Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

welcome back

Not been around to post much because I have nothing much to post about, lol. Well, you get to a certain stage in life and all those exciting things that one used to do, well .. they are no longer that exciting, meh.

Apart from a MONSTER night in the other Saturday, spent in the company of my good poker buddy zagga, there has been hellish little worth reporting. So glad that we decided on a night of on line shenanigans and did not go play live. You prolly had to be there but what a night, lol.
Much beer was consumed, many herbs were smoked and we even managed to play some poker :) The "evening" ended at 4 in the am !! when I (we?) (zagga?) decided to throw in the towel with zagga ordering a taxi for "Dudley" .... I was like "wtf ? no, you didn't ...." but he fucking well did !!
We both did well, relieving fish of their money .. all down to me bringing my "Dudley-run-good" of course :) As I said you prolly had to be there .. the taxi driver probably wishes he was NOT there .. since I just had to explain to him why the taxi had been ordered for "Dudley" which most deffo is not my name, lol.

Apart from that, pretty much sweet.f.a going on, especially on the poker front !
I'm back to the bottom stars VIP status which really requires no explanation. If you are not playing, you cannot earn VPP's , lmfao. So my Nov volume was really, really atrocious .. Oct was not much better, sigh .. and so far December has been just as bad, pffft.     

Finishing on a "high" note (its all your fucking fault Zagga, damned hyper turbo's pffft) no, no, I really have not played any ! but my severe lack of volume is down to basically dicking about with the micro turbo STT's and turbo 6-max .. I was in the hole for $20 but but after dropping the 18-manners, I've clawed my way back to just $7 down .. oh, and the sample size ??  presto ! a whopping 55 games :)

see, see, Dudley-run-good in action !

pleasant dreams

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