Tuesday, 17 July 2012

you called with ? .... really ??

welcome back

exit hands always fascinate me. I'm sure most players would claim their exit hand was a bad beat of some description. Ask the guy who eliminated you the same question and I'm sure you'd get a very different take on the play, lol.
Here are mines from last nights mtts.

triple stud, stud round - went for it with [3s 4c 2s 5h] on fourth, bricked, oppo housed me by seventh

pl08b - [8h Jd 8c 7h] - hit the set on the flop, filled up on river, oppo had a bigger house, ouch

8-game, 08b round - [Jd Ts 5d Ah] - hit my flush, oppo shouts "house" , meh

5-card draw - pre-draw [Ah Ts Jc 8d As] - no improvement and oppo has a set

2-card bingo - ran 88 into AT, crippled me, ugh, very next hand 88 into JQ

more 2-card bingo - jammed AQ, big stack called with KQ, oh please :(

The only hand which really annoyed was the pl08b hand but thats now history. No doubt there will be some more tonight.

btw, there was noBeer involved in last nights shennanigans, lol

pleasant dreams

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