Saturday, 27 February 2010

1st dynasty 3I00 2890 BC

welcome back.

the song rattling about in my head at the mo "i've got a feeling, tonights gonna be a good night" courtesy of the BEP :) man, that Fergie is soooo hot, whew ! got a biggy tonight thanks to the fine folks over at pokerplayersplace, who came up with an idea to allow us wee fish a shot at a big one. its a pyramid scheme, members contribute $$ each week, thus allowing one member per week, a buy-in to a biggie of their choice. my shot is tonight, gulp :)
most peeps play nlhe, of course. 40k guaranteed, 60k guaranteed etc etc. I had a look at these, but the playing time if you go deep is 6hrs plus, ugh ! needless to say i dont really have that much to spare, never mind the concentration required lol. so i'll be playing something with slightly less runners tyvm.

oh quad goddesses of poker, dont allow me to make myself gigli.

apart from that, not a lot happening, poker wise ;) been donking about at purpleLounge, recovering a very very fragile bankroll, now that i'm paying attention to the € buy-in ! so over the $50 and still, generally, heading North, so all's goot :)

I see Scotland got beat, again, at the rugby :( shouldn't surprise me really, but after trouncing Wales 2 weeks ago for 70mins .... then gifting victory to them in the last 10 .... painful !
oh and the very best of luck to the boys in blue in tomorrows tiny wee local derby, up here in the West of Scotland :)

whatever you're playing tonight, good luck !

pleasant dreams.


rubbish said...

Trouncing Wales 2 weeks ago? Are you pissed when you write this? Get a grip Dave,

Anonymous said...

were Scotland not well in control, until they had 2 men sent off/sin binned ??
cmon, admit it !!