Thursday, 19 June 2008

retro - pt1

welcome back, gentle reader.

i suppose the first thing i should point out is my (meager) poker content has moved,


going to give it a try and see how things go. i can access the new blog during daylight hours if you catch my drift. the only problem so far is the fact that i do not have complete control over it. ie any template amendments have to be uploaded by rTr which is a bit of a bummer and a pain in the bummer, tbh. lol bet rTr think i am a pain in the a$$ wanting all the changes that i do !!

what do i do with this piece of bloggerdom ? lol don't worry, i wont delete it ... just be a little quieter, for a few months at any rate. come the start of august, i will have a little more time on my hands ...

but as they say, thats another story .......

( to be continued )


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