'm actually ahead on the z00m 2-card-bingo (NLHE 6-max & full ring), grrrr.

On another front, partypoker front, I'm fastforward into winning position, lol. Again, very frustrating. Also have T$ on party .. no idea why these have been added to my account but hey-ho.
Used ten dollars worth in a small field mtt finishing 13th, top 9 paid. One misclick and one bad play on my part stopped me cashing, ho-hum.
One thing I will say about fast forward is the speed. Sure its 6-max but it does rattle along at a fair old rate of knots, so much so that I can only single table (woose) at the moment.

All in all, the variance train is really annoying me, how long can a cash game downswing last ????

Now I may not be Galfond, Williamson III or a Greenstein, but I am better than the average fish, honest !!!!

Time to fastforward into the future or should I z00m off over the horizon ....


pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


welcome back

I see that us UK players are the guinea pigs for pokerstars (aka Amaya Gaming Inc) proposed method of accumulating fpp's which of course translate to your VIP level.
Noticed the email from 'stars too late to sign up for the beta test, so like the rest of you, I'll just have to wait until October when they propose to roll it out for UK players only.
Rest of the world have to wait for 2016 .. I wonder what we did to deserve this ?!

There is an official thread, hosted by Pokerstars Dylan, located HERE 2+2 official thread .

There is also the official 'stars website HERE Pokerstars UK - new steps .

Seems there is also a lot of flak being aimed at the "new" owners, mostly coming from the supernova guys.

Not sure if these proposed changes will shaft my Chrome star ambitions, lol.

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How many days ....

Welcome back

Missed my aim to get chrome for this month. I thought there were 3 days left 'till the end of August, so I took a night off. There were actually only two days left until the end of the month. doh !

September goals are simple. Get chrome and not go bust :) Easily done if you're only playing off $15, lol.

pleasant dreams

Friday, 28 August 2015


Welcome back

Just a quick note. Not played poker at all for the past 4 months. Not sure why. Got home from work one Friday night and rather than grab a beer and fire up the tables, I fired up the dvd player. NCIS and Game of Thrones box sets being the main culprits.

Started playing again last week. Usual microstakes. Didn't play very well and my balance dwindled. Down to my last few cents, I decided to go out in a blaze of glory (is that even possible at this level, lol) and fired up the Omaha-8 zoom game. Never really been a fan of 6-max and I've no experience here.

Did better than I expected, using the game plan of even though it's 6-max, it's still a game of the nuts. Seems to be working. After a few? thousand? hands, my bankroll is still on one knee, but I've now got $10.

At these stakes I really can't be arsed firing the hand histories into PT4 so I've no real idea about volume or BB/100 etc etc. If I can continue like this, get the 'roll off its' knees and pick up three stars, I might make the time for some analysis. Just have to see how it goes.

If you're wondering why I don't just reload so I can play at a decent $ level, well .... not deposited money on 'stars for 8 years .. just good old fashioned stubbornness, I guess.

pleasant dreams

Friday, 13 February 2015


welcome back

So this is my first check-in of the year. Oddly enough, I thought it was longer since my last post. So, what's been happening ?

Poker : still dicking about at the microstakes with an alarming LACK of volume. Checked up on some of my favourite bloggers, some of whom have an alarming LACK of blog activity. One of my favourite bloggers is theGrinder , none other than one Aaron B, pro (US) sit'n'go grinder. I tried to leave a comment but got a weird "you must be logged in to comment" messages. Perhaps Aaron is a bit "concerned" that I'm a fanboy, lol. I admit it, I've been a long term fan of both his blog and his work ethic. Anyway, sent him a message, lets see what, if anything, transpires. :)

Synopsis : not much happening at the felt.

Life : About to change, radically. I've been away from the rail industry for a year and a half. During this time, I've worked a number of "dead-end" jobs. All poorly paid and all ones that I've had to work damned hard at. Simply put, working on the railway was a relative walk in the proverbial park.
I have "tried" to get back on the railway. Very very half heartedly it has to be said.
Literally out of the blue, I found myself being pursued by two different companies ! One beat the other one to an actual Offer of Employment and the package on offer was, literally, to good to refuse. A week on Monday I will be resuming my rail career. I'm under no illusions. I think it will take a whole lot of very hard graft to make this work, but I'll give it a shot.


