Monday, 6 December 2010


welcome back.

played some forum tourney games over the weekend. all good fun, pfffft. twice i get it in good, twice i get get fucking rodgered, pfffft. the third time I jammed with 7's .... ran into Q's , fml ! I believe I also missed drPauly's game ? ffs zagga, a wee reminder would be nice :)

also played the dirtyPoker omaha game late Saturday night .... cant quite remember how I got donked, but I did, honest.
Oh thats right, I also picked up a chat ban, fml ! while having a bit of manly swearing banter with dirtyScott .... mod shows up, usual "keep it clean .... yada yada yada" .... the mod fucks off, I type in a response to some comment .... boom ! .... "your chat priveledges have been revoked" fml and pffft in one !

besides that, I know how Mik feels. cant catch shit and more over, cant get anything to hold ! then again, all poker players say that, don't we ?

anyway, the real news is, I have a real grind this month to achieve a $50 bonus .... 700vpp needed, fuck. I know its not a lot but it is for an occaisional 1c/2c donkey who cant quite 24 table .... so far this month I've collected 160vpp's .... 516 more needed ! come on you fucking donkey, you can do it !

I probably could do it, but .... the forum are running some non-nlhe games over the festive period .... they do hellish few non-nlhe games so its hard to resist, sigh. then again, the chat ban is just confirmation that my doomswitch had been flicked ....

pleasant dreams.


rubbish said...

I mate, where you been hiding?

dD said...

not really hiding .... just RUBBISH at posting .... b00m b00m !

Littleacornman said...

FFS mate,I posted the banner ad for Dr Paulys game and included it in the title of the same post.Next time ask your nurse to give you a nudge before it starts ya senile old bassa !