Wednesday, 22 December 2010

"do you have a life ?"

welcome back.

its nice to see some of the players on 'stars actually paying attention.

i decided to basically grind (that's my version of grind) the fuck out of it at 'stars this month. The sole reason for this was to grab a yearly bonus. I only noticed I might actually miss the damn thing at the tail end of last month. Well, that's what happens when you go donking about elsewhere !
I need not have worried since I "easily" attained the required vpp's. Which has thrown up another dilemma. Do I take the bronze star $25 vip bonus now ? or do I push on for the silver star $50 vip bonus ? Since these are not "stellar" rewards, I'm assuming they'll be available whenever and they won't be removed at the end of the year ....

The only reason I've accumulated vpp's is through multitabling. I've also actually added some $$ to my small bankroll. If I was any good at this blogger thing I'd post a nice wee graph, but I'm not, so I wont. The month started badly, dropping 500bb's in 6 days. Then the tide turned. So far this month I'm up 8000bb's. Knock off 2500bb's for the bonus, and that's 5500bb's in actual gameplay profit. Obv not ALL of the profit has come from microstakes as I've played a few hands at 10c/25c and (lol) 25c/50c .... dont ask, I grew a set one night and decided to play in the big playground !
(now that I've counted it all, its quite "eeeek!" , I've never run like this, then again, never played like this....)

well, we all know what happens for the rest of the month, don't we ....

then this random types in the chat box .. "hey Evil, do you not have a life ?"
he was obv a wee bit irked that I was sat at all the microstakes tables (not "fast" though!) but, if you remember, I'm chat banned, so the random will have to make his own mind up. my response would of course have been ..
.. "not this month son, not this month"

pleasant dreams


Gavin said...

5500 bb's sounds bloody good to me mate. I'm not quite managing 5.5 bb at the moment :)

rubbish said...

Merry Xmas mate, catch up with you next year.