Saturday, 8 January 2011

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welcome back

did we all have fun over the festive period ? good.

I more or less stuck to the plan and ground it out on 'stars during December, well, up to the 24th at any rate. averaging out about a redic 1500 hands a day. made the bonus I was after and blagged another one into the bargain.

quite surprising really, since I was on the piste almost every night (sic). I came off-piste last night, managing only 540 hands in about 2hrs and a tiny wee profit, lol. her indoors moans like fuck that I have my head shoved way to far up my ass and that's why she ain't into the pokher. This month, I'll continue to grind on 'stars, but I will be off-piste, lets see if that makes any difference whatsoever on the pokher front. btw, her main complaint was the fact that I did not get up in the morning .... funny enough, I was up before both her and the kids this morning .. still no sign of a fucking thaw though .. then again, she probably thinks its only a temporary blip in my drinking schedule, lol

so a simple plan as far as poker goes this month. grind it up on 'stars while stone.cold.sober. If I can blag another bonus or two and a hundred playing profit, I'll be happy and count it as a success. Last night was typical of my play on the first night off-piste. almost on autopilot .. meaning I was not getting involved overly much. not likely to loose much but not likey to win much ! as expected since it always takes a couple of days to get the alcohol out my system, fml.

so there you go. nice simple goals for January.

pleasant dreams

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