Tuesday, 9 February 2016

tilt aware

welcome back

so my latest fad is z00m. conventional wisdom indicates that a reasonable starting sample size is 100,000 hands, so this might take a while. On the other hand I might never get there before something else grabs my attention. or before I drop enough buy-ins to convince me it was a bad idea. hopefully, I can get there. one reason I want to get there, is to see if I can get a handle on how swingy it is.
I would like to be able to say that I'm on a "standard" swing at the moment. I'm not. I went on tilt. Full blown motherfucking monkey rage tilt. Cost me 4 buy-ins. Kind of realised I was on that path but as the realization was dawning, the red mist was descending. Lesson learned. Again.
put a bit of a dent in my bb/100 stats. doesn't actually look that bad, but knowing why it looks like that, fucking horrifies me. Putting it in black & white as a constant reminder whilst I z00m.

10,259 hands played @ -4.64 bb/100

pleasant dreams

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