Thursday, 18 February 2010

much ado - pt 3

welcome back.

lmfao. my 3 year old has just wandered through to where the pc sits in the hall .... and pointed out, in 3 year old speak, daddy has not fixed the lamp he broke yet, has he ? said "lamp" is the hallway light, hanging from the ceiling, which i "broke" when i changed the shade. its a really old light fitting and it was only coming down if i actually broke the rose .... honestly, the things 3 year old's notice !

not been about much because i spend way to much time "working". ok so almost half my week is spent travelling but by the time i get home at night etc etc the last thing i feel like doing is sitting down and banging out a post .... ffs, when would i get to play poker ?

ah the life of a high flying micro-micro stakes player ! fucking exciting, huh ?

so what's been happening ....

not much lol due to time spent elsewhere. still donking about on purple lounge, but as any microstaker knows, its a long long grind for very little return. since i fucked up with the buy-in currency, i 've been grinding 50c and €1 turbo tourneys, managing to get the roll back to $50 from less than $10 lmfao. actually, i'm quite pleased with the way it's going :)

also been taking a shot over on Party .... get this, at one point last night, excluding money in play, i had 13c left in my account ! managed to cash the last 3 tourneys of the night, bring my roll to a very respectable $30 ! ha ha ha .... reckon i can squeeze 5 tourneys out of that. sorry, but i really cannot be arsed with the 3-dollar buy-ins. too much like grinding and Party is a dial-a-shot roll, so wtf !!

i really should get some sort of schedule together, sort of like jones keeps threatening lol. not his buy-ins ffs ! I mean, like play 08 on stars and grind the fuck out of it every 2nd or 3rd night. then on my "off" nights i should just donk about at the micro's on whatever site takes my fancy, because i've actively been avoiding stars since my pre-crimbo stellar bad run :(

and we all know, sigh, I should know, its a long term game.

pleasant dreams.

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