Tuesday, 14 December 2010

resolve - A+ effort - B-

welcome back.

I will make my year end bonus on stars. since the start of December I have started grinding it out on stars. multitabling is, of course, essential. well, for the microstakes it is. not that I can 24 table but I'm getting there.
I only need 102 vpp's from tonights session :)

there are two reasons why I need to put in more effort. firstly, there are often more tables available than I play .... secondly, if I want to succeed with more tables, I need to cut down on "creative" plays !

one of the other nlhe bloggers posted about his months profit, quite nice it was too .... but .... he was err lots of buy-ins down and the profit was purely made from bonus money. I've never looked into the stars bonus thingy overly deeply, but if you make, say, a level one bonus for 2500 vpp's .... then level two jumps to 5000 vpp's ? me ? I'm up a whopping $20, lol

the point I'm trying to make, are bonuses for us microstakers not extremely limited ? lol, i just checked. after this bonus, I need 10k vpp's for the next one .... and since its dated 2010 then I assume stars reset vpp's to zero on the 1st january, no ? feel free to comment and tell me I'm talking pish !

if you want to move up stakes surely you cant rely on bonuses ? then again, do I want to move up ? the next level is 5-times my current buy-in .... oh and I notice that most of those tables are no-limit .... insanity, anyone ??

so 102 vpp's for the bonus and 175 vpp's for silver star .... gold star, pfffft .... thats a hell of a jump from silver to gold, lol .... then again platinum to supernova is plain redic !

sigh, I need a new template .... this broken one is really fucking me off. what a major pain in the arse a new template is going to be, but, it needs doing, bollox !!

pleasant dreams


Littleacornman said...

No idea about the fpps mate but on past history I can confirm that it's most likely that you are indeed talking pish!

ROSSI said...

pokerstars sets the VPP's back to zero at the start of the year.

However you dont lose FPP's, which are what you buy yr bonus's with.

you earn x amount of FPP's for every VPP.