Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Dreaded Pocket Kings (no, really)

welcome back

I was doing so well on partypoker.

Dropped 3 buy-ins today. Talk about pride before a fall.

Dealt pocket kings, I decided not to muck about and shoved .. straight into aces. de facto standard, sigh.
Reloaded. Dealt pocket kings again, I decided to run through the streets with them. Villain hit his straight somewhere along the line, sigh.
Reloaded and ground it up to three and half buy-ins. then pocket kings appeared, again. Being a nit, I elected to run through the streets, again. Despite decent raises pre-flop, two villains decided to come along. I had both of them covered. One of them hit two pairs, the other spiked a flush. Leaving me with three quarters of a buy-in, sigh.
No reload.
A couple of orbits later, I shoved with AQ .. into AK, sigh.

3 buy-ins.


pleasant dreams

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