Thursday, 19 June 2008

retro - pt1

welcome back, gentle reader.

i suppose the first thing i should point out is my (meager) poker content has moved,


going to give it a try and see how things go. i can access the new blog during daylight hours if you catch my drift. the only problem so far is the fact that i do not have complete control over it. ie any template amendments have to be uploaded by rTr which is a bit of a bummer and a pain in the bummer, tbh. lol bet rTr think i am a pain in the a$$ wanting all the changes that i do !!

what do i do with this piece of bloggerdom ? lol don't worry, i wont delete it ... just be a little quieter, for a few months at any rate. come the start of august, i will have a little more time on my hands ...

but as they say, thats another story .......

( to be continued )

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Twin Peaks - pt1

welcome back, gentle reader.

i am not sure it was wise to open the box !


Overall OPR Rank: 59,058 of 916,296
Full Tilt Poker OPR Rank: 16,353 of 273,989


Overall OPR Rank: n/a of 916,296
Party Poker OPR Rank: n/a of 46,554


Overall OPR Rank: 225,003 of 916,296
PokerStars OPR Rank: 120,279 of 497,355

room for improvement !!

Monday, 2 June 2008

FTSE 100 - pt1

welcome back, gentle reader.

oh man you gotta laugh. some people do monthly financial updates, hell some do it daily ! mine make such exciting reading i thought i'd better limit it to six monthly, in case the excitement of weekly updates would be to much for some.

so i had a trawl through my congrats emails and this is what i came up with. for those who like to cut to the chase, here is the summary.

i have not reloaded stars or fullTilt since christmas time. so the money on there is all profit, such as it is. both sites started at around $50 and i now have around a couple of hundred on each :)
not to bad for a recreational player and low stakes one at that. it would be more but i like to take shots, meh !

ignoring taking shots, my game has, i think, improved quite a bit, just need to reign in my dial-a-shot mentality. well the proof is in the pudding as they say ... was going to cut'n'paste the emails in but that even bored the arse off me ! so it would send my reader running to the hills ...

btw blame ukgatsby for the format :)

HORSE $35/$3 ..8 players - 1st $140.00 jan 08 - dial a shot goes right for once.
HORSE $3/$.30 ..352 players - 18th $8.45 feb 08
HORSE $3/$.30 ..520 players - 47th $6.24 feb 08
HORSE $5/$.50 ..108 players - 6th $24.30 mar 08
HORSE $5/$.50 ..112 players - 9th $12.32 mar 08
HORSE $50/$5 ..8 players - 2nd $120.00 mar 08 - dial a shot goes right ... almost.
HORSE $5/$.50 ..50 players - 1st $92.50 mar 08

march madness arrived = tilt & to many dial-a-shots = give it all back :(

pl08b $15/$1 ..18 players - 1st $108 april 08
pl08b $2/$.20 ...562 players - 35th $4.61 april 08
HORSE $5/$.50 ..60 players - 2nd $69 may 08
pl0 $10/$1 ..19 players - 1st $95 may 08
pl0 $10/$1 ..21 players - 1st $105 may 08
HORSE $5/$.50 ..85 players - 1st $133.88 may 08

$5 head hunter 7th $18.30 may 08
$x pl08 ?? ........ 1st $60 may 08 .... the email is corrupted
$4.40 SCALP collector 27th $11.16 in heads may 08
HORSE $5/$.50 ..94 players - 2nd $96.82 may 08
stud hi/lo $5/$.50 ..14 players - 1st $35 may 08
HORSE $10/$1 ...152 players - 11th $28.88 may 08

if you made it this far, well done.

at least you wont have to read another of these 'till christmas.