Wednesday, 21 December 2011

bah, humbug !

welcome back.

you know, working for the man may provide you with a regular income, but fuck me, there are some miserable arseholes you have to put up with :(
someone I know is working in their back yard tomorrow and thought it'd be prudent to work from home on friday rather than travel the 120 miles into the office .... he put the suggestion to his gaffer .... and was promptly told that there was shit he had to complete for friday and his gaffer was sure he could not possibly do this work from home .... what a miserable cunt ! its supposed to be christmas ffs.

poker has been much more fun :)

I warmed up for last nights session by .... playing poker, lol .... well how the fuck else are you supposed to warm up :)
the warm-up consisted of a set of, wait for it .. four STT's .... and I ITM'd the four of them :) should probably have called it a night right there !!
They were all $1.50 Turbo Knockout no-limit 08 .. 

one guy in the first game says

" I have no clue how to play this .... "
" why enter then ? " I politely enquired
" i didn't realise it was 4-cards .... "

wtf ? if it says "omaha" anywhere in the tourny title .... lol

anyways, he then proceeds to jam his stack in every hand and lasted 5 hands, lol. kudos to the guy for his honesty if nothing else :)

so first game I blag 2nd
  ((jammed A39K sooted ace into 24K8 ?? and he binks it , ho hum))
second game I blag 1st
  ((jammed 7A82 sooted ace into TJ5K ?? and I bink it , ho hum))
third game I blag 2nd
  ((jammed 6473 sooted 64 into 67QJ ?? and he binks it , ho hum))
fourth game I blag 3rd
  ((jammed 4K3Q sooted K into 9AA5 and A7AK and they split it , ho hum))

cant get much better than that, 4 from 4 ????

then I entered a few MTT's , all small field affairs because not one was hold'em :)

first up was a 2-7 lowball single draw .... bombed in 60th :( .... (64 runners lol)
next up was triple stud .... busted in 17th of 54 runners .... my kings and sixes no goot against the obligatory aces and fours
then we had the delights of the $4.40 pl08b .... close on 500 runners I bust in 185th
and onto Badugi, lol .... only 46 entered, I lasted until 21st
with the slightly saner version .. 2-7 lowball triple draw :) only 48 in and I got to 14th
and finished off the sesh with two back to back 8-game
with 85 players I managed (just) in the money with an 8th place
and then with 69 entrees .... I win, wheeee :)

heads up mildly amusing because we're at level XXXIX .... which was no-limit hold'em, oh the uber irony .... was chip leader heads up 80k to his 60k .... jammed with 45 and got called by K5 , err ok .... not a K in sight not that it would have helped as i flopped a straight, ouch

not a bad session :) started the grind at roughly 7, ending on a high at half past midnight. as ever ....

pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

walk softly ....

welcome back.

nowt happening, those with ADS can now bugger off :)

as stated earlier, poker volume has been atrocious, meh. basically given up the ghost of any decent volume or accruel of vpp's .... in fact, after the latest windows crash and subsequent re-install, I've given up the fucking lot !! what a pain in the arse a re-install is .. and the fucking downloads, fml ! (should have made a backup disc, you tosspot - Ed)

so I cant be arsed with the cash grind, given up ?? on the stt's and have been delving into the mtt world .... standards of play, imho, shocking.

I mean .... took 1st place in a wee triple stud, 3rd place in a wee badugi and 14th (of 672 runners ffs) in an 08 tourney .... what does that tell you about the competition ????
the 08 is an eye opener because I sat out (bedtime, meh) with 30 runners still in and I still "run" it up to 14th ....

btw, 'stars - your payout structure is FUCKING piss poor .... (14th got twenty times less than 1st)

imo, stars should reduce the amount of peeps paid but NOT increase the top spots percentages .... or ....  pay out the same number of people as they do at the mo, but knock a few % points of the top spot(s) , trust me, top spot in a micro buy-in would not even fucking notice a 10% reduction

so there you go, mtt's are simples :)

lets not go onto stt's as I have (for the last 3 weeks) 52 unread congrats emails from 'stars support :)

ah, that feels so much better !

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

welcome back

Not been around to post much because I have nothing much to post about, lol. Well, you get to a certain stage in life and all those exciting things that one used to do, well .. they are no longer that exciting, meh.

Apart from a MONSTER night in the other Saturday, spent in the company of my good poker buddy zagga, there has been hellish little worth reporting. So glad that we decided on a night of on line shenanigans and did not go play live. You prolly had to be there but what a night, lol.
Much beer was consumed, many herbs were smoked and we even managed to play some poker :) The "evening" ended at 4 in the am !! when I (we?) (zagga?) decided to throw in the towel with zagga ordering a taxi for "Dudley" .... I was like "wtf ? no, you didn't ...." but he fucking well did !!
We both did well, relieving fish of their money .. all down to me bringing my "Dudley-run-good" of course :) As I said you prolly had to be there .. the taxi driver probably wishes he was NOT there .. since I just had to explain to him why the taxi had been ordered for "Dudley" which most deffo is not my name, lol.

Apart from that, pretty much sweet.f.a going on, especially on the poker front !
I'm back to the bottom stars VIP status which really requires no explanation. If you are not playing, you cannot earn VPP's , lmfao. So my Nov volume was really, really atrocious .. Oct was not much better, sigh .. and so far December has been just as bad, pffft.     

Finishing on a "high" note (its all your fucking fault Zagga, damned hyper turbo's pffft) no, no, I really have not played any ! but my severe lack of volume is down to basically dicking about with the micro turbo STT's and turbo 6-max .. I was in the hole for $20 but but after dropping the 18-manners, I've clawed my way back to just $7 down .. oh, and the sample size ??  presto ! a whopping 55 games :)

see, see, Dudley-run-good in action !

pleasant dreams