Thursday, 24 May 2007

All the President's Men

Welcome back, gentle reader.

I have been "tagged" by miasdas, so 7 things you don't know about me - could be anything since none of you "know" me :))

1. I am the proud daddy of 3 children all under five at the moment :)

2. I am the proud owner of a Moto Guzzi California and it is the most underused bike in the UK, I should imagine ( see point one if u wonder why ! )

3. This is my third year on my poker voyage. (year 1 - lose, year 2- lose, year 3 - breaking even

4. Mrs dD does not know I play for real money ...... Mrs dD does not know I have a blog ......

5. I am fairly sure I am the oldest person who plays the britBloggerment ... and I won one

6. I am a railwayman at heart. Worked on and for the railway all my life, although I have never "achieved" trainspotter status, I do like big stuff and there is plenty of big stuff on the railway

7. My most favouritist object in the house is my hand painted, 18" high clay Canadian Timber Wolf statue ...... brought it back from a month long visit to British Columbia, its so heavy I had to pay excess baggage ...... if I emigrate I am going to Western Canada ...... (oh yeah, my friends mrs says I must leave this to her in my will, under pain of death)

I make no apology for the "banality" of the list ... I am new at this and I do not easily divulge unnecessary info ... blame poker !!
As we get to know each other I am sure other "things" will come to light ... :)


Kenn said...

your missus dont know my missus dont know!! (about the blog that is)

you got 3 me only got 1

you got big bike me havent even got no pushbike!!!

you 3 years in me also 3 years in

Mrs kenn121 knows i play for real money and she likes it cause it means shes doesnt have to go back to work while im sitll winning and she can bring up that little 1 we got (9months now!)

i reckon i must be 2nd oldest then or close

i am a gambler by heart and a pretty sick one at that but im better now (well almost :)

my most fav objest in the house would be crate of beers in the fridge!!

you got to admit that rebuy thing is mental mate how much fun was that and if you can get yourself a decent stack you can do big things in that tourney


MiasDaddy said...

miasdas - who's that? He sounds Spanish?

6 - do you wear a kagoul?

Miami Mark said...

keep the real money fact from the missus, it's the best way, as for the blog I couldn't write one in case my missus finds out how much i lost in year 1..... year 2 was doing great guns till i lost $2k on one night after coming back from the pub at 5am and deciding $400 buy in cash games and $55 toruney's were a good idea... at the same time when i could hardly see the cards never mind play them!! Good luck with the blog will be following closely, cheers mM

Anonymous said...

Looks like an easy rider type machine.Enjoyed your list.Keep up the godo work.


Anonymous said...

Godo??! Good!


BurnleyMik said...

eE??? I get the feeeling someone is taking the

Is keepin it from the Mrs a wise thing mate? Keeping secrects from the women always turns out bad, its easier to be str8 up!

Anyway good luck


Juice said...

incidentally how can you be the oldest blogger. You cant be older than acorn, hes been 34 for the past 10 years. He must be 85 by now!