Wednesday, 15 January 2014

He might be mad but I'm certifiable.

welcome back

and the hot news from the Res camp is ....

Correct. Absolutely sweet F A.

I continue to dribble chips away at the nano stakes, spending more money on booze and cigs than I ever have on poker. Time to clean my act up. Don't worry, I'm way more sceptical than you on that one but you never know :)

The only news I have is the fact that TN1 no longer works at all. I might be a small money fish but I do like to multitable. Need to look into some alternatives, sigh. Sure 'stars has auto hot keys but they do not recognize input from an xbox controller. TN1 did and so does TN2. Just started the 60 day free trial and who knows, I might just have to bite the bullet and pay the bastards their yearly subscription. Unless of course the old registry edit ruse works with TN2 ....

I'll be back "soon" with an update and of course, more "hot news".

pleasant dreams