The last time I worked in the rail industry, it was pretty apparent that my work ethic was not particularly good. As the years rolled by, it became easier and easier to take the easy option. Must have been really really annoying for those of whom I was in direct contact with.
Working those dead-end jobs, I had/developed a very very good work ethic. I worked damned hard in those jobs. I was never late or off ill or sneaking off early or hiding in the shadows doing fuck all. Exactly the opposite. I have thought about where this new attitude has come from but I cannot quite put my finger on it. Perhaps my sub-conscious doing a bit of reverse psychology on me.
All I know is, is that it worked.
Now I need to take this work ethic and apply it in my "new" career.

If this new contract requires half as much work and hours as I suspect it will, I have no idea when I'll update. I also have no idea if I'll be able to put in any volume at the felt.
Let's hope I can find time for both.

pleasant dreams

Saturday, 15 November 2014


welcome back

Pretty sure I've banged on about the cons of rural life before but I just thought I 'd mention it again in passing, cough cough.
Just finished my first week at another new job. The second job in as many months, lol.Neither job is pretty and neither job prettily paid, sigh. I know, it's my location.
There is not much call for academia round these here parts.
Cleaner, driver, factory, farmhand are all in demand .... especially if English is NOT your first language. You are of course paid and treated accordingly, sigh.
The fact that the second largest county in Englandshire does NOT have a motorway passing through it speaks volumes about what the rest of the country thinks of the place !
So I've made myself a promise. If, whilst playing poker, I can match the wishy washy wages I currently earn in the real world, then I'm going to leave my latest job and go and stack the shelves at the local co-op and make up the difference at the virtual felt !!
Trust me, it's not as far fetched as it might seem at first glance. I actually have a shot at this as I am currently on backshift, at least until the end of the year. Assumption: I last in this job until the end of the year. I know me and that is a huge fucking assumption, sigh. This gives me 5 mornings a week when I'm all on my own at home.
The catch ? Getting to bed at a decent hour so that I get up early enough to put in some decent volume at the felt. I know me and that is a huge fucking catch, sigh.
No doubt I'll be back in a week, or a month, or four, to tell you how many jobs I've gone through in the preceding months !!

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


welcome back

My poker "weekend" approaches but things have changed and I'm not quite so enthusiastic about it. Oh the family are still going on their long weekend break and I'm still staying home moggy sitting.

Jet and Jemma
The situation has changed somewhat.

As you know, one moggy, Jet, was under the weather. I got Jet and Jemma in 1999 and they were probably two years old. So they are in the region of 17 years old. Not bad at all for domestic cats.

On Saturday morning and throughout the rest of the day, her condition deteriorated. She pretty much stopped eating and drinking and would only wander a couple of yards from her bed to sit in the middle of the kitchen floor. This was one of her favorite spots, right in the center of all. When she was fully fit, we used to shoo her out the door so that no-one trod on her whilst cooking the dinner or whatever other activity was taking place. It made me smile that we all, even the kids, stepped over her or round her and let her sit there, seemingly quite content.

When someone passed her, they stopped and stroked her. She did respond to this in her usual way, by purring.
She was like that. A super affectionate cat. A cat who purred like mad when she got attention.

Whenever I went into the garden and sat on the bench, Jet was right behind me and would sit beside me or in my lap, purring.

Jet sleeping cats lie.

Sunday morning she was the same. Mrs Evil phoned the vet and as luck would have it, there were two of them already at the surgery. After a lengthy conversation, the vet agreed to see us as she didn't want to wait until Monday.

I knew in my heart of hearts this would be my last road trip with my beautiful cat, Jet.

After a thorough examination, the vet confirmed what I already knew. Still a shock though. I knew this was Jet's best option and sadly agreed. I was asked to sign something but tbh, I don't really know what it was. I never expected to be quite so cut up about losing her but there you go.
It was a two stage procedure. First the vet gave Jet an anesthetic to knock her out and I cradled Jet in my arms as she went to sleep one last time.

After an all too brief period, the vet got me to lay Jet on the examination table, she checked Jet was out cold and then administered the final injection. I stroked Jet one last time and then she was gone.

I was going to have Jet cremated but Mrs Evil was adamant that I bring her home and bury her in the back garden. I'm glad my Mrs was so insistent on this.

Late Sunday afternoon I dug out Jets' final resting place.

