Wednesday, 22 December 2010

"do you have a life ?"

welcome back.

its nice to see some of the players on 'stars actually paying attention.

i decided to basically grind (that's my version of grind) the fuck out of it at 'stars this month. The sole reason for this was to grab a yearly bonus. I only noticed I might actually miss the damn thing at the tail end of last month. Well, that's what happens when you go donking about elsewhere !
I need not have worried since I "easily" attained the required vpp's. Which has thrown up another dilemma. Do I take the bronze star $25 vip bonus now ? or do I push on for the silver star $50 vip bonus ? Since these are not "stellar" rewards, I'm assuming they'll be available whenever and they won't be removed at the end of the year ....

The only reason I've accumulated vpp's is through multitabling. I've also actually added some $$ to my small bankroll. If I was any good at this blogger thing I'd post a nice wee graph, but I'm not, so I wont. The month started badly, dropping 500bb's in 6 days. Then the tide turned. So far this month I'm up 8000bb's. Knock off 2500bb's for the bonus, and that's 5500bb's in actual gameplay profit. Obv not ALL of the profit has come from microstakes as I've played a few hands at 10c/25c and (lol) 25c/50c .... dont ask, I grew a set one night and decided to play in the big playground !
(now that I've counted it all, its quite "eeeek!" , I've never run like this, then again, never played like this....)

well, we all know what happens for the rest of the month, don't we ....

then this random types in the chat box .. "hey Evil, do you not have a life ?"
he was obv a wee bit irked that I was sat at all the microstakes tables (not "fast" though!) but, if you remember, I'm chat banned, so the random will have to make his own mind up. my response would of course have been ..
.. "not this month son, not this month"

pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I am NOT smarter than a 10 year old.

welcome back.

cheers guys. yer so helpfull zag, lol. Rossi you could have explained about "purchasing" stellar rewards, lol ....

1400 hands and only +$7 .... ugh, thought me all day today. I was way to tired to trawl hh's last night to figure out where the hell I'd dropped the "other" $43 of my bonus ....

(the only upside is I only need 65vpp's for Silver .. is it worth it Rossi ??)

yup, you guessed it .... I finally figured out that the $50 had NOT automatically been credited to my account, you have to purchase the fucking thing for the pricely sum of 1 fpp ....

yup, deffo NOT smarter .... in fact, I dont think I’ll play poker anymore, sigh, now where are my crayons …

pleasant dreams.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

resolve - A+ effort - B-

welcome back.

I will make my year end bonus on stars. since the start of December I have started grinding it out on stars. multitabling is, of course, essential. well, for the microstakes it is. not that I can 24 table but I'm getting there.
I only need 102 vpp's from tonights session :)

there are two reasons why I need to put in more effort. firstly, there are often more tables available than I play .... secondly, if I want to succeed with more tables, I need to cut down on "creative" plays !

one of the other nlhe bloggers posted about his months profit, quite nice it was too .... but .... he was err lots of buy-ins down and the profit was purely made from bonus money. I've never looked into the stars bonus thingy overly deeply, but if you make, say, a level one bonus for 2500 vpp's .... then level two jumps to 5000 vpp's ? me ? I'm up a whopping $20, lol

the point I'm trying to make, are bonuses for us microstakers not extremely limited ? lol, i just checked. after this bonus, I need 10k vpp's for the next one .... and since its dated 2010 then I assume stars reset vpp's to zero on the 1st january, no ? feel free to comment and tell me I'm talking pish !

if you want to move up stakes surely you cant rely on bonuses ? then again, do I want to move up ? the next level is 5-times my current buy-in .... oh and I notice that most of those tables are no-limit .... insanity, anyone ??

so 102 vpp's for the bonus and 175 vpp's for silver star .... gold star, pfffft .... thats a hell of a jump from silver to gold, lol .... then again platinum to supernova is plain redic !

sigh, I need a new template .... this broken one is really fucking me off. what a major pain in the arse a new template is going to be, but, it needs doing, bollox !!

pleasant dreams

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Punch and Judy

welcome back.

well, there is hope ! had an absolute monster session last night.

1900 hands, $16 profit .... and 110 vpp's !

to me, thats amazing, a 3-figure vpp score. you know, I might actually get that bonus after all !

and the actual poker ? lets have a wee look.
my 2d 4d 8c Ah v 2s 3c 3d Tc v 6d 5h 7d 2c .... good for a scoop of 218bb
my Kc 3s As Ad v Tc Ah 4s Ac .... all the money went in on the flop 3d3h8h .... grrr, I take the high, she spiked a low, sigh. and against my fav Swedish babes too, oh Nonnie babes, how did you call my check-raise all-in on that flop ?? .... a 480bb pot and we split, ugh .... and I cant even chat because .... one month chat ban in place lol

my 32JA cost me 100bb when I tried to bluff (hee haw) a high board on the river and the villain just jams his stack in and I have to let it go, oops.
btw, A23x is the hand-of-death, I know it, we all know it, but still I hang myself with it .... grrrr
how about A2K6 v A2Q6 .... ended up a 400bb pot .... why the villain chucks all that in when he has neither nut low or high ... we split the low, I took the high, lol

quite a session. the rake paid in the hand against missSwedish was my biggest losing hand ! go figure. so obv feeling sorry for me, the RNG decided to try and soften the blow of being chat banned and flicked the 'ole doomswitch, in the right direction for once, lol.

thats the way to do it !

pleasant dreams.

Monday, 6 December 2010


welcome back.

played some forum tourney games over the weekend. all good fun, pfffft. twice i get it in good, twice i get get fucking rodgered, pfffft. the third time I jammed with 7's .... ran into Q's , fml ! I believe I also missed drPauly's game ? ffs zagga, a wee reminder would be nice :)

also played the dirtyPoker omaha game late Saturday night .... cant quite remember how I got donked, but I did, honest.
Oh thats right, I also picked up a chat ban, fml ! while having a bit of manly swearing banter with dirtyScott .... mod shows up, usual "keep it clean .... yada yada yada" .... the mod fucks off, I type in a response to some comment .... boom ! .... "your chat priveledges have been revoked" fml and pffft in one !

besides that, I know how Mik feels. cant catch shit and more over, cant get anything to hold ! then again, all poker players say that, don't we ?

anyway, the real news is, I have a real grind this month to achieve a $50 bonus .... 700vpp needed, fuck. I know its not a lot but it is for an occaisional 1c/2c donkey who cant quite 24 table .... so far this month I've collected 160vpp's .... 516 more needed ! come on you fucking donkey, you can do it !

I probably could do it, but .... the forum are running some non-nlhe games over the festive period .... they do hellish few non-nlhe games so its hard to resist, sigh. then again, the chat ban is just confirmation that my doomswitch had been flicked ....

pleasant dreams.