Wednesday, 9 September 2015


welcome back

I see that us UK players are the guinea pigs for pokerstars (aka Amaya Gaming Inc) proposed method of accumulating fpp's which of course translate to your VIP level.
Noticed the email from 'stars too late to sign up for the beta test, so like the rest of you, I'll just have to wait until October when they propose to roll it out for UK players only.
Rest of the world have to wait for 2016 .. I wonder what we did to deserve this ?!

There is an official thread, hosted by Pokerstars Dylan, located HERE 2+2 official thread .

There is also the official 'stars website HERE Pokerstars UK - new steps .

Seems there is also a lot of flak being aimed at the "new" owners, mostly coming from the supernova guys.

Not sure if these proposed changes will shaft my Chrome star ambitions, lol.

pleasant dreams

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