Wednesday, 14 December 2011

walk softly ....

welcome back.

nowt happening, those with ADS can now bugger off :)

as stated earlier, poker volume has been atrocious, meh. basically given up the ghost of any decent volume or accruel of vpp's .... in fact, after the latest windows crash and subsequent re-install, I've given up the fucking lot !! what a pain in the arse a re-install is .. and the fucking downloads, fml ! (should have made a backup disc, you tosspot - Ed)

so I cant be arsed with the cash grind, given up ?? on the stt's and have been delving into the mtt world .... standards of play, imho, shocking.

I mean .... took 1st place in a wee triple stud, 3rd place in a wee badugi and 14th (of 672 runners ffs) in an 08 tourney .... what does that tell you about the competition ????
the 08 is an eye opener because I sat out (bedtime, meh) with 30 runners still in and I still "run" it up to 14th ....

btw, 'stars - your payout structure is FUCKING piss poor .... (14th got twenty times less than 1st)

imo, stars should reduce the amount of peeps paid but NOT increase the top spots percentages .... or ....  pay out the same number of people as they do at the mo, but knock a few % points of the top spot(s) , trust me, top spot in a micro buy-in would not even fucking notice a 10% reduction

so there you go, mtt's are simples :)

lets not go onto stt's as I have (for the last 3 weeks) 52 unread congrats emails from 'stars support :)

ah, that feels so much better !

pleasant dreams

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