Saturday, 27 February 2010

1st dynasty 3I00 2890 BC

welcome back.

the song rattling about in my head at the mo "i've got a feeling, tonights gonna be a good night" courtesy of the BEP :) man, that Fergie is soooo hot, whew ! got a biggy tonight thanks to the fine folks over at pokerplayersplace, who came up with an idea to allow us wee fish a shot at a big one. its a pyramid scheme, members contribute $$ each week, thus allowing one member per week, a buy-in to a biggie of their choice. my shot is tonight, gulp :)
most peeps play nlhe, of course. 40k guaranteed, 60k guaranteed etc etc. I had a look at these, but the playing time if you go deep is 6hrs plus, ugh ! needless to say i dont really have that much to spare, never mind the concentration required lol. so i'll be playing something with slightly less runners tyvm.

oh quad goddesses of poker, dont allow me to make myself gigli.

apart from that, not a lot happening, poker wise ;) been donking about at purpleLounge, recovering a very very fragile bankroll, now that i'm paying attention to the € buy-in ! so over the $50 and still, generally, heading North, so all's goot :)

I see Scotland got beat, again, at the rugby :( shouldn't surprise me really, but after trouncing Wales 2 weeks ago for 70mins .... then gifting victory to them in the last 10 .... painful !
oh and the very best of luck to the boys in blue in tomorrows tiny wee local derby, up here in the West of Scotland :)

whatever you're playing tonight, good luck !

pleasant dreams.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

much ado - pt 3

welcome back.

lmfao. my 3 year old has just wandered through to where the pc sits in the hall .... and pointed out, in 3 year old speak, daddy has not fixed the lamp he broke yet, has he ? said "lamp" is the hallway light, hanging from the ceiling, which i "broke" when i changed the shade. its a really old light fitting and it was only coming down if i actually broke the rose .... honestly, the things 3 year old's notice !

not been about much because i spend way to much time "working". ok so almost half my week is spent travelling but by the time i get home at night etc etc the last thing i feel like doing is sitting down and banging out a post .... ffs, when would i get to play poker ?

ah the life of a high flying micro-micro stakes player ! fucking exciting, huh ?

so what's been happening ....

not much lol due to time spent elsewhere. still donking about on purple lounge, but as any microstaker knows, its a long long grind for very little return. since i fucked up with the buy-in currency, i 've been grinding 50c and €1 turbo tourneys, managing to get the roll back to $50 from less than $10 lmfao. actually, i'm quite pleased with the way it's going :)

also been taking a shot over on Party .... get this, at one point last night, excluding money in play, i had 13c left in my account ! managed to cash the last 3 tourneys of the night, bring my roll to a very respectable $30 ! ha ha ha .... reckon i can squeeze 5 tourneys out of that. sorry, but i really cannot be arsed with the 3-dollar buy-ins. too much like grinding and Party is a dial-a-shot roll, so wtf !!

i really should get some sort of schedule together, sort of like jones keeps threatening lol. not his buy-ins ffs ! I mean, like play 08 on stars and grind the fuck out of it every 2nd or 3rd night. then on my "off" nights i should just donk about at the micro's on whatever site takes my fancy, because i've actively been avoiding stars since my pre-crimbo stellar bad run :(

and we all know, sigh, I should know, its a long term game.

pleasant dreams.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Method in the madness

welcome back.

heard it yowling. ignored it. went out the back for a smoke. heard it yowling, out front, i thought ..... unlocks the gate, goes outside for a look .....

across the road, i see him, a fox, lying down, yowling in pain ....

i step forwards .... he sits up a little .... a car approaches .... it passes .... pulls into the drive across the street .... my taxi driver neighboor gets out .... looks at me .... "wtf are you doing ?" i see him think .... the fox, in pain, i almost voice ....

he goes into his house .... the fox yowls .... i take a step towards it ....

mr foxy stands up .... and trots off down the street .... bastard !!!!

in pain my arse ! and now my neighbour thinks i am a loon, wtf ?

grrrr. you know, i really wish you had never, ever, mentioned that fucking fox .... zagga

pleasant dreams.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

there is always hope

welcome back.

Hello ResdentEvil,

Thank you for participating in WBCOOP 2010 - we hope you enjoyed the experience!

This is just a quick email to inform you that you have been credited $1.58 from the player 'MI_Turtle'. He kindly offered to share $1000 amongst all the players that outlasted him in the WBCOOP Main Event. His final finishing position of 635th place meant the $1000 was divided between the top 634 players.

If you have any questions regarding this unusual prize, please let us know.



well played, sir. and thank you very much.

oh and thank-you to my "followers". i'd forgotten all about that wee widget lurking at the bottom of the blog ! cheers guys & gals :)

i wonder if the mobile phone operators actually make more money from texts rather than actual phone calls !!


Does your wife or girlfriend have any unwanted gold jewellery ? Rings, Earings, Bracelets ?

If so ....
.... give her a fucking slap ! Ungrateful cunt !!

and of course, the obligatory Glesga humour.

Locals are said to be in a state of shock after Police found a stash of guns behind the library in Coatbridge yesterday.
A spokeman said "The people of Coatbridge had no idea they had library"

pleasant dreams *)