Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Orient Express

welcome back

been z00m along on 'stars, that's Omaha z00m, for the record. Last session was 2600 hands, give or take, and I cannot win a flip if your life depended on it ! Never had decent enough volume previously to really notice the variance. I do question myself, you know, how long can this shit last ??!!
I've had a look and pretty much getting the money in ahead, the villains really are 50-50 at best. Still does not stop me cursing the hell out of them though !

So, 4-card-bingo, deffo down for the last few sessions. I find this extremely frustrating, make that quadrupled frustrating, as I'm actually ahead on the z00m 2-card-bingo (NLHE 6-max & full ring), grrrr.

On another front, partypoker front, I'm fastforward into winning position, lol. Again, very frustrating. Also have T$ on party .. no idea why these have been added to my account but hey-ho.
Used ten dollars worth in a small field mtt finishing 13th, top 9 paid. One misclick and one bad play on my part stopped me cashing, ho-hum.
One thing I will say about fast forward is the speed. Sure its 6-max but it does rattle along at a fair old rate of knots, so much so that I can only single table (woose) at the moment.

All in all, the variance train is really annoying me, how long can a cash game downswing last ????

Now I may not be Galfond, Williamson III or a Greenstein, but I am better than the average fish, honest !!!!

Time to fastforward into the future or should I z00m off over the horizon ....


pleasant dreams

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