My two youngest bade her a tearful goodbye and as I lifted the spade to start filling her grave, my eldest surprised me and insisted that he do it. I let him fill it in as much as he wanted and eventually he passed the spade back to me to do the final honor.

You know what ? I miss that cat so damn much.

pleasant dreams

(Jets final breath was at 13.45 Sun 10th August 2014.)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


welcome back

Poker volume still rubbish. What a surprise, lol.

I'd really like to change that this coming weekend. Honest.

EDIT .... it's not this weekend, it's next weekend, bugger :( .... END EDIT

I was supposed to be going on a long weekend break with the family this weekend. Then one of my elderly cats decided she wasn't feeling particularly well. After a $$ painful trip to the vets, it became quite clear that going to the cattery was not going to be an option for my poor wee moggy. guess whose name came oot the hat to be a moggy nurse for the weekend ? Cancelling the holiday would have been financial madness, not to mention having to keep super grumpy kids here as well :(

So, just me and my two old moggy's at home this weekend. What's a man to do ....

This made me smirk .... played two hypers, got nowhere. Third one I finished 12th. Think I'll quit these as I am now two buy-ins up !!

pleasant dreams

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Little Things

welcome back

I have this strange urge. I want to play. I want to blog. Obviously helps if I actually have something to blog about, lol. If my playing urge comes to fruition, I'll drop some notes on here. Tonight's a bust. There is some stupid wee footie game on. Tomorrow is the same. Another pointless game :)

If I do run over you at the tables, you can blame Juffin Halli

pleasant dreams 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Comfort Zone

welcome back

Poker - lucky if I've played 1k hands in the past 3 months. Seems like working for the man for three decades was not the only thing I was burnt out on.

Rather than go back to work for the man, I'm currently investigating the self-employed market. Scary shit when you've been PAYE all your life. Well and truly out my zone. The more I trawl the net and sign up for job sites, the more recruiters who phone me, promise the earth but nothing materialises, the more I edit my CV, the more comfortable I'm beginning to feel.

Moving up a buy-in ? Learning a new variation, anyone ?

The poker parallels are quite surprising. On any given job site, knowing when to fold (not apply) or raise (apply), is probably the same as sitting at the virtual felt. That's a ton of patience and whole lot of folding.

Once something, virtual or real world, turns up, I'll be back, probably.

pleasant dreams

Monday, 24 February 2014

Haunted by the designated driver

welcome back

First, real life, then to the virtual felt.

One of the outlaws cousins has taken not well and been shipped off to hospital. He has had heart problems for a while (apparently) and was told to retire. Did he ? Did he fuck ! Now he is paying the price. To remedy his latest problem he needs work done on one of his heart valves. This operation will be carried out at a large hospital in the neighbouring county of Nottinghamshire. He is due to transfer there tomorrow. His wife will face a 2 hour each way drive to visit him.

So where does yours truly fit into this equation ?

Well thanks to my generosity and kindness I offered my services as the designated driver :) (ie the mrs and mother-in-law "volunteered" my services without asking me)(I may work flexi-time, but fuck me, I'm going to be down a shit ton of hours by the time this is all done and dusted. Thanks darling) .... I briefly thought of telling her where to get off, then I thought, what if it was me ? I'd sure as hell want to see some friendly faces every day so I very quickly changed tack and told them "sure, no problem".
So starting, probably, tomorrow, I'll be doing a lot of driving. It's not a particularly long drive, mileage wise, but it's all "A" roads, not a dual carriageway or motorway in sight, hence it's 2 hours each way. Lets hope the scenery is good, lol.
Due to the nature of the poor blokes problem, his wife is obviously very worried and I expect she'll want to visit every day for the next week or two. I guess this will obv depend on the blokes rate of recovery.
Anyway, I hope the op goes to plan and I wish Mr A a speedy recovery.

and back on the virtual felt ....

Not good. My 8-game experiment came crashing down about my ears across several multi-table sessions. Pissed me off no end. No one to blame but me, I'm afraid.
Time to put Plan B into operation.
No beer on a Saturday afternoon so I put in a short, timed session. The most obvious thing to me, was to cut back on the number of 8-game tables. Less is more :) so one table of 8-game and four to five pl08b tables. I felt it went quite well and after loading all the HH's into my dB's this feeling was borne out by the results. Here they are -

pleasant dreams