Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"I used to love dreaming up titles...."

welcome back.

I see blogger have been messing about with the interface .. suppose only time will tell if i even notice/use the changes, lol. EDIT - wowser, the preview button works !!
speaking of change, i've moved gaffs in York, just have to wait and see how much of an improvement over the old place it turns out to be .... well its a lot cleaner, strike one !
Not much happening, no lady-boy banging stories (eh Simon) or protecting my boyfriend from lizards (eh Simon) .... you know where to go for that kinda shit, lol
finally, finally got around to reinstalling pokerTracker, for all the good it'll do me, lol and while i was at it, thought I'd give tableNinja a go, well, a months free trial, ho-hum .... seems like a real fancy amalgamation of AHK scripting but as I'm way to lazy to write my own ....
as I said, not hellish much going on, but I'll finish on a high note

A dwarf in London was thinking about looting a butchers, but the steaks were too high ....

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

no title .... (can you tell I aint been here awhile .... )

welcome back.

you thought .... I'd died ? , thankfully, no.

you thought .... I'd gone busto ? , hopefully, no.

you thought .... I'd .... probably, no.

It is a bit redic though, the gaps between posting, lol. Anyways, still here, still playing, just. After weeks of problems with the laptop, the HDD gave up the ghost, almost. I could only boot up in "safe mode" .... have you seen the size of the tables on a 1024*768 display ?? That alone is enough to make you give up !
After putting up with this for a few weeks .. cough cough .. I bit the bullet and bought a new hdd, got a copy of windows, ordered replacement media from those thieving cunts at Toshiba, in case the copy of windows was a wee bit suspect .... installed the new drive, installed windows, installed 37, yes thats THIRTY SEVEN drivers from Toshiba .... played for one night, and the next night my broadband dongle went tits up !!!!
After putting up with bt fon coverage for a week .... and you thought online poker was stressful, pfffft, .... I called 3-support .... after 31mins and 50secs .. the lovely Sirita told me to , get this, uninstall and reinstall my dongle software .... yep, worked first time ffs !

so I am back :) wheeee :)

As you can see, I do love to spout pish, as Zagga would say.

oh btw, stars balance hovering just over 1k .... should I move that to the top for all the lazy fuckers ?

finally, fucking awesome result on Sunday, stuffing the whining whinging wankers 4-2 .... God Save The Queen .... :) he he he he

and in case i go awol again, heres a wee joke, courtesy of Frances ....

I was in Curry's earlier when I asked my wife
"What's your favourite Teletubby ?"
"Tinky Winky" she replied.
"No you fat cunt, which TV do you want ?"

pleasant dreams