Tuesday, 17 July 2012

you called with ? .... really ??

welcome back

exit hands always fascinate me. I'm sure most players would claim their exit hand was a bad beat of some description. Ask the guy who eliminated you the same question and I'm sure you'd get a very different take on the play, lol.
Here are mines from last nights mtts.

triple stud, stud round - went for it with [3s 4c 2s 5h] on fourth, bricked, oppo housed me by seventh

pl08b - [8h Jd 8c 7h] - hit the set on the flop, filled up on river, oppo had a bigger house, ouch

8-game, 08b round - [Jd Ts 5d Ah] - hit my flush, oppo shouts "house" , meh

5-card draw - pre-draw [Ah Ts Jc 8d As] - no improvement and oppo has a set

2-card bingo - ran 88 into AT, crippled me, ugh, very next hand 88 into JQ

more 2-card bingo - jammed AQ, big stack called with KQ, oh please :(

The only hand which really annoyed was the pl08b hand but thats now history. No doubt there will be some more tonight.

btw, there was noBeer involved in last nights shennanigans, lol

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 12 July 2012

ramblings of a .. , meandering drivel, epic fails, the beats keep coming, 'roll busting mtt shennanigans

welcome back

EDIT just read over this post and Ant's comment, directed at Cowell, springs to mind .... "what a load of tosh" (you've been warned, lol)

btw, before you read this, all the pertinent information is contained in the title. So if you don't have much time, suffer from ADS, think that blog posts should be 140 characters or less, think that posts with more than one paragraph are tl;dr , feel free to go elsewhere to spend your most precious commodity on something worthwhile.

whenever I check in here, it always amuses me how long ago the last post was made. Time flies when your having fun, lol. I don't post particularly often because there is not really that much happening, "auld age disnae come alone, son" is an adage that springs to mind, thanks Mum.

I will say one thing. No matter how "big" I think my problems are, there are others (I refer to bloggers) who seem to have real troubles in their pipeline, ugh.

I had a moment of drunken clarity at the weekend. Pretty sure I've had fucking loads of these but thats the trouble innit ? being pissed, you tend to forget .... So Monday night arrives, working away as usual, head for the supermarket after work and leave with only groceries. No beer, wowser.

I fired up the laptop but didn't actually feel like playing. Thought that might be the case but I certainly wasn't going to force the issue. If that's the deal, so be it. Instead, I cruised a few forums and blogs, then I set about downloading all the poker clients I used to play on. I never bothered doing this after my hard disk crash of last year. I know, I'm fucking retarded, sometimes.

I know I should have done this previously. The precedent had been set when I actually paid attention to an email that an online book had sent, warning of fund confiscation due to account inactivity.
I discovered my Party account is empty, cunts. I discovered that Purple Lounge has gone into liquidation, along with my funds, cunts. I discovered that Bodog will not let me withdraw until I jump through their ID hoops, cunts. I discovered that Virgin have frozen my account due to account inactivity but a phone call to support should resolve this, thanks Richard.
I discovered that my Betfair account is dead and buried but they did process my withdrawal and the account is empty, result. I discovered that the few iPoker skins I use, allowed me to login with no restrictions, even although there must be significant account inactivity, hmmmm.

While I was logged into the last skin, out of left field came the urge to play, wtf ??

and play I did, one small stake 50-50 stt, lmfao. Played well and cashed fwiw and lol.

I was reading over some very old posts, not mine I hasten to add. I tried that once and it made my eyes bleed ! The poster was basically asking the question about poker goals and the levels you aspire to play .... eureka !

and that's my problem. I don't really have any. I honestly don't fucking care, as long as I don't go busto and continue to make small change at the cash to feed my current mtt "habit".

Which is very very sad :(

Reckon I am a 6/10 player, maybe even 7/10 at an extreme push, lol. Which is why I keep trying to knock drinking and playing on the head. Fuck me its a hard habit to break.

The end is near (well thank fuck for that, I hear you shout) .. I continue to (slowly, oh so slowly) decimate my 'stars 'roll, by insisting on playing mtt's ! That's another very bad habit I need to knock on the fucking head.

pleasant dreams