Thursday, 9 December 2010

Punch and Judy

welcome back.

well, there is hope ! had an absolute monster session last night.

1900 hands, $16 profit .... and 110 vpp's !

to me, thats amazing, a 3-figure vpp score. you know, I might actually get that bonus after all !

and the actual poker ? lets have a wee look.
my 2d 4d 8c Ah v 2s 3c 3d Tc v 6d 5h 7d 2c .... good for a scoop of 218bb
my Kc 3s As Ad v Tc Ah 4s Ac .... all the money went in on the flop 3d3h8h .... grrr, I take the high, she spiked a low, sigh. and against my fav Swedish babes too, oh Nonnie babes, how did you call my check-raise all-in on that flop ?? .... a 480bb pot and we split, ugh .... and I cant even chat because .... one month chat ban in place lol

my 32JA cost me 100bb when I tried to bluff (hee haw) a high board on the river and the villain just jams his stack in and I have to let it go, oops.
btw, A23x is the hand-of-death, I know it, we all know it, but still I hang myself with it .... grrrr
how about A2K6 v A2Q6 .... ended up a 400bb pot .... why the villain chucks all that in when he has neither nut low or high ... we split the low, I took the high, lol

quite a session. the rake paid in the hand against missSwedish was my biggest losing hand ! go figure. so obv feeling sorry for me, the RNG decided to try and soften the blow of being chat banned and flicked the 'ole doomswitch, in the right direction for once, lol.

thats the way to do it !

pleasant dreams.


rubbish said...

Another few weeks like that and you'll be taking Isildur1 on.

John said...

You make me laugh man