Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Dreaded Pocket Kings (no, really)

welcome back

I was doing so well on partypoker.

Dropped 3 buy-ins today. Talk about pride before a fall.

Dealt pocket kings, I decided not to muck about and shoved .. straight into aces. de facto standard, sigh.
Reloaded. Dealt pocket kings again, I decided to run through the streets with them. Villain hit his straight somewhere along the line, sigh.
Reloaded and ground it up to three and half buy-ins. then pocket kings appeared, again. Being a nit, I elected to run through the streets, again. Despite decent raises pre-flop, two villains decided to come along. I had both of them covered. One of them hit two pairs, the other spiked a flush. Leaving me with three quarters of a buy-in, sigh.
No reload.
A couple of orbits later, I shoved with AQ .. into AK, sigh.

3 buy-ins.


pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Orient Express

welcome back

been z00m along on 'stars, that's Omaha z00m, for the record. Last session was 2600 hands, give or take, and I cannot win a flip if your life depended on it ! Never had decent enough volume previously to really notice the variance. I do question myself, you know, how long can this shit last ??!!
I've had a look and pretty much getting the money in ahead, the villains really are 50-50 at best. Still does not stop me cursing the hell out of them though !

So, 4-card-bingo, deffo down for the last few sessions. I find this extremely frustrating, make that quadrupled frustrating, as I'm actually ahead on the z00m 2-card-bingo (NLHE 6-max & full ring), grrrr.

On another front, partypoker front, I'm fastforward into winning position, lol. Again, very frustrating. Also have T$ on party .. no idea why these have been added to my account but hey-ho.
Used ten dollars worth in a small field mtt finishing 13th, top 9 paid. One misclick and one bad play on my part stopped me cashing, ho-hum.
One thing I will say about fast forward is the speed. Sure its 6-max but it does rattle along at a fair old rate of knots, so much so that I can only single table (woose) at the moment.

All in all, the variance train is really annoying me, how long can a cash game downswing last ????

Now I may not be Galfond, Williamson III or a Greenstein, but I am better than the average fish, honest !!!!

Time to fastforward into the future or should I z00m off over the horizon ....


pleasant dreams

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


welcome back

I see that us UK players are the guinea pigs for pokerstars (aka Amaya Gaming Inc) proposed method of accumulating fpp's which of course translate to your VIP level.
Noticed the email from 'stars too late to sign up for the beta test, so like the rest of you, I'll just have to wait until October when they propose to roll it out for UK players only.
Rest of the world have to wait for 2016 .. I wonder what we did to deserve this ?!

There is an official thread, hosted by Pokerstars Dylan, located HERE 2+2 official thread .

There is also the official 'stars website HERE Pokerstars UK - new steps .

Seems there is also a lot of flak being aimed at the "new" owners, mostly coming from the supernova guys.

Not sure if these proposed changes will shaft my Chrome star ambitions, lol.

pleasant dreams

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How many days ....

Welcome back

Missed my aim to get chrome for this month. I thought there were 3 days left 'till the end of August, so I took a night off. There were actually only two days left until the end of the month. doh !

September goals are simple. Get chrome and not go bust :) Easily done if you're only playing off $15, lol.

pleasant dreams