Monday, 3 July 2017


welcome back

How good is your memory ? About as good as mine's then. and yes, I had to check. and no, I couldn't believe it's been almost three years .... that's how long ago Jemma's sister, Jet, made her final road trip with me ....

This morning, Mrs Evil took Jemma on that same, final, road trip.

Jemma and Jet
I got Jet and Jemma in 1999 and they were probably two years old. So Jemma made it to 20 years old. Not bad at all for domestic cats.

With Jet no longer with us, Jemma took over the affectionate roll and did as her sister did. Following you around and sitting and pedalling on you at every opportunity.

I knew her time was fast approaching as I'd planned a day off this week .... but she was just too worn out and it couldn't wait.

They say cats are funny. In her last few months, Jemma had taken to frequently flopping down in the middle of the kitchen. Just like her sister.

I had frequently taken to screaming at the kids to "Mind the cat !!"

I got to take my last road trip with my beautiful cat, Jet. Mrs Evil got to take her last road trip with my beautiful cat, Jemma.

Jemma sleeping cats lie.
The kids are a bit older, teenagers, meh ! This time I was pall bearer, grave digger, minister and mourner. I didn't mind. Late tonight I dug out Jemma's final resting place. Next to her sister.

Sisters reunited.

Pleasure to have the company of those two wonderful cats for all those years.

Eternal Sleep photo, soon. You know what ? I miss those cats so damn much.

pleasant dreams


Mr Subliminal said...

Just saw this now. Sorry to hear and I can understand what you were (and still are) going through.

dD said...

than you mr S